Chapter 12: No Time Like the Present

Here is the last chapter. ~It's a lemon. Enjoy!

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Ben bit down on the cloth in his mouth as Kevin pushed down on his back to stop his thrashing.

"Stop moving," he commanded as the brunette squirmed, "you're making it harder on yourself." He ran the clean cloth over the tender wounds. They were closed, but the skin was still raw and pink, evidence of the all too quick healing. "She told me to clean it properly and that's what I'm going to do."

Ancilla kneeled down beside the bed, taking a fresh roll of bandages and beginning to wrap the wounds.

"No, that's okay," Kevin spoke as he gently took the fabric from her hands, "I'll do it."

She gave him a warm, knowing smile and stood to her feet. With a small bow, the alien walked to the door and closed it behind her, leaving the two alone in the dim light of the room.

"It's not so bad, the raven spoke as he twisted the gauze in cautious loops around the wounded appendage. "I bet you'll be back to normal in a day or two… maybe more."

Ben winced slightly as the fabric was tied around his arm, giving a painful smile when Kevin leaned down and kissed the newly bandaged arm ever so lightly.

"Thanks," Ben spoke quietly as Kevin moved to sit next to him, making a sound as he rubbed his neck. It was still tender from the brutal death-grip his future self had given him.

"We should head back to earth soon," Kevin sighed. "I bet your parents are worried."

"Gwen will take care of them…. But what about the people who live here?" Ben didn't want to talk about it, but he knew it was an issue that needed to be addressed. "We can't just leave them defenseless."

"I've still got a hoard of alien-tech on earth. It's old, but reliable. It should be enough to keep them all safe in here."

Ben struggled to sit up, ignoring Kevin's scolding to stay still as he moved his pale arms to help. The brunette grunted as he succeeded at sitting up, crossing his hand over his chest to gingerly rest it on his burned arm.

"Stay still, stupid." The black haired teen commanded, poking the tanned forehead.

Ben smiled back and leaned in seductively, placing one of his knees in-between Kevin's, "Is that any way to talk to your boyfriend?"

Kevin raised an eyebrow and gave a scoundrel grin, "is that any way to talk to your master?" That'll shut him up, Kevin thought victoriously. And he was right, Ben didn't say a word. He leaned toward his mutant and gave a slow kiss, rekindling the taste of the battle and giving them both a hot feeling.

Ben broke the connection and settled down. Neither was ready for round three. That would have to wait until they were both healed and hopefully better rested. They could wait. They had all the time in the world.


Ben woke up in a cold sweat. Tears streaked his face pillow as his body quivered viciously. He reached for the pale body that belonged by his side and felt the empty space of his mattress and the stinging of his arm from the movements he had done so unconsciously. Wind hissed through his closed teeth as he winced at the pain but once it faded he was left with the memories of his nightmare.

He dreamt he was alone again. His body shook at the thought. In his dream, Kevin had decided to stay in the null void. Ben knew he had to convince his friend not to stay- if he did, it meant he would become that thing, a monster driven by his obsession to the point of insanity and suicide. Ben tried to warn him, hold him down, and fight him; but no matter his effort, the raven hair would not come back to him. He turned his back and walked into the vast space of ruined craters and simply disappeared.

The hero wiped his cheeks dry and stood from his bed, trying not to make too much noise as he crept into his bathroom to put some cream on his healing shoulder and arm. He made a face when he heard his parent's door opening and the sound of his mother walking down to help him.

She knocked; he looked at himself in the mirror. It was obvious he had been crying but he knew that she wouldn't leave until he was back in bed.

"Is it your shoulder, sweetie?" she asked as she opened the door and let herself in.

Ben feigned a smile, "I'm just going to put some cream on it and get back to bed."

She crossed her arms and leaned against the door frame, studying his face. He seemed so happy when he came back from… wherever it was that he'd gone. But now he looked as sad as he'd ever been. She sighed and walked over to help him as he slopped the cream onto his shoulder; smoothing her hands over the fading marks on his skin and trying not to dote. He would talk when he was ready.

At the same time but in a very different place, Kevin turned over on his mattress. He had stayed to teach the inhabitants of the tower how to use the alien technology but had insisted that the brunette stay on earth to have his wounds properly treated; knowing that Sandra would make the hero get the rest he needed. But deep in his mind, Kevin doubted he'd made the right decision. His mind kept rewinding and replaying the terrible idea that when he returned to earth, Ben would no longer want him.

It was a crazy and baseless thought, Kevin knew that, but he also knew what it was like to be abandoned and alone. And his insecurities kept nagging no matter how much his logic pulled him back to the truth.

Kevin closed his eyes and tried to sleep, hoping to block out the thoughts that tortured him. He bit his lip as if it could bring back the sensation of being kissed by his lover. It wasn't even close.


