"Hurry or you will all be late!"

It was the same as every other year. My 'mother' Sarah would tell my 'sister' and me to hurry up and get to school. Bea was so excited; I didn't see the whole get up about the first day of school. It was an expensive day-care centre for almost adults. It was a place where parents sent their kids for the day to keep them out of trouble. Though, there was no chance of Bea and I getting in trouble, no one would catch us. Because we where vampires. Super fast killing machines with oh too sensitive hearing and we could run fast. Once I thought it would be just plain grand to be all vamped. But that reason was gone now, and it wasn't coming back. Hopefully.

"OMG, please tell me you won't wear that old shirt, it is sooo out. Here, it's the first day of school, you must be smashing."

Bea passed me a soft pink dress. It had small butterflies that flew all over it, and to complete the horrid girly thing, it had a pink ribbon that ran under my boobs.

"Bea, I know your all keyed up and all, but I will NEVER wear this!" she pulled out the most sad looking puppy dog eyes, and I gave in, no big surprise there, our kind always had the sympathetic affect on me.

"Why not, though I'm not in the least ladylike, but why not. Next time I decide to dress you, you will cower in the corner and probably never talk to me again. But as you wish."

"That's good; you're finally getting over this stupid dislike towards looking nice and pretty. Now hurry up, Cade will give us a ride while the car is in the shop." I loved Cade like he was Charlie, he found me in the forest around Forks when I was searching for the only reason that I breathed, the only reason I slept, pretty much the sole reason I lived. Cade found me starving, sleep deprived and emotionally wasted. He decided then and there he would do the deed of giving me eternal life.

Three days I screamed in agony, and three nights I wailed in pain. Then it was over, and like a monk, I have never strayed from my religion of the 'vegetarian' diet that I choose to follow. "Bella, hurry the hell up, or I'm leaving without you."

"Coming now." I got my shoulder bag and ran down to get in the car and prepare for a few years of hell that couldn't be avoided. "I'm picking the music."

"No you're not." Cade said in defence to my over excited sister.

"Yes I am."



"Why don't you just turn on the radio?" I said offhandedly. "Because, you're dear father here wants to listen to old music, not more nowish music." Cade through Bea a look of pure evil. "Beatrice, you use to like the stuff, it was only fifteen years ago." Bea rolled her eyes in the most adorably annoying way.

"Yes, but appearances, duh Cade." I turned on the radio, "We wouldn't want to be late for this precious once in a life time educational experience of the first day of high school." They turned and looked at me; I pulled my best sarcastic smile I could manage at the thought of school. "Fine, let's go." And with that Cade pulled out of the drive way and we headed for the local school.

We pulled up at school, said our goodbyes to our father as he drove off to his day job as a lawyer. "Let's go get our timetables." School was the same, there where children who looked at me with longing, lust and plain dislike because they are insecure about themselves didn't know what I was; all they knew was that I was an incredibly good looking freak. How wrong they are. They don't know what I am at home, hell, neither did I.

We found that we only had two classes together, English and French, and also lunch. So saying goodbye, I went off to my first class; Biology. With not knowing anyone, or even caring enough to try to make a friend, I sat at the back of the room put my head phones in closed my eyes and blasted my music.

A light tap at my shoulder alerted me that someone was trying to get my attention, I heard the faint voice ask if they could sit next to me, I said a vague yes and then let my mind sink back into the loud music. It was one of the few things that took my mind of the pain that this particular class caused me.

The voice that sat next to me, unaware of the bloodlust that carved my life into what it was now, asked me a question, what was my name. I turned down my music a tad, "Bella." I said, and turned the music back up; I cared not for the petty repetitiveness of boys. It was always the same. What's your name? Where are you from? Enjoying the first day? Do you wanna go out with me? This all pretty much translated to; Do you wanna come to my house and rumple my sheets with me? And the answer is no.

He kept talking, but I wasn't listening, and he eventually got the drift and stopped. The class filled up and the teacher started to talk about the essays and assignments we would have to do. I simply recycled mine, every eight years or so, I would just hand an old one in; I was all about saving the environment.

