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Bella POV

I felt him behind me. The one who had haunted my dreams constantly. The green-eyed man who constantly watched me and tortured my thoughts.

I would see him in random places, just watching me. He has a sort of possessiveness about toward me. I don't think it was bad; it was just as if I belonged to him in a kind of magical way.

He had bronze colored hair that was disheveled most of the time and a chiseled physique. He was pale but beautiful and I didn't even know his name.

And the thing was, is that I knew he wouldn't hurt me. It was like I could feel his emotions and I knew that he was just watching over me.

He meant no harm to me and I wasn't scared of him at all. And that was the one thing that did scare me.

I whirled around and he was inches from my face. He looked amused and his green eyes glinted in the sunlight, while his pale skin sort of shined in the light.

It took my breath away; his exquisiteness was mind-boggling.

He grabbed a strand of my hair and inhaled deeply. His lips turned into a grin and he spoke to me for the first time.

"You smell divine Isabella, I love your scent. You don't know how long I have waited for you."

I gulped. "Call me Bella, and what do you mean? Waited for me for what?"

"To make you mine. Do you not know that you were made for me? That you are my perfect match and you alone will help my family to regain their strength."

What the hell was he talking about? Made for him and perfect match?

But when he grabbed my hand and held it up to his cheek I felt electricity go through me at that one touch and I knew what he was talking about.

I felt a sort of pull to him and it made me want to be with him. Follow him to the end of the world and back. So wherever he was so was I. I never wanted to be parted with him ever again.

He was mine.

He pulled me from the street I was walking on and into an alleyway.

"You feel it too, don't you? I do. I never want to be parted with you ever again Bella and I never will. You are mine and mine alone. Forever."

My heart skipped a beat at these words. And instead of being scared or running, I was glad he said those words; I was positively ecstatic.

I did want to be his and I had no idea why. Forever.

Pulling me up against his chest he bent down and kissed me. The kiss was heated and wanting. He licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth to him.

Our tongues danced together smoothly and I knew that he was made for me.


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