"Knock,knock," I heard someone said that in front of my door. It must be Danny,my nephew. "Yeah,comin' ," I told him while I tight up my hairs into a scrunchie in front of mirror. "What's up?" I asked him when we walked into my room.

"Are you ready?" he asked me back.

"Ready for what?"

"It's our first day in Westminster School."

"So?It's not your first day in school,huh?" He just rolled his eyes.

I looked at my watch,"Hey,it's 06.30. If we don't go now,we're gonna be late. Common!" I took my bag on my bed and walked to the door. Followed Danny,that went out first.

You'll thinking why we didn't say goodbye to our parents,didn't you? Haha..No. Me and Danny are living together since summer holiday. Only both of us in our apartement. Actually,I was in Notre Dame High School in California. But,I moved to London,cause my Dad is get moved job too. He's a great architect. He has a partner,which is Danny's Dad. So,they're living together now. They said they have an important project now. Dad said it's so announce to moved California-London,cause his office center's in London.

So,he thought maybe we should moved to London. Me and Mum agreed with it. But,now,Mum living with Gran in Gran's house in California. Mum's accompany Gran,cause Gran is stroke. It's not that poor. She's just can't talk easy now. I didn't care,I still love her.

Then,Mum and Dad agreed that me and Danny could live together in an apartment. So,we're not disturbing Dad,but they can keep a contact with us. I have no problem with it. He was my neighbour in California. I thought Danny's my brother,even he's not. He acted like brother. He always tried to protected me. When we're in the same school in California,in 4th grade, there's a boy named Nick. He's a bad boy. Nick triped up at me,and I fell down. And then Danny hit with the fist at Nick's face. Nick's nose was bleeded hahaha…

And when I was in seven or eight years old,if my parents got to work at night, Danny came to my house,to played computer or video game with me until my parents home. I didn't have a maid to accompany me. Danny said he feels have to protect me,cause I'm his only cousin. It's true. My Dad and Danny's dad are brothers. And his Mum haven't got any sisters or brothers. Well,Danny's my friend either when I need a friend to sharing or something like that. He never judge,maybe laughed,and he gave good advice.

Me and Danny went to school by car. Danny drove it. It's far enough. Maybe,about 40 block from the apartment. When we arrived,I said "Wow,it's so much bigger than Notre Dame."

"Than Eton's too," Danny's whispered.

Eton's Danny's old school. It's all boys I told him that I'll moved to London and school in Westminster School,he persuaded his parents to moving him too,to school in Westminster School. Cause his bandmates are school in there. Danny told me that he had a band called McFLY. He met Tom first in his lesson's guitar about one year ago. They wanted to made a band. And opened an audition for bassist and drummer's place. Actually,Tom can be a drummer,but he said he'd prefer to sing and play guitar,just like Danny. The short story,Danny's parents agreed. And Danny absolutely happy with it.

After we came into the first gate,Danny said ,"See you at lunch time. If you don't have any friend yet,don't worry. You can sit with me and my friends. I'll introduce you. Bye!" he waved at me and walked away to his first class. I smiled at him and walked to my first class.

My first subject is Math. Eugh..I hate math,even that I didn't get any bad score at it. I just bored seeing a lot of numbers,count it. And it's a sure knowledge. We can't composing the answer. Math is in the room number 403,on the 3rd floor. When I walked into the lift,and the lift want to closed,a girl yelled at me. She's blonde,pretty enough,tall,and brought a violin. I opened the lift and she smiled ," thanks." "Sure," I smiled back.

"What floor?" I asked her.

"3rd floor,please. Thanks,"she smiled again.

"Then,we're same,"I smiled too.

"Are you newbie here? I'd never see you before. Or maybe my eyes wrong."

"No,no. Don't worry about your eyes. Yes,I'm newbie here. I'm from California. My name's Jane. Jane Ryan," I payed out my hand and she took it.

"I'm Izzy Johnston."

The lift opened and we came out. I turned to the right,to Math class. And she turned to the left,maybe music class. But suddenly,she stoped and looking at me. She said,"Well,Jane,if you don't mind,would you sit with me at lunch?"

"Yeah,sure. See ya!" I smiled at her. I almost getting late.

On the door class,there's a board written on "Math Class,Mrs. Garibaldi." I walked into the class,and suddenly everyone in this class stoped their conversation and lookin' at me. I tried to ignore them and choosed my sit. It's a corner back. Class will be starting in a few minutes more.

And here he is. With black hair and a brown highlite his bangs,that fell down covered his forehead. His bangs's sideway. And if I watch carefully,his back hair is up. He walked approached me.

"Sorry,it's my sit,"he talked to me.

" there any rule about chair we wanna sit,or we've got freedom to choose where we want to sit?" I didn't mean to rude. I just wanna know if the chairs in this class have their owner or not?

The boy's looking at me and asked,"Are you newbie here?" "Yes," I said. He said, "Yes,we've got freedom in this class. But,usually I sit here. I don't like sit on chair in front of class."

'" neither," I felt guilty to him. But the bell rang and he didn't have another choice.

walked into the class and smiled at us,"Morning all." We stood beside our desk ,"Morning,." She still smiled and say it out loud,"Today,we've got new friend from California,right?" Everyone looking at me again. It's so embarrassed to me. "Let her introduce herself for us," Mrs. Garibaldi wanted me to introduced myself.

I walked in front of class and smiled, "My name's Jane Ryan. I'm from California. And I moved here,cause my Dad worked here. Hope we'll be good friends,"

I surprised when the boy-with-sideways-bangs looked surprised too. He asked me,"Hey,are you Danny's cousin?" "Yes,I am," wow,maybe he's one of Danny's bandmates. ,that didn't know anything looked a little bit surprised. And she said,",that was Poynter. Now,you can back to your sit. And we're back to math."

Ninety minutes Math's subject is so boring. just like talked to the blackboard. And when she looked at the blackboard,some students throwed clods of papper,including Dougie. Too bad,when he throwed for the 4th times, saw it. She said ,",do you want to go out of this class? Watch your measure and remember you've got bad score which is 35 at the last test?" Dougie just said, "I'm sorry ."

The 3rd subject,Biology is in the room number 254,but it still on the 3rd floor. And when I found the class,I saw Izzy was there too. I sat next to her and she said, "Biology's teacher, is so killer. She want all the report or homework collected on time. If you're not,you've got zero,no remedial. And if you're not polite in this class or if you've got bad score or ,you'll be grounded."

"Wow,it looks so scared. What kind of punishment she usualy do?" Izzy said, "Work your homework 5 times and leave after school for listen to her lesson for one hour. And you know what? She's the only biology teacher's now,cause moved to Canada and we haven't got the substitute teacher yet. With substitute teacher,there's a chance you'll not teach by "

Then,the teacher's came in. She's short,has a curly hair,small eyes. I'd just hope the biology class will be ok later. I don't wanted have any problem with her. 45 minutes later,the bell rang,sign to lunchtime.