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eventually DamienKenny




slight Creek



One-sided! Standy


slight Kevin(McCormick)Shelly

past! TokenWendy

and some Curly-gothRed-goth

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At the dawn of the millennium, the nation collapsed.

At 15% unemployment, 10 million were out of work. 800,000 students boycotted school.

The adults lost confidence, and fearing the youth eventually passed the" Millennium Educational Reform Act"

AKA: the BR Act.

The bus was filled with chatter, the ninth graders talking eagerly as they passed the green landscapes.

The blond boy smiled, he was sure that they were the only class in the country that was this special.

"What ya smilin' at po' boy?" the boy next to him asked,

"Leave him alone Cartman" the red headed boy that set in the seat next to theirs said,

"Don't tell me what to do Jewrat!" Cartman called,

"Shut up fatass!"

"Ay! Don't call me fat you fucking Jew!"

"Kyle" the black haired teen that set next to the red headed Jew sighed "Just ignore him dude, Cartman's an-"


"Yeah… Thank Thomas!" the black haired teen called backwards,

"Y…you welcome…?"

"AY!" Cartman called, turning backwards "What did you call me?!"

"I…I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! It was a tic! I…"

"Leave him alone fatass"

"No one asked you Craig!"

Craig flipped Cartman off "Just stay away from Thomas, or I'll kill you"

"GHA!" called a blond boy, twitching "Y…you can't do that Craig!"

Craig turned to the boy on his left "Why not?"

"Be…because if you do that they'll kill you, and Thomas and I are going to be alone and then well get depressed and try to commit suicide and then they'll send us to an asylum and they'll drug us all the time and we won't be able to stop the Underpants Gnomes and they'll steal our underpants and then we'll get killed and raped by a serial killer because the staff will be too busy trying to find their underpants! Ngh!" the boy said in one breath "I don't want to be killed and raped!" he sobbed,

Craig smiled softly and patted the twitchy boy's head "It won't happen Tweekers"

"H…how do you know?"

"Because I'm not going to leave you…both of you" he said, turning to the boy on his right, smiling,

Thomas smiled back and then handed the other blond a thermos "Here Tweek, your coffee"

"GHA! How did you get it!?" he called out "Aliens did it, didn't they!? Oh Jesus! They tried to take my coffee so they could put poison in it! Maybe they work for the government! They probably tried to kill me because I'll do something in the future that they don't want me to do! A…and –ngh- you stopped them!" he finished, turning to watch Thomas,

The other blond smiled "Actually I took it from you when you started twitching harder after Craig said that he's going-SHIT!- to kill Cartman…the thermos was open so I thought that you might spill some coffee on yourself" Thomas explained,

"O…oh…th…-ngh- thanks" Tweek said,

"You welcome"

Craig smirked and wrapped his arms around the two blonds 'What did I do to deserve such cute boyfriends?'




"For the love of Mel Gibson!" Cartman called "Will you shut you boyfriends' mouths already!?"

Craig flipped Cartman off and turned to his boyfriends again.

"God Cartman, you don't have to be such a dick to everyone"

"Shut up Stan"

"Whatever dude…"

"Hey Stan!"

"Oh…hey Wendy" the black haired boy sighed,

The girl smiled "Do you want to take a picture with me?" she asked, pointing at the camera in the hands of her friend,

Stan sighed again "I told you Wendy, we're not getting back together. I'm with Kyle now"

Wendy glared at Kyle and walked away with her friend.

The blond boy laughed "It's better then a soap opera!"

"Shut up Kenny" Stan mumbled, making the boy in the orange parka to laugh harder.

The blond suddenly felt sleepy… Kenny yawned, turning to look around. Everyone was asleep, one of the boys, Clyde, was lying on the floor, he was obviously talking to his girlfriend, Bebe, before he fell asleep. His eyes closed slowly.




He turned to the source of the noise, watching as a figure in black tried to brake the window 'Damien?...what is he doing? He's gonna get in trouble for this…' he looked forwards 'Ha? The driver has some kind of…gas mask…? Haha… Tweek'll probably freak out…hehe…' he inhaled softly, closing his eyes.

BattleRoyale BattleRoyale BattleRoyale

"Ugh…" he mumbled, slowly rising "My head…" he mumbled,



"Where the hell are we?"

"I think we're in a class room"

"No shit Sherlock"

"Hey! You asked!"

"Just shut up Clyde"

"….You shut up Token"

"The two of you, just shut up!"

"Oh god! We got kidnapped by the underpants gnomes! They're going to kill us!"

"Close Mr. Tweak" a man said as he entered the room,

"GHA! H…how did you know my name!?"

The man smiled "I know everything about each and everyone of you"


Craig wrapped an arm around the twitchy blond, holding Thomas' hand with the other.

"Let's start shall we?" the man asked "My name is Charles Smith…you'll call me Mr. Smith. I'll be your teacher for the next three days"

"What are you talking about? We're on a trip!" one of the boys called,

Mr. Smith opened the file that rested on the desk he stood next to, flipping the pages "Ah…Mr. Stoley …Kevin Stoley …am I right?"




