AN: Just a note in case anyone else thought it a bit strange…I actually forgot that the actual wife of Skipper was the Hula girl since I haven't seen the movie for a while and I got mixed up thinking that the Barbie doll was the one he married in the movie! Stupid I know…but the Barbie appears a lot more in the series…now that I think about it she belongs to Rico though doesn't she? silly mistake. Not sure. I don't think the hula girl even has detachable arms and she might not even have legs…but oh well for the sake of this fanfic let's supposes she does :P

Part 3

"Absolutely not."

King Julian XII blinked. Then he burst out laughing.

Kowalski stared at him with an annoyed look.

The king paused for a moment. He waited, looking expectantly at Kowalski. When Kowalski remained still and silent, the elder Julien resumed laughing.


Kowalski got up out of his seat and started to walk away.

The king stopped laughing, "Hey, come back here, where do you think you're going? You are not seriously rejecting my offer are you? You can't be…you can't…Everyone listens to me…everyone!"

Kowalski looked down his beak at Julien's father. "These games you are playing are despicable. I knew something was fishy, so I decided to chat to you and find out what. I went along with your game, pretended I felt the way you thought I did, just to see how far you would go. You might be able to manipulate other animals, turn them against the one's they are closest to, but you made a mistake trying to mess with the penguins. I would never, never turn against Skipper. You better stop this game now, because it can not and will not last."

King Julien XII's face turned red with anger. "I have done nothing wrong, you foolish penguin. I was merely trying to help you. But FINE, go leave. Go on your own way. I do not care what words you just said, I have many loyal supporters….like Marlene. Yes, Marlene…" Suddenly he got a smile. "She likes me, she's always visiting me and bringing me food…such a friendly creature…" the anger was gone, he appeared to be in his own world now.

Shaking his head, Kowalski left to report his finding's to Skipper and the rest.


"Oh Kowalski! I'm so happy you're not all….unhappy with us after visiting that horrible horrible lemur!" Private threw his arms around Kowalski.

"Private, keep it together, save that sap for afterwards. This ain't over yet," Skipper instructed. "Right boys, assemble for an emergency meeting, pronto."

Kowalski, Rico and Private saluted Skipper and stood up straight, forming a line. Skipper paced back and forth in front of them, flippers clasped behind his back. "So…it seems we have an animal in this community that is trying to break down the very fabric of our happy home. We cannot, I repeat, cannot allow this to happen. Private…what do you make of this situation and do you have any solutions?"

"Well, uh…Skipper, I think we should make him leave the zoo. I have never seen Julien have such a severe reaction to anyone, and I do not know exactly what his father might have done to him in the past, but I doubt it is a good idea for him to stay. If he can change Julien that much…and over the past few days all those other animals…well it upsets me quite a lot. I just want him to leave."

"Kaboom?" Rico suggested.

"He want's him to leave the zoo, not leave the planet," Skipper explained patiently to Rico. "Kowalski, tell me is there any chance of Julien's father changing? His personality and behaviour becoming more acceptable with training and persuasion or by some other means?"

"I'm afraid the chances are extremely slim, Sir. Too low to even consider that option actually." Kowalski said as he pressed buttons on his calculator. "However, I believe we may have a tool that can be put to use…Marlene."

"Marlene's not a tool!" Private exclaimed.

Kowalski blinked at him while Skipper gave Private a blank look then turned back to Kowalski. "I'm listening…"

"Well, from my observation's it appears the King has something of a 'crush' on the Otter."

"Oh. I wonder if she likes him too," Private said, "No wonder she's one of the only animals that is actually happy around here."

"Hmm…." Skipper smiled. "Boy's gather in close, I think I have a plan. Here's what we're going to do…"


"I don't believe it….. no waaaaay! You're kidding me right? This is some kind of joke?"

Private shook his head solemnly.

"Marlene, just accept the truth so that we can move to the next stage in our operation. We're on a time schedule here." Skipper tapped his foot with impatience.

"But no! He's way too nice….I can't believe this." The otter shook her head.

Kowalski recounted the conversation he had had with Julien's father when he had tried to turn Kowalski against the penguins. Marlene's eyes went wide and she clenched her little fists. "Why that bastard! How dare he! I'm never talking to him again that's for sure!"

"We actually want to get rid of him. And we figure you can help us because he seemed to like you quite a lot," Private explained. "The fastest way we have come up with to get rid of him is this; you know how you have that drain leading underground in you're habitat…well…."

Marlene was shaking her head as she listened to the plan and watched the diagrams Kowalski drew for her on a white board.

"Like that's really going to work…" She said, "For one thing, won't he escape and just come right back here?"

"We'll he won't be able to get back up the way he came, we needed the alligator to help us with that one last time, along with Rico's dynamite. Sure, he might eventually find his way back to the zoo, but we can figure out what to do then. We have made a unanimous decision that the fastest plan is the best plan at this point in time."


"Heeeey there." Marlene gave a huge fake smile to King Julien XII who lit up like a light bulb when he saw her.

