Title: Penguins of Madagascar – my own episodes :P

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I don't own the Penguins of Madagascar or the other characters; I am just borrowing them for non-profit fun :P

AN: Well, recently I became a bit addicted to the Penguins of Madagascar cartoon, after watching the movies. I love the characters, and the new episodes are taking too long to be released, so I decided to try my hand at writing a few of my own. It's the first time I've ever attempted to write anything quite like this, so I'm not sure how good it will be, but hopefully people will like it, and if they do, I'm planning to write some more episodes. Some of the episodes will be one-shot, but some will have ongoing themes.

Title: Episode One: Move Over King Julien XIII!

Rating: K+

Summary: King Julien shows a new side of his personality when his father arrives at the zoo, ready to claim the throne as his own. But whose side will the Penguins take? And is there more to the older king than it seems?

AN: please forgive any typos/bad grammar/spelling, I'm fairly sure they will be at a minimum, but I'm so tired lately that I tend to miss them when I'm editing :S

Part One

"Ah, this is the life." Skipper stretched out his body, enjoying the warmth of the sun by the water on a relaxing afternoon. He looked admiringly at his 'wife', the plastic doll that lay next to him. "You enjoying yourself there, dollface?" When she didn't respond, he turned his attention towards the other penguins. "Finally, time to relax and not have to listen to that annoying lemur and his almost as annoying sidekicks. He never seems to understand when I'm trying to organise serious operations and wastes all our valuable training time!"

Private nodded his head happily, while Kowalski scribbled notes and Rico regurgitated his favourite weapons and tools for a maintenance check. Skipper smiled and closed his eyes.

But no sooner had he done so than he heard a voice.

"Uh… I think you're going to want to see this…"

Skipper snapped his eyes open again to see Maurice looking at him anxiously. "Boys! How did the lemur infiltrate our home base?"

They looked at each other a bit guiltiy.

"Be gone with you lemur, the boys and I are having a lemur-free day."

"But, a new member has arrived at the zoo!" Maurice exclaimed. "And it's King Julian's very own father King Julian XII! You've got to come and see what he's done to his highness, you will never belive it till you see it!"

"Not another lemur!" Skipper groaned and shook his head. "Kowalski, options."

Kowalski checked his clipboard. "Well Sir, we could just sit here and pretned 'we didn't see anything', or we could go and investigate. But chances are if we take option one we will be ambushed when we least suspect it by the newcomer. Better to go there now, check out the unknown, incase he is a threat before he gets an advantage over us."

Maurice nodded, "That would be very wise I think. I don't like this situation at all. Not at all."


"I say, what on earth is wrong with him?" Skipper and the others peared into the lemurs habitat from a safe observing distance. Assessing the situation.

Private tilted his head and got big sympathetic eyes, "He looks like he needs a hug Skipper."

Rico made a gurgling sound.

Skipper looked around with his binoculars before lowering them. "No sign of the newcomer. Proceed forward with caution boys."

They slid quickly on their stomachs and popped up one after the other in a row in front of Julien who was sitting hunched over in the corner. He had looked like he was going to cry, but at the apperence of the penguines, he had straightened up, crossed his arms over his chest and glared angrily… into space.

"What is wrong with you man?" Skipper demanded, shocked that the usually loud and way too talkative lemur didn't have a thousand annoying words tumbling out his mouth and firing at the penguines. When he didn't respond, Skipper motioned to Rico who regurgitated a large magnifying glass. Kowalski took it and examined Julien who did nothing but shake a bit – in anger? Then he began to mutter something, still staring into space. "Howcouldthisbe?howcouldthisbe?howcouldthisbe!!"

"He appears to be angry about something, Skipper."

Skipper shrugged. "I say it's for the best. A silent, hidden away Julien. Who am I to complain? I shall appluad it! Now where is that new -"


The penguins looked up. Maurice grimiced and stepped behind Skipper, he didn't like Julien Senior at all. Standing on Julien's throne, there stood and older, bigger version of Julien, grinning widely, Mort clinging around one of his feet. "The new king Julien's feeeeeeeeet are even biiiiiiiiger than the previous king Julien's feet!" the mouse lemur exclaimed his eyes almost bursting out of his head with excitement. "And he liiiiiiiikes me touching them! HE LIKEEEEES!"

Maurice huffed and wandered off somewhere by himself.

The Senior Julien jumped down from the throne, landing in front of the penguines and sending Mort flying in the process. "Yes, yes! Just as that little lump of fur says, I AM the NEW king! THE KING OF THE ZOO! NOW BOW DOWN BEFORE KING JULIEN XII AND KISS MY FEET! KISS MY FEET!" he held out a foot to Skipper.

Skipper shook his head. "I'm going to have to decline that offer newcomer."

"And so are we, I'm afraid." Kowalski added for the rest of them when the foot was offered.

Thankfully, this rejection didn't seem to ruffle the newcomer the wrong way. Instead to their surprise, the 'new king' accepted this. "Very well then, as you wish. Now come and join me for some refreshments and a meet and greet."


A little while later, Skipper was finding Julien's father to be a lot less annoying than Julien himself. Aside from similar behaviour like the occasional burst of self-praise or pausing to order Mort around (calling him 'slave' which Mort didn't seem to mind as the new King let him cling to his feet without complaining) he found that Julien Senior had the ability to get away from his kingly ego for periods of time and actually have intelligent conversation and talk about things that were not directly about him, which made him much more tolerable and likeable. He aksed the Penguines questions, seemed interested in their storeis and expereinces (though Skipper was unwilling to share too much of their personal records and so turned the conversation back aroudn to Julien's father.)

