Like a Star





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He sang to her so beautifully, holding onto his guitar and played it like fluid, hitting tones and notes with his perfect melodic voice. She could only smile when his onyx eyes shuts to the intensity of the song.

She sat down there, listening to the song he had written for her. The song he had dedicated his life trying to compose, because he needed it to be perfect. Just like how his feelings for her were.

After he finished, he set the instrument down with great care. He turned to look at her and his eyes sparkled by the flicker of light coming from the fireplace. On the couch she had sat next to him, he grinned while pulling her closer.

He embraced her to his warmth, melting winter away from her heart.

"I love you."

"I love you too…"



The young teenage girl shot up from her sleep. Damn those no-good alarm clocks! Damn them to hell! They ruined one of her most amazing dream she ever had. And trust me, she had many. Her frizzy pink hair shot wildly from her crown, her tired eyes sparkled emerald. Lazily, she rubbed her eyes, clearing her vision.

Pink hair, yes you read it right. This is Haruno Sakura, a teenage girl who is obsessed with an unbelievable beauty and talent, Uchiha Sasuke. She sighed; pushing herself up to sit on her bed then slammed herself down on the pillow again. Pointless, but oh well she was used to it. Sakura looked over to her alarm clock, the smaller arrow pointing to a seven and the longer one pointed to a six.


They must be joking! Why is Mother Nature mocking her desires of marrying the one and only guy she would travel both world ends for?? Sigh, time for a shower. She got out of bed, slipping her feet into tiny fuzzy house slippers. Dragging her rebellious feet across the room, she leaned against a huge poster of a ravenette.

"Good morning love!" she chirped, hugging her gigantic poster that was plastered to her pink walls. She is talking to inanimate objects, this can't be good.

Uchiha Sasuke, just to clear your questions and other suspicions, is a singer; a very famous pop sensational singer. He's probably world top hottest artist ever made it to stardom. Everyone loves him. Everyone is obsessed with him. The only problem is that, everyone is obsessed with him. Sakura switched on her apple MAC laptop and a few instant messages popped on the window.

OnyxFlame2: Hello

Oh there he is; Sakura's long distance penpal. She must admit, they're pretty close and often he insists she calls him Onyx, its like, his nickname. Though, he really hates it when she asks him for a picture. I mean she still doesn't know how he looks like up until now. So she gave up asking and continued their long distance friendship over the internet.

StrawberryShortcake75: Ohaiyou Gozaimasu! : )

OnyxFlame2: Good Morning. Had a good night sleep?

StrawberryShortcake75: Yup! Where are you now?

Oh yes I forgot to mention, Onyx often travels to different places. Almost like every day, Sakura would ask him where he was and he'd answer with the weirdest names ever. Sakura is bad at geography, so everything is odd to her.

OnyxFlame2: Seoul.

StrawberryShortcake75: OH! THAT'S IN AFRICA RIGHT?!

OnyxFlame2:...It's in Korea.

StrawberryShortcake75: Gomen! D:

OnyxFlame2: it's okay.

StrawberryShortcake75: Busy day?

OnyxFlame2: Time difference is making me tired, just arrived today.

StrawberryShortcake75: Gosh! I wonder why you're so busy! ):

Another thing, Sakura doesn't know what he works as. Everything about this friend of hers is a mystery, but yet she knows everything about him. He hesitates telling her his name, his career, but Sakura doesn't seem to mind anymore. Try having a long distance friendship with a guy you don't even know how he looks like. two years of constant IM's, surely you'd be tired to keep asking for his picture, right? As long as the friendship is good, it's all that matters. But stil, she wonders alot about him...

OnyxFlame2: haha, it is a pretty busy week.

StrawberryShortcake75: So how long could you actually stay online?

OnyxFlame2: Five more minutes and I'm off,

StrawberryShortcake75: No fair! ): I have school!

OnyxFlame2: I'll be on soon, just IM me when you need to talk.

StrawberryShortcake75: Will do! My mobile is on for texting. Bye!

-OnyxFlame2 is now offline-

Sakura switched off her laptop and made way to shower. School was starting in twenty minutes.




The bus had arrived and the pinkette rushed with her backpack onto the vehicle, holding a piece of toast on one hand and a juice box in another. Sakura popped in her headphones and switched on the radio on her mobile once she had finally found a seat.

'Uchiha Sasuke is now having his world tours around East Asia! Tickets are all sold out as the usual and it's rumored that this concert will be his biggest hit! Stay tune for more top chart music, only on Ramen FM!'

Sakura sighed and took her headphones out, switching the radio gear to mp3. She could never travel to East Asia just to attend a concert. Actually no, scratch that, she had never been to a concert before, let alone Uchiha Sasuke's. Dear Lord no, she would die.




Class has started 10 minutes ago, and yet it feels like she'd been through a whole generation of 'The Ice Age'. Sigh, school and its ability to kill her with just words and a simple bell ring.

"Hey Sakura." A voice whispered beside her, she turned and smiled at her blonde friend.

"Hey Ino." She greeted back, while the blonde was taking a seat. She was always late.

"Anything new today?" her friend asked, setting out studying materials on to the desk.

Sakura sighed and tapped her pencil on the table in a rhythm. "Nothing much, just the usual massacre of the sea dolphins, sea world and the blue dolphins, and how to communicate with a dolphin. Seriously, could Iruka sensei get any obsessed?"

Ino giggled and pat her friend's back, "No silly, I was asking about Sasuke updates!"

"His new tour is around East Asia." Sakura's eyes glimmered when she felt her pocket vibrated. "Hey Ino, cover me." She whispered, taking out her mobile phone after receiving a text.

Ino shifted her position to cover Sakura. She flipped over her mobile; the message was from Onyx;

"Hey, bored in school yet?" Sakura giggled and typed in a reply;

"Not only 4 a few decades, how's Seoul?" Send.

Sakura kept her mobile in between her legs, because Iruka sensei was starting to have his suspicions. "Who's that?" Ino asked.

"Onyx." Sakura shrugged.

"You guys are pretty close."

"Haha yea, two years is pretty something."

"Are you guys gonna meet anytime soon?"

Sakura's pocket vibrated again and she flipped open her mobile, asking Ino to cover her again, avoiding Iruka's suspicious glare. A reply from Onyx;

"Chaotic, you going to Sasuke's concert?"

"OMG! It's in Seoul?! I thought it was in East Asia!"

"Seoul is in East Asia."


"Wow I really am bad at this. I don't know, tickets are all sold out. Don't think I could make it. That guy is pretty famous and all..."

"I'll get u tickets."

Sakura gasped. "What?! Do you know how much it freaking costs?! and how could you get tickets, they're all sold out remember?"

"I work with people who could help me, don't worry. I'll handle it, you coming ?"

"I've never been to a concert. And this one is a month away. I'll have to settle flight tickets." She replied.

"I'll settle that. Meet me there?"

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