"Why hello there lovely, it is so good to see you. Come, take a seat near me. Let us converse the day away."

"Well, actually…I came to invite you to my habitat…I'm baking you a cake and it's a real big one just for you…but it's too heavy to bring all the way up here…will you come and enjoy it with me?"

"Why surely, I would love to," King Julien XII nodded enthusiastically.

"Ok…it should be ready in about an hour, come to my habitat then, it's going to be great!" Marlene beamed with false sincerity.


"Hellooo?" The senior Julien called out. "Marlene??"

He peered around the otter's habitat. "Hello??"

Some soft, romantic sounding music floated out from the middle of the room, and as he moved closer, King Julien XII saw that there was a round opening in the middle of the floor. She's not down there is she???

He poked his head inside, but could only see darkness.

The music continued.

"Marlene?" He called. "Mar—aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!"

His call turned into a cry as without warning a webbed foot was pressed to his back and sent him hurling forward….


The heavy metal seal was replaced over the opening with the help of the sewer alligator. "Thanks for that, Roger," Skipper said, saluting, then to the other penguins, "Well done boys, your efforts are commendable!" they slapped each other high and low.

"Well that should get rid of him for a while –" Skipper started to say but was interrupted by a loud wail, "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Marlene flew past Skipper's face.

"What the –"

"I believe Rico just tried to hi-five Marlene, penguin style," Kowalski explained.

"Oh no, Marlene, are you alright?" Skipper scuttled to her side.

She stood up and brushed herself off. "I'm fine…but I can't help but feel a little guilty at just dumping that lemur away like old trash."

"Well when you put it that way…"

"It's not like we are trapping or imprisoning him," reasoned Skipper. "There are plenty of other ways out of there, just the hope is he will end up taking a path far away and become more interested in that than trying to come back here."

"If he did then maybe we could figure out a way to put him in a box and mail him back to Madagascar? That seems to be a popular way of travelling these days." Private offered.

The group turned to leave to try to patch things up amongst the other animals at the zoo.


They all froze, Private even saluted out of habit at the sound of the booming command.


Everyone gaped as the younger Julien came strutting in. Maurice and Mort were right behind him. Though he was shouting, Julien did not seem angry. Instead, he seemed to be relishing his return to the spotlight.

Julien did a little twirl and then opened his arms, grandly addressing the group once more. "Silly penguins, Otter…." his eyes widened a bit, "and terrifying monster thingy -please leave the room" he gestured to the alligator. Roger just gave him a confused smile and waved. "Hiiii"

"I didn't see this coming," Kowalski muttered to himself.

"Uh uh," Rico shook his head in similar bewilderment.

"What's the big deal?" Skipper demanded. "Ringtail, we're removing your father so now you can have you're 'glorious position on the throne' back. Why are you trying to stop us?"

"Silly, silly penguin." Julien pranced over to Skipper and slapped him over the head. Skipper looked less-than-pleased.

"There is so much about the world you still have to learn." Julien shook his head. "Even if we two kings are not compatible together, because of course, there can only be one ruling king at a time…Kingship is very important in Lemur Law, and I can't not simply stand by and allow a fellow king to be treated in such a lowly way. What kind of king would I be then? Well I would be the kind of king that I am not! Now I hereby order you to release him!"

Skipper let out a long-suffering sigh, "Alright, alright, you win lemur…but this only means we are going to have to resort to another way of getting rid of him…"

Julien wasn't listening, too busy dancing around. "I win! I win!! OH yes King Julien is a winner! Always a winner!"

"He's a winner," Maurice agreed.

"CAN I be a winner TOOOO??" Mort asked jumping up and down in time with Julien. "I WANNA be a winner!"

Marlene cringed as the penguins and Roger started to remove the lid once more. "Eek…he's going to be ang-ree."


"Well, well, what was all that about!!!" King Julien Senior exclaimed with genuine astonishment in his voice.

"Since you didn't get the hint, I'll have to put it bluntly," Kowalski said, "We just don't like you."

King Julien XII blinked. "Well I know you don't like me anymore for some reason…but everyone?" He turned to Skipper, "You like me don't you?"

"Negative. You're not a team player."

He turned to Rico. Rico just poked his tongue out and made a gagging sound of disgust.

"Eeh…I guess not…how bout you then?" he pointed to Private.

"Um…well it's not that I don't like you…it's just…just I don't think you're really suited to this place…please don't be offended, we were just tyring to do our duty, preserve the peace and all that…"

King Julien XII shrugged, turning to Marlene. "What about you…?"

"Nope…not really…no. At least not anymore…You're not a very nice lemur."

"Ow!" he clutched at his chest, "Marlene, now THAT hurts!" he doubled over, seemingly in acute pain.

Just when everyone was beginning to feel really, really guilty for what they had done, Julien's father straightened up and began laughing.

"HA HA HA! Well, well that was fun, wasn't it? Such fun these last few days have been! Yet I had no idea you all disliked me though! Oh well, it was still a delightful game!"

