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Kim Possible

While on vacation in Paris, Kim is kidnaped, and Ron is her only hope of returning home, is he up to the task? Read and find out.


Ron Stoppable sat carefully looking at the picture in front of him, it was the picture of his best friend, the love of his life, and fiancee, Kim Possible. Ron was still over the moon about her accepting his proposal earlier that evening, when he had taken her out to one of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles, paid all cash, and wowed her with a 24 carat gold and diamond engagement ring.

"Man, I have to be the luckiest man in the world." Ron stated, smiling both inwardly, and outwardly.

Ron had recently retired from his job within the United States Government, as a Preventer, a person who is specifically trained to stop terrorist activities before they get started. Ron's training made him into the ultimate killing, and interrogating machine, virtually unstoppable, and very at home in any environment, Ron had finished his last mission only a week beforehand, and he was now finally able to marry the girl of his dreams, settle down, and look toward raising a family of his own.

Ron's only problem is that he had no idea that his now perfect world would soon come falling down around his ears, and the training he has tried so hard for a week to forget will all be put to the ultimate test of both his willpower, his sanity, and his trust of old friends.