The teacher smiled "Well, Mr. Stoley, I think that you're little trip is over…now for our first lesson" the man turned and wrote 'BR act' on the blackboard "You know this law?" he asked, turning to the class,

The silence was only broken by the soft sobs of one of the girls…everyone knew… but no one said anything…no one wanted to believe…

"My my…" he shook his head and sighed "Well then…class… You see, this country is rotten…because of you…the youth…the rotten core of our society… so this is the solution for out little problem…Battle Royale" he said, pointing at the written letters on the board "So today's lesson is…You kill each other off"

There was silence in the class as they watched the teacher, trying to find a glint of humor in his eyes… nothing.

"You will not stop until there's only one left. Nothing's against the rules"

"No…" one of the girls, Lola, mumbled "W…we can't we…" she bit her lip,

"Oh god…" Bradley mumbled, biting his thumb as he started mumbling verse from the bible.

Mr. Smith smiled and walked over to his desk, sitting on the chair as soldiers entered the room with a television. "Let's watch a movie shall we? Don't fall asleep…you'll regret it later" With a hit of a button, music started playing,

"The right way to fight a Battle Royale! By the BR Act Committee!" A girl appeared on the screen, saluting "Hello students of the ninth grade in South Park! You are the lucky class chosen for this year's Battle Royale! Congratulations! Now, I'm going to explain the rules for you. Listen well to fight right and with gusto!" she called "You are on a deserted island that looks like this! It's about 10 kilometers around but we evacuated everyone, so it's empty!" she said as a map appeared behind her "The island's divided into many zones. Every six hours, your teacher'll broadcast updates about which zones are becoming danger zones. If you're in those zones, you should leave quickly...because the danger is... Okay, about the necklaces you're wearing!" she said,

Everyone's hands flew towards the collars on their necks, panicking,

"They're 100% waterproof and shockproof...and permanent. It monitors your pulse, informing us of your location and movements. So if you linger in a danger zone, or cause trouble, we can identify you and transmit radio waves that trigger an alarm and BOOM! It explodes! If you try to rip it off, it explodes too, so promise not to do that, Okay? Oh, I forgot one important thing. There's a time limit on this game! 3 days. If we haven't got a winner after 3 days...all the necklaces automatically explode! And no one wins. As long as we're here, let's fight hard so that doesn't happen! You'll leave the room one by one, but first you get a kit!" as she said that, a group of soldier entered the room, dragging two steel carts that were filled with bags "Inside is food and water, a map and a compass, a flashlight and a weapon" She said, every item was showed to the camera "So check it out later, Okay? The girls might need personal items so you can all take them! Each weapon is different. Not just guns and knives, either. It's random, so maybe you'll get lucky, maybe not. It eliminates natural advantages!" she gasped as she lifted an axe "this one's super lucky!" she winked.

Mr. Smith stopped the tape "But before we start, I must to something" he said, pulling a remote control, and then nodded at two soldiers.

The two walked over to the students who took a step backwards. They stopped next to two boys,

"T…Timmy?" the boy on a wheel chair asked softly,

"I…is s…s…something w….w…w…wrong fellas?" the other boy, Jimmy asked,

The teacher nodded again and the two soldiers grabbed the boys' heads tightly, preventing them from moving as Mr. Smith pressed a button of his remote control. Jimmy and Timmy's collars started blipping

"What's going on?" Wendy asked, looking with horror in her eyes at the two,

"Let's just say that were not only eliminating the advantage point you have on these boys… we're…saving these two the trouble of fighting in their…condition" Mr. Smith said, grinning as the collars blipped faster and faster,



"You're killing them…" Stan mumbled softly,

"STOP IT!" Kyle called out,




Bradley kept mumbling to himself, holding Butters' hand tightly with one hand and biting the thumb of the other,







Pip buried his face in Damien's chest "Make it stop"

"There's nothing to do…it's too late"











There was a loud boom, followed by silence that was broken by loud screams of terror.

"Now, now, sit down" the teacher said calmly but the screams kept echoing in the cold air of the classroom "I SAID SIT DOWN BEFORE MORE OF YOU WILL END UP LIKE THEM!"


Boy #16 Vulmer Jimmy,

Boy #18 Wright Timmy Dead.

32 To Go.

"Good, and now" Mr. Smith said, pressing the 'play' button on a remote control.

"OK!" the girl on the screen said "You'll be leaving by class numbers! When I call your name, I want to hear a nice big here!"

"We told your parents" Mr. Smith said, still smirking "So don't hold back"

"Boy #1 Black Token" the girl said, the cheerful tone in her voice gone,

Token got up, biting his lip. He turned and nodded at Clyde, going the front of the class, grabbing a bag and walking out.

The game begins


Day 1

"Girl #1 Acker Ferrari"

The brown-haired teen got up, walking out as she grabbed a bag.

"Boy #2 Broflovski Kyle"

Kyle got up, Stan still holding his hand. The Jewish boy nodded at him, smiling softly.

Stan bit his lip, letting go of the redhead.

Kyle stepped outside silently, his bag tossed over his shoulder, looking down at the compass that was given to him and started walking north, holding a baseball bat, his weapon, in the other hand, hoping the he won't need to use it.

32 Students Remaining

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""I can't do this" the girl sobbed, shaking her head violently "I can't do this!"

"Millie" one of her friends, a red headed girl said "Come on"

"No!" the strawberry blonde girl sobbed "I can't play! I…they killed them Heidi! They killed Jimmy and Timmy!"..."

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