Everyone stared at him.

"I knew he was twisted, but this is just too much…" Kowalski muttered.

"Hahaha, you thought I was just trying to gain more supporters, didn't you?" King Julien XII laughed. "Well, maybe that…but I am much more interested in the power I feel when I manage to manipulate people and turn them against each other. I almost never fail. I managed to turn every single lemur against Julien over here, for a short while." He beamed as if it were the greatest achievement anyone could ever hope for. "Isn't that right, my son?" he said proudly and gave Julien (who was sitting nearby, having gone uncharacteristically quite again as his father spoke) a pat on the foot.

The effects of the simple action were enormous, instantly Julien started quivering in fury and shot up with rage. "DON'T," he ground out,
"TOUCH. THE. FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The last word was yelled so loudly Julien's father actually went flying and hit the opposite wall.

The sound of applause echoed throughout the habitat. .

"That was quite an achievement," Skipper commented.

"What?" King Julien XII said, "Can't a father pat his son affectionately? Why does everybody dislike me just for having a little fun…"

Maurice stepped forward. "That stuff you said…you were making it up weren't you ?"

Julien's father looked at Maurice with a big grin on his face.

"I thought as much." Maurice turned back to Julien. "I'm sorry, I should have never turned away from you, Julien. You are the true one and only king."

Julien gave a 'kingly nod' secretly too happy to have his advisor and annoyed supporter back to be angry with Maurice or Mort. He waved a hand arrogantly. "Never mind that Maurice, I know you'll make it up to me."

"What on earth did you say to Maurice?" Kowalski wondered outloud.

"Hehe! You want to know? Gather round my children," Senior Julien motioned for them to gather closer as if he were about to tell a really great story. "Well, I made him believe that his mother wasn't really dead! I told him instead of killing her I had actually simply banished her and I could tell him where she was, if he only proved his loyalty to me by ceasing contact with my son or you penguins. It was a little lie of course, but look how he feel for it! Took the bait so easily! HA HA HA!"

Maurice growled.

"Why would you do that?" Private asked his eyes huge and shinning with emotion. "That's a horrible thing to do!"

"It was to turn Maurice against Julien of corse. See them both suffer, hehe!"

"I see, so you're the one who attacked my woman then?" Skipper asked.

Julien's father blinked. "….You….have a woman?"

Everyone shared a look with each other. Skipper narrowed his eyes.

"Haha." King Julien XII shrugged, "Well you will all be happy to know that it was never my intention to stick around in this little corner of the world for long."


"I am a king! I come and go as I please. Naturally I get bored of any place I stay in too long…I simply wanted to visit my dear son."

"That's all this was about?"

"Sure. That and having fun. Hehe! I am so good at drawing people in, making them trust me, believe me…though I guess my time is up here. Oh well, why does nobody else realise that creating mayhem is a way of showing love? Anyway I have stayed around for too long now. It was lovely to meet you all, FAREWELL my dears! You have all been delightful company, it is time I move on to more exciting places!"

And with that, Julien's father pranced out.

For a moment no one moved.

"Aw geeze!" Marlene broke the silence, "all that effort we went into and he was planning on leaving all along!"

Skipper beamed. "Well, I hope that's the end of that. What a nuisance he was."

"But there's something I don't get…if it wasn't Julien's father who destroyed the doll, who was it?"

Mort let out a little squeak.

"THAT WAS YOU?" Skipper growled, advancing towards the mouse lemur.

"But but but, he threatened to take the FEET away from me! THE FEET!!!!" Mort squealed in defence, "And and he told me all I had to do was destroy something that belonged to you…and then for some reason make it look like someone else did it. He said it would create 'delicious disorder.' and then I could touch his feet as much as I wanted!!"

Skipper clasped his flippers together and turned to Rico, "What say we pull someone else apart and see how they like it?"

Rico nodded enthusiastically.

"NO! I don't LIKE being pulled apart!" Mort protested.

"Aww don't be mean to him," Marlene said, cradling Mort in her arms, "Things are all back to normal now Skipper, so just be happy about that!."


Skipper and the boys relaxed in front of the sun-dappled water.

Private sighed happily, "It's so great to see everyone back to normal and in cheery spirits again, Skipper."

"It sure is little Private, it sure is."

"Amazing that one person can have such an impact in such a short amount of time," Kowalski mused.


The penguins jumped in fright, Rico accidentally swallowing his entire fish drink he had been sipping, cup and all.

"As a time of celebration, and to remind you what a fantastic king I am, we have decided to have a party in your habitat, and everyone's invited!"

The penguins looked up to see a herd of assorted animals heading for their habitat, party poppers exploding, and whistles sounding…the works…

Skipper twitched, "This is our domain! How dare –"

"Just grin and bare it, Skipper," Kowalski advised, "After all, this is what we chose over the alternative…"

"Yeah, well I'm beginning to think maybe that was a bad idea!"

The end