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Three years had passed since Damien and I escaped the island.

As more people fell victim to the Battle Royale act, no one could dissuade us from the struggle we had embarked on…

We crated an Anti-BR group with two other survivors from our year, Christophe DeLorean and Gregory of Yardale. We call ourselves "La Resistance". We are, what the government calls, terrorists.

We fight against the adults who made us fight, kill and lose our friends and classmates, some of us, like Gregory, even losing their parents after they fought against the soldiers that came to tell our families about our participation in Battle Royale.

After we got to shore, the two of us went back to South Park. We got there at the middle of the night and when I reached my home, it was dark, my parents were asleep and so was Kevin. I snuck into his room, to say my goodbyes and he woke up. He hugged and swore to never tell anyone about our meeting. He and Shelly, Stan's sister and his fiancée, joined us after they heard about "La Resistance".

Ike ran away from home, joining us as well, he's working as our computer man of course. I don't think that Sheila was very happy when she found out but it seems that somewhere she approved it, since she didn't do anything to stop us… yes, I believe she approves our actions… fighting against those who took her oldest son.

We fight for the dead, we fight for the survivors, we fight for the families…

We fight for a batter future.

BattleRoyale BattleRoyale BattleRoyale


Kenny looked up, his remaining eye scanning the French man,

"We're only waiting for you" he said, taking a drag from his cigarette,

Kenny nodded and got up, walking behind the brunette,

"So everyone's ready?"


They walked into another room where a camera was placed in front of a group of "La Resistance" fighters.

Gregory smiled at Kenny and Christophe, pulling his French boyfriend next to him,

Kenny smiled back and walked over to Damien, hugging him "So this is it, ha?"

The other nodded and kissed him "We're officially declaring war against the government"

Kevin grinned, his arm around Shelly, now his wife "Let's get this party started!"

Kenny pulled away from his lover, placing a kiss on his lips,

Damien kissed him back then placed a kiss on the eye patch on his left eye.

"Ready when you are" Ike said, ready to interrupt each and every channel around the Great Empire of the United States of America, legal or illegal.

Gregory nodded at him as they stood in front of the camera, another one stood behind it, operating it.

Gregory held the flag of "La Resistance" tightly, taking deep breath,

"Let's show zese beethces zat zey can't mess wizh us and get away wizh it" Christophe growled,

Ike nodded "Three, two, one… we're on!"

BattleRoyale BattleRoyale BattleRoyale

"To die is cast" Gregory said, looking into the camera as if he stood in front of the leaders of the Empire, "We refuse to forgive any of those adults who made us murder each other"

"So let us rise up…" Kenny said, gripping Damien's hand "And fight together"

Christophe moved forward, a machine gun in his hands "We now declare war against every last adult zat made us fight… each and every beetch zat zought zat it is fun to watch us keel our friends"

"We are 'La Resistance'" Gregory stepped closer to Christophe, holding his hand "And we will not rest until we bring the government down"

"Until we take our revenge in the names of those who died and in the name of those who had to kill" Damien said,

Kenny smirked "We will fight… for a better future. For democracy. For freedom"

The End



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