He told the penguines a grand story of how he had organised a group of his bravest lemur soldiers to ambush and capture a lion whom they belived had eaten the previous King. "In lemur society, we respect and love our kings very much. Such a terrible death like being eaten by another animal is not at all fit for a king. we needed to seek vengence."

"So what did you do?" Skipper asked, intrigued.

"Well, we didn't sacrifice him to the Lemur gods because he was found innocent, apparently his wife had done it, but she had already perished as the rage of the Gods was so great they turned the beloved King's body to knives inside her stomach so sharp that they instantly fell through, slicing up her incides and tearing her to shreads."

"Really I think this might be a little too graphic for the sensitive ones." Skipper covered Private's ears. "That being done…me likey! Go on."

"Gladly my twisted lemur friend….So we punished him anyways because of his connection to the killer. His punsihment was to be forced to watch us dancing, and shaking our wonderous behinds in a sacred ritual lemur dance as old as time that lasts for four days and four nights. It messed up his mind alright. He has never been the same since. We released him, but rumor has it that he is unproductive, can't do anything and claims that he is blinded, all he can see before his eyes, every single moment of the day is the constant image of 'shaking lemur bottoms.'"

The penguines all shuddered at the thought.

"Do you mind if I ask, what's Maurice's problem with you?" Kowalski said to King Julian Senior as he scribbled copious notes in his notebook.

"Oh, he's never liked me… ever since I killed his mother."

The penguins gaped.


There was a collective sigh of relief.

"Well, actually…ok, I wasn't kidding."

Private gulped.

"Explain yourself lemur." Skipper demanded.

"Well you see his mother had the disease. She was going to spread it to the hundreds and hundreads of other lemurs in my wonderful kingdom and kill us all! It was a hard, tough decision, but as the king and protector of the lemurs, overseeer of that which will benefit and cause happiness to the greatest number of lemurs, it had to be done by me. It was hard, but it was my duty."

Skipper nodded. "I like a man with a sense of duty."

Private let out a little whimper.

"One sacrificed for the lives of a hundred. That's a ratio I can respect."

Skipper and the new lemur king hi-fived.

"And Julien? Why is he acting like that?" Kowalski pointed out to Julien who was glaring up at his father with a mixture of fear and hate in his eyes.

"Well, let's just say," King Julien XII's seemed to darken, "my son know's his place when 'daddy's'here."


"I think this is good news boys."

Kowalski looked up from the notes he was still scribbling. "Something's not right Sir."

Skipper ignored him. "Never thought I'd met someone who could actually shut up Julien. Never. But here we have it, and he's only ½ as crazy. He's got my vote."

"Skipper," Private spoke up, "I don't like Julien's father. Something about him makes me feel …all cold inside!"

"You just need time to adjust to the shock of this unexpexted occurance. Rico, help him adjust."

Rico slapped Private.

"a-ah thank you Skipper."

"Very good. Well boys it's been a logn day, let's retire for the night, I expect everyone up and early in the mornign to catch up on training and – wha!" Skipper let out a cry as he entered the room to see Julien sitting on his bed!

"You! Stop contaminating my bed. Now."

Julien didn't respond to Skipper's orders and it seemed that he was back to his old self, at least in part. "HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!!!" Julian wailed so loudly all four penguins covered their ears. "DEAD I SAY!!! DEAD!!! OH WHY IS HE UNDEAD? HOW CAN THIS BE?"

"I don't know exactly what you're rambling on about quadruped, but frankly, I don't care. Please leave the premises immediately."

Julien refused to leave. "As your king, I order you to obay me, and help me get rid of that shameful, most disgusting, hateful and stinky being who is putting my position in jeopardy!"

Rico laughed.

"That's right boys, let us laugh. Because you are not longer the king." Skipper reminded the lemur, even though he never considered the lemur as having any power over him king or otherwise. "You're on your own in this one…and that is because I feel I am quite content with the situation. Good luck to you, and by that, of course I don't really mean it, it's just a formality. Rico, escort him out."

Rico regurgetated a bundle of dinamite.

"Rico, you know the rule, not blowing up things inside!"

"Sorry" Rico regurgitated a long stick with a hand shaped on the end, one finger pointing. He poked Julian with it in the belly.

"Ah, the poking method. Very fitting for one of the most annoying creatures on earth."

"OW!" Julien looked at the stick with disgust. "Don't poke me!"

Rico continued to jab him.

"Stop it, stop it, your bruising my tender kingly body!"

Continued poking.

"Mort, stop him!" Julien cried out but then realised Mort was not there, too busy hugging the lemur with the bigger feet.


But Maurice wasn't around either. Not used to being without those two, Julien retreated, but not before saying tearfully, "this is a great betrayal you have committed today. I will never ever forget this. NEVER EVER EVER. You shall all suffer without the kind and loving kingly rule of King Julien the XIII. And then we shall see who is begging who for help!"



A soft little scamper.

Private awoke with a start. What was that?

"….hello?" he called out tentively.


Private yawned, It's just my imagination. He knew he should probably report a foreign noise to Skipper in accordance with regulations regardless, but he also knew Skipper would then have them all up checking out the situation in great detail, spending a long time making sure all was clear and Private felt way too sleepy to do that.

He listened again. Still silent. Shrugging it off he snuggled deeper under his blanket and wiggled his tail as he drifted back into sleep.

He didn't hear the laughter again or see the figure that had been hovering nearby scamper away, but if he had known what trouble was to come in the morning, maybe he would have woken Skipper as soon as he heard the noise.

But now it was too late.

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