Biology came to a close, and I was one of the first to leave, boys tended t attack me after classes, but I was now use to it. All guys want to do is bag the hottest chick at the school. They just wanted their egos petted.

English with Bea came and went. Maths was a bore and French was something I was pro at, I gave the teacher a run for her money. Though there was an odd development, there were others like us, demons of children's nightmares and evil characters of books. A big muscled guy came up to me and plain out stared at me. He had dimples and curly dark hair. His white shirt was pulled tightly over his well formed chest. "Bella?" I looked at him again. Oh why did this have to happen to me, because I was staring into the face of an old friend, more like a big bear of a brother. Emmett Cullen was in my French class. The Cullen's where living I the same small town as me. Crap. If Emmett was here Edward, the god that didn't love me was undoubtedly here as well. So what did I do; I turned my music up, this was becoming a bad habit.

But Emmett, unlike Bio guy didn't get the drift, he sat himself down next to me, and started to talk, and when I paid him no attention, he started to yell, louder and louder. And eventually I was forced to reply, "What the hell do you want!?" he looked like I had bite his grandmother, which I totally didn't.

Thankfully then the class started, and so did the note passing, less to my pleasure;

Bellaruma, what landed you in vamp land?

Emmalena, don't call me Bellaruma, ok. And I don't want to talk about it, it was a painful time.

No need to go all overemotional, I save that for the younger brotha.

And what about the other younger brotha, as you put it.


Don't play dumb.

Fine, sex Ed is all down town and makin' General Silent Emo insane. Happy?

Emmett, I won't lie to you, well . . . maybe I will, but not in this, I don't remember what happiness is. It's all foggy and dull.

This is where the teacher found us passing notes and told us to answer her in French back to her. And I must say I rocked. I answered her every demand, better than her I might add. So she let us and went to terrorize some other poor kid that I had no wish ever to know.

I'm sorry Bells. We screwed you over pretty bad. But we will make it up to you, promise. Come over to the house tonight, bring the pretend 'rents and ya sista there.

Bea waved.

Emmalena, I don't think so, I mean like you and all. But I couldn't face him. Not now, not ever. Sorry Emmy.


Maybe. I'll think about it next class.

Ok. Wait yay. Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella.

Yes, we have established that much. Bells gonna go now. Bye.

P.E was next up on the torture list. I walked slowly to the gym that was near the back of the school. The locker rooms where basic, locker, shower and a few benches. The other girls in the class looked at my body and my clothes. Because I was late, Bea packed my P.E clothes, skimpy shorts and a midriff top. This was going to be so fun. I pulled on my shoes and headed out, I was sick of the remarks; Her body is so HOT. Wonder what diet she is on. Look at her boobs, they are perfect.

Outside the boys and girls had gathered on the benches awaiting the coaches' speech about sportsmanship, playing fair and good manners, aka no bitch fights. That's when I saw him. He was better than the faded memories had let on. His perfect golden eyes, filled with bubbly good fun, his bronze hair was illuminated by the lights in the gym. The muscles on his body where pushed against his shirt. His sister, Alice was with him, still as short as ever. Her black hair was spiky and still awesome looking.

As I put my thick brown hair up into a high ponytail on my head, they saw me. And they stared then Alice came over followed by a distance by my personal God. "Can I help you with something, or whatever. 'Cause umm . . . where playing volleyball now and I want to try to get out of it. So bye." I walked away, but not fast enough. He court my arm and whispered in my ear softly, I doubt even Alice could hear, but I could. His voice was melting honey, the finest chocolate in the world, none of this could compare.

"Bella, can I talk to you? Please." I looked into his molten eyes; I saw the pain and hurt, the exact mirror image of my eyes. "What is there to say, I'm like this because of you, I am vamped, there is nothing you can do. Bye."

"Please wait."


"I'm Sorry."

I stopped, you'll have to do better than that, I thought. I slowly turned and looked into his pain filled melting honey gold eyes. I saw, for the first time, all the remorse, the pain, the sadness. And the love, too bad he broke me so bad that I would never give him the love back.