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Fade Away

Chapter 1: Walking in the Shadows

Snow fell gently outside of Hogwarts as Christmas came to a close. The halls were quiet, the dorms empty except for the few who had chose to stay in the school. The fire crackled gently in the hearth. The embers giving the room a soft glow. The common room was empty except for one boy, Harry Potter. He sat silently, staring deepily into the flames danceing before his eyes. Lonlieness engulfed him, and yet a small sense of comfort warmed his soul.

Hermoine and Ron were gone for Christmas. They had gone to the Weasly's for the family holiday, but Harry wasn't invited to this gathering. He would never be invited again. The secrets and lies, and the fall out. Harry had no friends in this place. They had deserted him, leaving him to walk the shadows of the school in shame. For what? For the simple fact that Harry was gay. The anger and hatered that had filled Ron's eyes had been enough to tell Harry it was over. Hermoine's disgusted look had shown him he was alone.

The Golden Trio was over. Finished forever, like the Dark Lord's power. Harry leaned his head against the palm of his hand. No one had stayed in Gryffindor this year. All because Harry was here. The rumor that he would rape you without second thought had circulated. Harry snorted. "I wouldn't touch have of them with stun guns." He murmmered against his hand. Harry knew he was gay, he figured it out when Ginny had tried to kiss him in September. The beginning of the end. Harry had pushed her away in disgust.

She had cried and threatened him. Used everything she could use against him. Tried to guilt him into it. Finally Harry had snapped. He had screamed at her telling her he wouldn't kiss her for all the money in the world cause he was gay. Then he hadn't realized that he had just given her the power to destroy the Golden Boy image.

Looking back, Harry figured there was an easier way to get rid of her. "Too late now." He whispered to the empty room. He glanced to a small wristwatch. 1:49 A.M Flashed back at him in neon green. He sighed sleep would evade him once more. He stood from the chair and walked towards the entrance. With a small push Harry walked into the hall. Silence met his ears. He began to walk towards the stairs no true destination in mind. He looked down at his feet in boredom. This place was dull. Harry looked up after reaching the bottom of the staircase, dark halls stared back at him.

"I hate this place." He whispered. He slid to the floor resting his back against the last stair. He wouldn't mind being caught out of his dorm, but still the halls stood silent. Harry pulled his knees to his chest and rested his head on top of them. He felt alone in the school when it had been full of people, now though he couldn't even remember if he existed. A small laugh caught Harry's attention. Down the dark hall three shadows twisted into vision.

"Hello Potter." Draco said softly. Arrogence dripping from his words. His two stooges came into vision.

"Ello Malfoy. Twidle dee Twidle dumbass. What's the special occasion? Middle of night orgy? Or have they grown so attached to you that they've replaced your nuts, Malfoy?" Harry looked up at the blonde. Draco glared at Harry.

"You'll pay for that Potter." he spat. Harry shrugged and lowered his head back to his knees.

"Go for it. Mind if I go to sleep?" He heard Draco growl slightly before he heard them walking away. Harry sighed as his heart banged against his chest. Draco Malfoy. "Of all the people to be gay for." He murmmered. "Least he has a nice ass." Harry yawned and stood making his way down the halls.

Draco walked silently down the halls, Potters words echoing in his ears. 'An orgy with these two. Eww. Stupid Potter.' He thought to himself. He clenched his teeth as the other two discussed their mid after night snack. Draco shook his head. He couldn't remember how he had gotten stuck walking with these two to the kitchens, but now here he was angry and thirsty, 'I'd love to beat that stupid punk to a bloody pulp.' He thought as they enter the small kitchen. The house elves ran around here and there. Prepareing this and that. Draco didn't notice, nor did he care.