"Ben, Honey? Are you alright?" Sandra called through the door, "do you need some help with your burn marks?"

"No thanks, Mom." Ben replied loudly as he tried to wipe away the water that cascaded into eyes, he was so glad he'd remembered to lock the door.

"My poor baby," his mother sighed, "Well, there are fresh towels in the closet, come get me when you're out of the shower. I want to have a look at them."

"Mom," Ben groaned and he felt Kevin smile into his shoulder, "I told you, it's already healed!"

"Alright, alright," his mother had learned not to pressure him about his hero work, "I'm going to bed, then. Leave a note if you have to go out."

"Okay!" he called, ignoring the fact that Kevin's hand was wrapped around his penis and his tongue was assaulting his ear.

"Yeah, Benji," Kevin teased in a whisper, giving a light pump with his hand that made the brunette bite his lip in an attempt not to make any noise. "We better leave a note."

The pale body let out a soft laugh and ran his tongue over the healed skin, making his partner shiver in anticipation.

The water was hot and steam rolled off into the glass of Ben's shower, there was hardly enough room to move, but both enjoyed the tightness as their bodies pressed together and moved slowly in the dampness.

Kevin grinned as he stroked, listening to the cries that died in Ben's throat, the boy was surprisingly quiet when he had to be.

"Like it?" the deep voice asked in Ben's ear. He nodded and curled his fingers in the long black hair, trying not to make any more sounds that might alarm his parents.

"Faster," his voice whispered back, he could feel Kevin's erection pressing against him from behind, they would get to that soon enough.

"Faster…. What?" the raven taunted quietly.

"Please," Ben tilted his head back onto pale shoulder, staring up as the steam rose around them.

"Please…?" Kevin was having far too much fun.

"Master?" the brunette guessed.

A smirk spread over the pale lips and the hand moved faster, giving the smaller body the friction it desired.

The hero buckled slightly under the pleasure. It had been days since they left the Null Void and nearly a full week since they last slept together. Both were lonely and wanting; the tight confinement of a small shower was the perfect meeting place.

"Mmm.. master," Ben's voice was a seductive cry, slightly louder than he'd meant it to be and Kevin shushed him by placing a finger over his lips- which the smaller quickly took into his mouth and sucked.

"Shh," the others voice warned, he didn't want to be found out either- but hearing his new nick-name called out like that was enough of a turn on to keep moving forward despite the danger.

Kevin listened at the hushed breath of his partner and grinned, his erection was becoming somewhat painful but he wanted to make sure the other boy was finished before they started anything else.

The taller leaned forward to kiss and nibble the tanned neckline, forcing the other to place his hands on the steaming glass as he continued to fight back the heated sounds that his body created.

The pale hands moved to play with the tip, running his rough fingers over the slit and watching as the brunette sucked harder on the fingers in his mouth.

"More?" the raven asked, drawing little circles around the head his lover's penis. Ben made a muffled sound in response, nodding fervently. He felt the chuckle from his partner hum through his body as the hand on his member began moving faster. Sound erupted past his lips and a big hand quickly covered his mouth.

Kevin smirked and continued moving, feeling the body he held close to his shaking as it neared orgasm. The tanned skin was hot, practically burning at the touch as his free hands clawed at the glass and tile. The calloused hand pressed harder over the open mouth as the smaller came in other hand, body shaking from the release.

Kevin released the boy and smiled as Ben gasped for air, his body still quaking as he turned and pressed his naked self into the tall body, giving a full kiss.

His mouth was hot and the kiss was thick. Kevin moved his hand up to the back of Ben's neck, pressing him in closer as he felt his tongue brush over his teeth. The brunette pulled away first, a delicate line of saliva connecting their tongues as both fought to breathe. The brunette smiled as he gave a light kiss on the pale chin, coving the scar for a small moment before his lips traveled downward, brushing over the Adam's apple and the thick muscles of his chest. Finally, Ben was kneeling down at Kevin's feet, looking up into the dark eyes with his large acid green ones. The raven felt a blush wave over his cheeks as Ben smiled up at him and slowly wrapped his hands at the base of his penis. The blush deepened as the hot tongue extended from his mouth and twirled around the tip in playful circles. The brunette's lips closed over the tip and gently sucked as he slowly and meticulously moved his mouth further around the hard erection.

Kevin gave a light thrust as his partner picked up the pace, his fingers tracing the underside of the hard erection while his lips and tongue worked over most of the shaft. The raven grit his teeth, trying not to be overzealous- something much easier said than done as the large green orbs stared up at him and still made him feel dirty- but that only made him want to do such dirty things in retribution.

