Sagitta Zakura

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Chapter 1: Kuchiki-sensei

Oh this is important.

"normal talking"


'Senbon Zakura talking'

"Spells or Hado"


Kisuke's announcment to Rukia was not only somewhat of an insult but also sheer audacity. "Uruhara, who do you think your kidding?!?!?!?!?!" She yelled at the merchant and ex-captain of squad 12. "What you said is completely impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Is it now Miss Kuchiki?" Kisuke said in one of his rare serious moods. "I was creator of the department of research and development, so if I say something like this than it's possible it's true. You'd better call your brother."

An hour later Byakuya Kuchiki arrived at Uruhara Shoten to hear Kisuke's news. "This had better be important." The head of the Kuchiki said in an absolute tone of voice.

Uruhara nodded. "To get straight to the point, it's about your wife Hisana. She's in the world of the living reincarnated."

Byakuya stared at him in disbelief. "Are you sure about this?"

Rukia looked at her brother. "Do you belive him?"

Byakuya nodded at Rukia. "Where is she, Kisuke?"

"I've tracked the remain's of Hisana's original spiritual pressure to a middle school called Mahora Academy." Kisuke said as his helpers Jinta and Ururu got a suitcase and a gigai that looked like Byakuya.

"Genryusai and I have talked and he said that you can masquerade as a history teacher there for a year to find Hisana. Be careful, she may not remember you or look like how you remember her."

Byakuya nodded got into the gigai and left for Mahora Academy.


When Byakuya arrived at his destination it was a mad dash to get to class before all the students were late. 'So this is Mahora' He thought to himself. He started to fix the collar of his navy blue buisness suit from underneath his pale blue scarf. 'This suit is hard to get used to. at least I still have my scarf and noble clamps.' As he walked to his class he saw a fight going on between a small child and a middle school girl with bells in her hair.

"You pest what do you mean heartbroken!?!?!?!?!?!?!" The girl said in a lo0ud angry voice lifting the boy in the air. "How would a shrimp like you know?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

The boy was struggling to get the words out. " W-w-well you see I'm somewhat of a psychic and I can just predict that you'll be heartbroken!!!!!!!!!!!"

Byakuya watched and debated to interrupt or not. 'This is beneath me but the girl appears to be a student so I should step in. He then went up to the pair and said in his calm authoritative voice. "You're wasting time if you don't hurry you may not make it to class on time." The girl looked at him and immediatly put down the child. She bowed and went of to class with her friend behind her. The boy then sneezed and the first girl's uniform blew off due to a sudden gust of wind. The girl's ran and Byakuya then looked at the boy. "Are you all right young one? That wasn't a polite thing to say.

The boy looked at him and nodded. "I know but it's the truth unfortunatly. I'm Negi Springfield by the way and I'm here as the new English teacher. What's your name?"

"Byakuya Kuchiki. The new History teacher. Also I can guess your not an ordinary human. I'm guessing a spellcaster who specializes in wind techniques judging from that wind gust." Negi looked at him worried. "Don't worry I won't tell anyone. I'm something similar." Which in fact was true because of his Hado. The two of them then went to the Dean's office to report in. When they left the office they were guided by Shizuna-sensei to there class and were each given a roster for the class. Negi was about to enter but Byakuya stopped him. "I'll go first." but Negi said that it would be best if he went first and walked through the door and fell into the girl's first trap: and eraser. Negi used his magic to make it hover but remembered not to use magic so he let it fall on his head. He then fell on a trip wire and fell into a more elaborite trap.

"Well that was original." Negi said but noticed the girl's were staring at him while he still was on the floor. Byakuya went and helped him up. "I'm Negi Springfield your new English teacher." All of a sudden he was over run by girls until Byakuya saved him.

The red head from earlier than screamed, "You're the man from this morning!"

Byakuya nodded and said, "I'm Byakuya Kuchiki, your new History teacher." The girl's all gasped but Byakuya didn't notice. What he did notice was that one of the girl's in his class had Hisana's spiritual pressure!


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