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Chapter 4: Anthem of the Lustful

Hands were everywhere as the trio made their way to the common room. He was burning. Every piece of Harry's flesh felt as if embers were being push into his flesh. Some days the drugs would take a different effect and Harry knew this one well. Fingers were tracing around the tip of his penis. Gasps were coming from either side of him. The scent of the twins hit Harry hard in the pants. He could taste the sweetness that always filled George's mouth. They switch, the spice that was Fred invaded his mouth now.

George bit down on Harry's shoulders as he grinded slowly against Harry's bottom. Fred reached around Harry and ran a hand over George's chest. Harry could feel George moan into his shoulder as his brother trailed even further to his pant line. Their passion filled the room with heat and energy quickly. The smell of sweat and a light musk began to creep into the room as clothes began to shed. The fog was clearing in Harry's head as one drug began to fade as another took over. The lust that built in him everyday pushing his desire to suppress higher. Drugs would calm the heat, but Blaise wanted Harry's payment in body form. It made him feel dirty, being with the twins made Harry feel clean, in a way.

Harry knew the Twin's cared about him, loved him in a way that shielded his heart from giving out completely. They always seemed to come just when he was about to give up and for that Harry would always be thankful. Harry's body was reacting with every touch of the two. With every movement of their fingers Harry's body would meld with them, twisting a turning, each sensation another mount of pleasure. His fingers found Fred's pants, one button and they were gone, his other hand working on George's. Simultaneous moans joined the air as both men were freed.

Harry's chilled fingers wrapped gently around each of their heated cocks. Shivers ran through the twins as pre cum dripped from both heads. "Harry, getting braver, are we?" Fred asked through gritted teeth as Harry's hands began to move.

"Seems that way." Harry remarked heavily. Fred looked into the emerald eyes that had been so distant earlier, now they burned for flesh. The desire and lust that shone from Harry's eyes sent a jolt through him.

"George, I think he's a little over dressed what do you think?" George nodded; his eyes clenched shut as Harry's hand was jerking him off slowly. Fred pulled Harry's hand from his cock and George's; he pushed Harry against the wall of the common room. Harry's breath quickened as Fred's fingers ran over his chest, teasing his nipples before continuing their descent. Harry glanced over at George who continued stroking himself watching his brother work on Harry's bothersome clothing. Harry's breath caught in his throat as Fred's fingers found the button of his pants.

"I'm growing tired of these pants." With those words Harry stood in his boxers his cock hanging through the slit, stiff and throbbing. "Much better." Fred cupped Harry in his hand and began to rub. "You like that don't you Harry?" Harry moaned in response. His voice brought George over to the two. Fred and George's eyes met and each took a side of Harry's boxers, and within a moment they were gone. A fire seemed to blast through the air as the three began to remove their shirts quickly, the three soon stood completely bare taking each other in.

The moment elapsed and the three were back in formation, Harry in the middle, the twins feeling up his hips and chest. Their pulses racing, pre cum dripping from each of them as kisses were exchanged as hands groped and felt. Fire trailed up their bodies as flesh met flesh, tongue met tongue. Harry felt fingers begin tracing around his ass. "Please," Escaped Harry's lips, a whisper that rang through the room. Tonight was different and the twins knew that Harry's body was more than ready to take what they could give.

George pushed his erection in between Harry's cheeks, his breath coming out in gasps as anticipation filled him and with one single thrust he was in the smaller man to the hilt. George's mouth trembled as the heat that was Harry wrapped around him and sucked him in gently. One of George's hands wrapped around Harry's waist the other around Fred's hand. Harry jerked Fred off to the tempo of George's thrusts. Moans and grunts filled the common room as the three moved in sequence. George bit Harry's shoulder gently as he thrusted harder into the boy. Harry let go of Fred who took a step back.

