I do not own the Hunger games,

sadly, I am not Suzanne Collins :'(

please tell me how i could be better!

~Let the young boy cut me to pieces,

For he is not to blame.

Let the sound echo as the cannon releases,

Making me another nameless victim of trivial games.

~Let the flowers, woven in my hair

Be a reminder of the level of humanity

Let the rebels howl my name in prayer

For a better life, and end of insanity.

~Let the flowers cover my wounds,

Not to be lost inside Their flames

Let my own family look up at the moon,

Let it be the same one that I see in the games.

~Let the hovercraft pull me to the sky,

For all they took is what they've done,

Let my flying spirit never die,

Let me out of this place, prisoner to none.

~Let my body,

My small, vulnerable body,

My mangled, beautiful body,

My loved, despised body,

My empty shell of a body,

~Be not who I'm remembered to be,

Because that's just the capital, revealed in itself, bloody,

And not in any way, me.

~So, dear Capitol,

Who hind behind a camera,

Who keep their districts in strife,

Who will soon see the forthcoming of a new era,

Who tried to take my life.

~You can try and try, but I'll always defend,

That, somehow, my death has brought you closer to your end.