Much to the chagrin of many Bevin fans, this story is not just sex- although, it does have some zesty lemon flavoring here and there. Chapter 1 may be a bit confusing, as two things are going on at once. Frankly, I'm too lazy to rewrite a chapter for clarity sake, so I threw in some italics to try and make things a little better.

Italicized portions are the story from Kevin's point of view- not necessarily what is actually happening.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ben 10: Alien Force or any related characters, themes, or plot lines.

Chapter 1: More sex than story... What? You have a problem with that?

"We've been walking a long time, Kevin. Are you sure it's here?" Ben stumbled over a log as he tried to catch up to the taller boy, thankful that he still had his shin-guards on.

Kevin used his size to his advantage as he sped past the tall trees. He didn't answer. His face was solemn, already regretful of what he had to do.

"Too bad that nice new car can't drive through here." The younger pouted.

"If you still had Big Chill-" the raven haired mumbled as the brown hair bobbed up next to him.

"Earth to Kevin," Ben jumped in front of the other, catching his pained expression and changing his face to worry. "What's wrong?"

It was genuine concern, Kevin knew that. He knew Ben really was able to put their sorted past behind him and accept him as a friend… knowing he was cared about… Kevin would miss that feeling the most.

He grabbed Ben and pressed him against the trunk of a large tree, knowing that just hurting him wouldn't be enough. He couldn't just leave marks, he needed to leave scars.

"Ke-" the smaller boy started but was silenced by the strong mouth pressing against him. He wrestled his lips away, "you know-" but they were soon captured again.

The larger boy felt his heart stop when he heard Ben's say 'no.' But he couldn't stop, he had to wreck all of it. Every last kind feeling the younger had for him needed to be destroyed.

He spun the younger boy around, and leaned in slightly pressing broader chest into the slender back. His hands trailed down, pressing slightly into the toned abdominals under the white soccer jersey. His hands moved over the green shorts, thankful that there was no complicated button-fly, just a simple white string that only needed a small tug.

Ben moved to untie the string, but Kevin's hand grabbed his left wrist and hoisted it high above his head, pressing it into the bark of the tree. The elder then moved his mouth over the smaller boy's neck; biting it harshly and making him wince and moan quietly.

The elder closed his eyes as he continued to pull down the green shorts. That was almost too close. Ben had tried to use the omnitrix while Kevin was pulling at the string, that's why he needed to hold up his left wrist, leaving the young hero unable to access the small alien device. He hated to think such things, but it was a good thing that Ben was starting to struggle; at least that way the larger boy knew it would be over after this.

The taller gave the green fabric a quick tug, letting the shorts fall to the ground and noting painfully that Ben's legs moved in a small struggle (which was actually Ben working to get his legs free of the fabric.) Kevin quickly unzipped and pulled down at his jeans, wincing when he heard Ben whispering.

"Don't stop," the younger pleaded in a reckless voice. "Please, don't stop."

The words screamed over and over in the elder's mind. 'Stop.' 'Don't.' 'Please.' It was too much. He wanted to puke. He wanted to stop and to comfort the younger. He wanted to die rather than continue, but he knew the consequences if he stopped- and they were certainly worse than his own death. He bit his lip as the smaller body moved; trying not to stay trapped between the large body and the rough tree bark.

Ben was moving closer, silently encouraging the black haired boy to move faster. His wish was soon granted as he felt a hard tip pressing against him. Steadily, the taller boy pressed in, gripping at the slender waist as he moved. The raven's other hand tightened around the omnitrix, praying that Ben could no longer use his voice to access it.

The younger moaned softly while his free hand moved down to his own erection and slowly he began to stroke it.

Kevin felt continuously sicker as the brunette made small noises and trashed about slightly.

The smaller boy arched his back, standing on his toes as he tried to compensate for the height difference. It hurt, but not any less than he would have wanted it to. All the fights he'd been through, pain like this was welcome. He'd mentally toyed with the idea after they were reunited- and perhaps even before when they first met. Regardless of when it began, Ben had been wondering more and more how it would feel to be pinned beneath the older, stronger boy- not that he ever expected anything to come from it.

Ben was panting, his captive hand clawing at the tree bark while his free hand worked over his erection. A small red line trickled down the tanned thigh as the brunette let out a loud cry of gratification. The raven was pushing harder and faster and it was only a matter of time before one of them lost it.

"Kevin!" Ben cried out between moans.

Kevin's face contorted in self disgust, holding back the tears as he worked and telling himself it would all be over soon.

"I- I'm going to-" Ben started to exclaim loudly before he suddenly stopped. Kevin tried to continue but found that the younger body was quite unwilling to budge, all sound and movement from the boy had frozen- and not just that, it felt as if the whole world had suddenly come to a stop.

He had experienced this only once before, back in La Soledad where they met a strange man-

"I realize this is an intensely personal moment," rang an abnormally chipper voice belonging to a man in a long white coat, "But would you care for a gumball?"

Talk about bad timing! (That's a pun). Thus ends the lemon for now. There won't be another until later… much later… like, maybe six chapters later…

It may be a bit before I post the Chapter 2. I'm moving to another state so I'm pretty busy with packing. In the meantime, reviews would probably motivate me to keep writing ^_~