The pale hand worked through the soft brown hair, taking a fist-full in his grasp; it was enough to give Ben the tension he wanted without actually causing him pain. In spite of the danger, the raven was glad that the tanned body had not stopped making the quiet noises, short passionate moans that echoed very lightly with water jumping against the tile and glass of the shower. He tilted his head back, letting the water drench his long hair and run down his back, it splashed over the tan hand that gripped at his pallid thigh muscle.

The brunette closed his eyes to the water and bobbed fervently, feeling the grip on his hair tighten as he brought his lover closer and closer to climax.

"Ben," Kevin warned with a desperate and raspy whisper.

The green eyes opened and Ben gave a small nod, sucking harder and moving faster, taking as much of the hard length as he could into his mouth before he was forced to pull back as the raven climaxed. It was a bit of a surprise when he came and Ben pulled too far back in his reaction, spilling most of it down his chin. He extended his tongue to salvage the rest before standing as he licked away at the bit that had escaped him. Kevin smiled a wicked grin, leaning down to lick the rest off the slightly pointed chin and then moving his tongue to play in Ben's mouth.

The tanned and pale arms crossed over each other as the two bodies pulled each other closer, holding on tight at the fear of being separated.

"Wanna get out of here?" Kevin asked in Ben's ear.

"Yeah," he replied, squeezing the other in his arms.

They both enjoyed the closeness for a few more seconds before Kevin reached out and turned off the water. He grabbed a towel from the closet and wrapped it around his boyfriend.

"Should we even bother to get dressed?" Kevin smirked.

"If we're going to get smoothies afterwards, we'd better." He chuckled quietly as the raven roughly dried his hair with the towel and picked up his jeans from the floor. He slid them on before grabbing a brush and quickly combing through his long hair, wondering if he should cut it short but deciding he liked it that way- and Ben did too.

"Meet me outside," the raven said with a quick peck on the lips before he crawled out the widow. "And don't forget to leave a note."

Ben smiled, pulling on his pants and tee shirt, then removing his shirt and putting on the one Kevin had left behind. He liked the feeling of the too large fabric and the musky smell of his lover. He gave a light blush and moved to escape.

He opened the bathroom door and walked through the quiet house, creeping into the kitchen and jotting down a hurried note before he silently opened the front door and ran to the humming car parked down the street. He hopped over the door into the black convertible, smiling as Kevin gave him a look.

"The door works, you know." He said as he put the car in first gear, letting Ben sneak a kiss before he began driving. Once safely out of the neighborhood, Kevin broke nearly all the driving laws as he sped down back alleys and through empty parking lots and down vacant roads before he reached a rough and desolate trail. He flew over the bumps and Ben grasped at the seat, surprised that Kevin would risk any harm to his beloved- the car, that is. They finally stopped at the edge of a small cliff that overlooked their small town.

It was a nice view that neither took the time to appreciate as Kevin grabbed the slender wrist of his lover and motioned him to get in the back seat. Ben recognized the request and moved, letting Kevin's hands explore his clothed body and slowly undo the fastening on his pants. Ben smiled and pulled the shirt off his body, leaning against the cold leather of the seat and spreading his arms to rest on the tops of the car seats. His green eyes gazed up at the stars while Kevin wiggled his hand inside the fabric of the brunette's jeans and slowly moved his fingers over the hardening member.

Ben arched at the feeling as his partner moved his lips to capture the tanned neck. His peaceful smile faded when he remembered the nightmare he'd had only days earlier. He forced a grin and let out a small moan, trying to clear his mind of the memory. But try as he might, the memory persisted and plagued him. He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes and a painful blush on his cheeks. He sighed quietly, moving his arms around Kevin's strong body and holding him tightly as he remembered the pain of losing him. He couldn't let that happen again.

Kevin could feel the body shaking under his touch. He lifted his tongue from the tanned skin and looked into the green eyes as they blinked back the bloodshot stain of tears. Ben closed the distance between their lips before Kevin could ask what was wrong. He didn't want to talk about it. He didn't want to think about it. The kiss was deep and hard, both crashing into each other as though taking away the distance could take away the pain and the fear. Without breaking the kiss, Kevin pushed the loose denim off his legs and pulled off the tighter jeans worn by the brunette.

Their kiss broke with sharp inhales as Kevin's hands wrapped around Ben's hips and guided him closer. His dark eyes glanced upward and after he received a small nod, he proceeded. The younger man's expression flinched only slightly as the larger man entered.

"Hard," Ben commanded but his voice was fragile.

Kevin understood. He pulled back and delivered a hard thrust that made Ben cry out, the sound echoed beyond the trees. Kevin knew that fear could a numb the senses. He knew that pain was sometimes the only feeling that could overcome it. He gave Ben what he needed to not feel alone.

"Harder!" Ben cried out, tears dripping down his cheeks. It hurt, but the sensation was exactly what he wanted. Pain that came from Kevin was so much better than pain that came from his own mind. He begged for more as his hands grasped the pale shoulders and squeezed, digging the blunt nails into the white skin.

