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Nessie POV

We had just gotten to the big tower. I wonder why it's called the Eiffel Tower. Before we go up the tower, were going to have lunch. Well, those who eat food are going to have lunch. Jacob, Seth and I are going to eat snails and frogs underneath the Eiffel Tower!!

We walked over to the restaurant, just near the tower, and got a table. The waiter came, and was looking at Grandma, Aunt Alice, Aunty Rosie and Momma strangely. I didn't think about it long though. The waiter gave everybody except me a menu. They also gave everybody except me a glass of wine.

'I want snails and frogs legs. And salad.' I said. Jasper gave me a look that said "don't act too smart around the humans" so I decided not to say much else around the waiter. Momma, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Alice, Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmett, Uncle Jasper, Seth and Jacob all ordered the same as us, even though not many of them would eat it.

Eventually, the waiter brought our food out, and Seth, Jacob and I started eating. I wasn't meant to eat much, so I could eat some of everybody's food. If Seth, Jacob and I all ate a bit of everybody else's food (mostly Seth and Jacob) it would look as though they ate some.

After I had eaten some of my food and a little bit of Momma's and Daddy's, we paid then left. Grandpa held my hand as we walked over to the Eiffel Tower. 'Did you like the frog's legs and snails Nessie?' He asked, I replied truthfully 'It tasted a little strange, but all human food does. It was nice, compared to other human food, but not as good as lollies or steak.' My favourite foods were lollies, chocolate and rare steak. We soon got to the tower and started a long walk up the ramp, up and up. I walked some of the way, but then I went over to Uncle Emmett and reached up toward his cheek. He picked me up and I placed a hand on his cheek, imagining myself sitting on his shoulders. He laughed his loud laugh and lifted me up. I could see a lot from up here. We finally got to the top and looked all around Paris.

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