Anger laced through him as he grabbed the nearest elf and demanded a bottle of water. He looked over at his two night time companions as they stuffed their faces with different foods. The scene made Draco's stomache lurch. "You two are disgusting. Find your own way back to the dorms." He left through the painting and shivered. "I won't eat for a week." he murrmered as he headed back towards the dorms. Between Potter, Crabbe, and Goyle Draco didn't know which was more revolting. He rounded the corner, but stopped when he heard a noise.

"Hello Potter." Blaise's voice reached Draco's ears. Potter had made it down to the Slytherin dorms.

"Zabini." Harry whispered as Blaise took a step towards him.

"Tired? Want another hit?" Draco raised an eyebrow as he watched the two. Harry took a step towards Blaise and touched his face.

"I'll do whatever you want." Harry ran his hand down Blaise's chest slowly. Blaise smirked and pulled a small pill from his pocket.

"Open you're mouth." Harry's mouth opened slightly. Blaise put the pill on his tounge and pushed his lips against Harry's. Draco's eyes widened at the sight. 'Okay Draco snap out of it. You didn't just see Blaise kiss Potter. You did not just see Blaise give muggle drugs to Potter. You did not just see......where the fuck did Potter's pants go?!' Blaise now had Harry pressed face first into the wall. His shirt was ripped open his pants thrown across the hall.

Blaise licked Harry's neck up to the boy's ear. "I love this part don't you?" Harry gasped. His body felt warm as energy and heat tore through him. He moaned softly as he leaned into Blaise's arms.

"So.... hot." Harry whispered. Draco could see Harry's erection from his small hiding place. Blaise smirked as he turned Harry around and forced him to the floor. Harry unzipped Blaise's pants, his fingers fumbled with the button before finally the boy's erection popped free from it's denim cell. Blaise gasped as the cold winter air hit the heated flesh. Harry licked his lips and took the heated flesh into his mouth. Hands tangled into Harry's hair as Blaise began to thrust into Harry's mouth.

He bit his lips as Harry sucked as he pulled back. Harry's tongue dragged along the length as Blaise pulled out of Harry's mouth. He grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him up roguhly. Their lips collided as Blaise picked the smaller boy up and walked to the wall. He held Harry against the wall as he rubbed his erection against Harry's entrance. "You want it?" The boy whispered. Harry whimpered as he tried Blaise inside of him. Blaise smirked and slammed into Harry's body. Harry moaned and bit Blaise's shoulder lightly.

Draco shook his head at the sight of the two. 'I must be dreaming a horrific nightmare of armageddon like proportions.' Draco blink once, twice, slapped his face and sighed. 'Nope not dreaming.' He felt a small jerk in his pants. Draco's eyes widend. With each moan from Harry, Draco's erection would jump. Draco looked back towards the two. Blaise slammed into Harry's body over and over again. His mouth attached to the brunettes throat. Harry sighed and moaned. He jerked and pushed himself onto Blaise.

Harry's hand crept down to his erections and began to stroke in time to Blaise's thrusts. The sound of Harry's moans and Blaise's grunts filled Draco's ears. 'I am not turned on by Potter getting fucked. I am not. Shut up you.' He thought to his penis.

"I'm gonna cum." Blaise groaned and Harry moaned in reply as both their motions sped up. The two moaned louder then before as Harry came on Blaise's chest and Blaise came deep inside of Harry. The two sat in silence as they caught their breath. After a few moments the two dislodged from one another and began the search for their clothes. "Still lonely up there, Golden Boy?"

"Fuck you." Blaise laughed as he pulled out a small bag.

"Here you are. As promised. Don't take it all at once. Might kill yourself." He grabbed HArry's ass as the b oy reached for the bag. "You're the prettiest little whore we have here after all." Harry glared and snatched the bag.

"Whatever." Harry mummbled as he walked back towards the Gryfinndor common rooms. Blaise smirked and watched the boy walk away before zipping up his pants and walking back towards the Slytherin rooms. Draco sat in the dark corner. His eyes widened as the realization of what he had just witnessed hit him like a rock. He opened his mouth, "What the fuck just happened."

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