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15 years later

The Daughters and the party


'It's been fifteen years since the War That Never Was.' Twenty-five year old Negi Springfield thought to himself. He was walking out of the school building. He turned to the World Tree Plaza and saw the same thing that happened everyday once school got out for the past three years. He saw the six most popular girls ever to enter Mahora. The first one had tanned skin and blond hair, the next also had tan skin, but dark hair, the third had dark reddish brown hair and spoke in a poetic voice, the fourth had greenish hair and usually spoke with a spanish accent, the fifth had raven black hair tied in a pink ribbon and spoke with a respectful tone, and the leader and class representative had dark hair with silver in it and oddly had fangs. Their names are Maria Jagerjaques, Natalia Cifer, Kikyo Rhapsados, Carmen Plateado, Aerith Kuchiki, and Xion Nightfang. Boys from each of the classes from the nearby school would come by to look at the six girls. Maria looked up and saw their English teacher. "Yo, Negi-sensei!" Maria called. The rest of the girls looked up to see Negi.

"Hello, girls." Negi said. "What are you doing?"

"We were actually going over the grocery list for the party tonight." Natalia said in a stoic manner. 'Just like her father sometimes.' Negi thought.

"Yes, we were making sure the quantities matched the amount of people who are actually going to be there." Kikyo said.

Negi nodded. "That makes sense but there will be quite a lot of people there."

"There's no need to worry, Negi-sensei." Carmen said rolling the r's in the seductive way she does to get boys to do things for her and several boys said they'd help.

"You know we can handle this sort of thing." Aerith said in a light voice. "After all look at our parents."

"Yeah! Besides, I called Dad to help out." Xion assured.

Negi laughed. "Your father and mother don't seem to age."

"Mom's cells do that to a person." Xion laughed. The girls then went out to the grocery store to buy stuff for the party followed by some boys. Negi turned around to head back to the house he shared with his wife, Nodoka. Halfway there he ran into Nightfang wearing his old Nobody jacket and the biker outfit he wore during the war.

"Nightfang? Shouldn't you be helping the girls with the preparations?" Negi asked his old comrade now high school english teacher.

"Heh, I was supposed to but Anya wanted me to pick up Alice." Nightfang said as what looked like a six year-old Anya with black hair ran up to Nightfang.

"Hi, Uncle Nightfang and Uncle Negi." Alice Inugami greeted. "The party is tonight right?"

"Yeah it is squirt." Nightfang said putting Alice on his shoulders. "You'll be able to play with Xion." Alice cheered as Nightfang took her to her parents.


That night.

The Mahora Armada, some of the Soul Reapers (All the ones I mentioned throughout the story), the Nobodies, the summons and Cloud Strife were at the party that celebrated fifteen years since the war. Every one who needed to took age pills to look fifteen years younger. Setsuna and Tsukuyomi had become best friends during their second year of high school. Eva was free of the curse and stayed on as a university history teacher because she grew attached to the place. Ala Rubra (Nagi's group sans Genesis) went back to the Magical World but kept in constant contact unless they visited. Ako and the Cheerleaders formed a band called Dekopin Rock and now toured the country as one of the most popular bands out there with Axel, who married Konoka, as head of security. Luxord became a world famous poker player but always donated half his winning to Mahora. Ichigo married Orihime and became captain of squad five while also working as a doctor with his partner Uryu who some hoe ended up with Yue.

"A toast to fifteen years since the fall of Aizen and Xemnas." Genesis said raising his glass. Every one raised their glasses and said cheers. Just then about a hundred hollows appeared drawn by the immense power the party held.

"Wow. They is foolish to be coming here." Fei Ku said as all the girls summoned their pactio items.

"Sometimes it sucks to be us." Byakuya said.

"Yeah but this isn't one of those time!" Nightfang said as he turned on a stereo that had the Final Fantasy battle theme Fight On.

"Let's go!" Grimmjow and Axel said in unison as every one attacked the Hollows not knowing that Roxas, Aerith, Angeal, Zack, and the original Xion, along with the goddess Cosmos was watching and wishing everyone well


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