Don't own Digimon, but I do own a furry monkey. And the plot and original characters of this fic too.

Now, Forever and Always.

(1 month after the end of "As long as she's happy.")


The dark ocean heaved, it's waves swelling, the size of buildings. The surf pounded onto the edge of a beach, the beach of a monochrome world. The pale, evil twin of the digital world. The black, tainted water washed over the black sand, settling at the feet of a figure. The man walked to the edge of the sea, and raised his hand, palm outwards.

Out in the distance, a huge mass started to heave itself out of the water.

The figure stood for a few more minutes, as the giant creature rose, and started to glide towards the land. Then he knelt, scooped up some of the black water in his hands, and, looking at the creature gliding towards him, he drank deep.

The huge Digimon touched down onto the sand behind him, and stood there, waiting.

Finally the young man turned, and looked at it. The Digimon spoke, in a deep


The young man nodded in acknowledgement.

"We have work to do. You know you're duty. Summon our servants in the real world."

The great beast nodded opened its mouth, and roared.

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In the real world, Kari Kamiya woke from her nightmare.

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