Kevin pulled out and drove in again. He didn't like hurting Ben… but he liked knowing that he was the only one who could hurt him in this way. He was the only one who could give him the right pain. He grabbed the hands that gripped on his shoulder and laced his pale fingers between the thinner, tanner fingers before pushing Ben's hands back against the seat.

Ben closed his fingers down, holding Kevin's hand as strongly as he could, throwing his head back and letting his enthusiasm escape with every sharp intake of breath and loud cry that bounced off the trees.

"Harder!" Ben pleaded.

Kevin leaned forward, his tongue catching Ben's throat and running over the skin as it hummed with his latest exclamation of pleasure and pain. He could feel Ben's hard member pushing against his stomach. He was surprised that the younger didn't insist upon being touched while his hips rocked back and forth as Kevin pushed into him.

Ben's mouth opened wide in a fierce cry, the tears dripping down his cheeks and into his ears made him lift his head, forcing him to face Kevin with the embarrassment burning in his expression. But the dark haired raven didn't tease him, he smiled sadly in understanding and pressed his lips gently against Ben's, letting the pace of his thrusts slow.

"It's okay," Kevin's low voice whispered when the kiss ended. "The scared and lonely thoughts… I get them too."

Ben nodded and sniffled, wiggling his hands free from Kevin's and cupping the pale cheeks, he brought his lover's face closer and kissed him once again, letting his tongue gently roll over his partner's. "Don't stop," he said briefly before returning to the kiss.

Kevin hadn't realize that he'd quit moving. He started again, softer this time, but not as slow as he would have if he wanted to tease the brunette. Ben had stopped crying and his moans were slightly clearer now, escalating gently as the pace quickened. The kiss was broken once again as the two inhaled quick and desperate breaths.

"Kevin!" Ben cried out as his hips bucked and his hands clawed at the pale back.

"Say it again." The raven whispered in his raspy and dangerous voice.

Ben arched into the other and screamed his name, riding the last thrust before Kevin came inside him. The brunette exhaled a shaky breath and moved his hand down to stroke his neglected member; the raven stopped him by lifting his body up and setting him above the seats and on the chilled metal of the car's trunk. There was no objection as the dark haired man leaned over the hero's hard member and took it into his mouth.

His tongue swirled over the surface as he took in the length and sucked. Ben leaned back on one hand while his other reached down and played with the long black hair of his lover. His green eyes drifted over the expression of the raven as he worked, his attention soon resting on the crooked cross of a scar that rested on his pale chin.

"Do you regret those scars?" Ben asked softly as the strands of black hair floated out of his grasp and the dark eyes he longed for looked up at him.

Kevin lifted his mouth to speak, moving his hand over Ben's penis in the absence of his tongue. "I regret what I had to do to get them- but not getting them." Ben's leg twitched as Kevin pumped. His green eyes locked in on the black that stared up at him. "I don't mind being marked by you… I get to have all sorts of fun with your body- so it's only fair that you can leave a mark on mine, too."

Ben's eyes closed slightly with his modest smile. Kevin gave a soft grin of his own as he pushed his body up to share a sweet kiss with his hero. They moaned into each other's mouths. Kevin ended the connection and brought his lips back down to the waiting member.

He sucked harder, moving up and down the shaft with quickened speed, listening to the hard moans given out by his lover. Ben leaned on both hands, throwing his head back and crying out Kevin's name as he spread his legs and felt the hot sensation building inside him, warning him that he was close. The raven's rough fingers moved over the skin of his thighs and hips, squeezing lightly as he sucked and brought his lover closer and closer to his release. Ben fell back on his forearms, his body shaking as he came into Kevin's mouth with a loud cry.

The raven licked his lips clean before standing to lean over his partner and deliver a long kiss. Ben smiled when the kiss ended. He loved it when he could taste himself in Kevin's mouth.

The taller motioned for the young hero to join him in the back seat. Ben obliged, taking his seat next to Kevin and snuggling the strong arm that was thrown around him. They were both breathing harshly still, exhausted from the physical and emotional effort of the night. As their bodies cooled, they moved closer to one another, sharing the warmth between them. Ben leaned in, his green eyes half lidded, to gently rest his head on the pale chest of his lover and slowly his eyes dropped.

"Let's stay together like this," Ben voice was already sleepy but even under the spell of fatigue he knew what he wanted.

Kevin made a noise of agreement and smiled as a slender finger curled around a lock of his black hair and twirled it gently. He ran his hand up and down the smooth skin of his lover's back until his mind clouded over and gave way to slumber.

The two slept well that night, comforted by each other's presence. When the sun woke them the next day, their hands reached out, searching for the body that belonged next to theirs and finding it exactly where it should be.

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