George laid Harry stomach first onto one of the tables and began thrusting into him once more. Fred positioned himself at Harry's mouth. The green eyed boy's tongue began tracing the head lightly before sucking him in to the hilt. Fred gasped and held the sides of Harry's head as he began to thrust to his brothers tempo. Harry moaned around Fred as George grabbed Harry's erection and began stroking it. Tears weld up in Harry's eyes as the heat began to rise higher and higher. His heart thumping so hard against his chest, he felt George finish and fall back as Fred pulled out of his mouth to take George's place.

Harry flipped over and Fred wrapped his legs around him. He thrusted in and resumed their tempo. Sweat glistened on the two and George watched, his eyes glazed and satisfied. Fred lowered his lips to Harry's and sucked his bottom lip in between his teeth and nipped lightly. Harry groaned and began pushing back to meant Fred's thrusts. Harry felt the buildup coming close, he kissed Fred deeply as the man's hands grabbed Harry's ass and lifted him into the air. He fell to the couch behind him and gripped Harry's hips as he starts pounding in. Harry gasped and wrapped his arms around Fred's neck. Harry felt teeth in his neck and George's hands gripping Harry's cock again.

They speed up as the end approached. Harry felt the tightness inside him break and he came in George's hand. Fred bit into the other side of Harry's neck as he shoved into him roughly and finished inside of Harry. The three sat and basked in the moment. A wave of a wand later and the three made their way up the stairs, carrying their clothes in their hands. Harry fell asleep silently between the twins.

"Fred. Think he's going to be ok?" George ran his hand through Harry's hair gently. Fred placed his hand on George's cheek.

"I don't know. He knows he can always come to us, and if Malfoy never comes around, he knows he can always be with us." George nodded with a smile.

"I just wish he'd stop getting high as a kite." Fred shrugged.

"Someday, with a little help and a lot of patience maybe he'll get over that need." Fred held onto Harry a little tighter as the two fell asleep.

The sun rose behind the clouds the next morning as the trio was awaken from their slumber by none other than one Ron Weasly. "What the bloody hell?" He shrieked. Harry yawned and Fred threw a pillow at his brother.

"Shut up Ron. Sleep now." He wrapped his arm around Harry and pulled him close. "You'll wake up Harry."

"I'm going to owl mom if you don't stop this. Are you naked?" Ron's face began to drain of color as George sat up, his hair messy from sex and sleep.

"Time fer breakfast then?" He said half asleep.

"Go back to sleep George it's just Ron." George nodded and lay back down.

"Good thoughts it was a harpy for a moment." George cuddled into Harry's back who was gradually waking up.

"What are you doing with him?" He cried in anger his finger pointing about an inch from Harry's face.

"Now that's not nice, Harry doesn't know where your fingers been. You should remove it from his sight now and probably yourself." Fred smacked Ron's hand away.

"Why are you in bed with him? Why are you naked. Don't you know he's funny for Malfoy?" Ron's face was red and Harry opened his eyes slightly.

"Well, we were sleeping after a great night of wild passionate man sex in the common room. We didn't feel like getting dressed. And as one of his boyfriends I feel offended by you calling him funny. That git has a very nice bottom and frankly all gay men want to see it, I and your other brother included. Now bed time." Fred kissed Harry's lips for effect. The kiss sent Ron running from the room. "That'll show him."

"I'm hungry." A small voice came from Harry as he looked at Fred, his eyes bright from the after effects of the drugs and sex.

"Food it is George wake up!" George groaned.

"You said back to sleep." He mumbled.

"Well now it's time to get up and feed the Harry." Fred poke him lightly on the shoulder.

"I got something to feed the Harry alright." Harry blushed as George nipped his shoulder.

"Not now, we've got an appearance to make. I'm sure all of the common room is trying to sanitize every piece of furniture in there. Hmm wonder if we scared the house elves last night." Fred smiled as Harry sat up slowly. Last night was more of a blur of drugs and him in the hall. The only thing he could really remember was the common room sex session. Harry felt a twitch and blushed harder. Fred stood up his body bare and shining slightly in the sunlight. George and Harry watched in appreciation of the man's figure in the morning sun.

"Whelp time for breakfast," he announced happily as he turned towards them his morning erection standing high and proud for them to see.

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