Dragonheart, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction.

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Chapter 5

Conscious of his far more vulnerable companion's position behind him, Xander darted forward to meet the gigantic predator, hoping to take a shot at its legs as he attempted to avoid becoming its latest chew toy. As all plans, it went to pieces the moment he drew near enough for the beast to reach, much to his ire.

With surprising speed, the tyrannosaur snapped out with its massive jaws and nearly swallowed him whole in one bite. Sadly for both parties, the transformed teen's reflex action had been to drop to his knees, meaning he now found his legs kicking impotently in mid air, his torso pinned by three huge teeth. Had it not been for the crushing pressure on his ribcage, Xander might have found the situation funny as he suddenly found himself shaken like a rag-doll as the dinosaur tried to tear him in half.

Struggling to breathe, Xander began to writhe and kick as he attempted to get some leverage to force the tyrannosaur's mouth open, shortly finding that doing so at the same time as being shaken was an exercise in futility. A moment after arriving at that conclusion, his panic became subsumed by a rising tide of red hot anger as the stinking, putrid scent of the maw in which he was trapped began fading away from his concentration.

Bad enough that his day started off shitty and slid down the slippery slope to gut-busting excrement levels, now he was being eaten? Xander stilled for a fraction of a second before exploding in a rage-induced frenzy. A wrathful howl clawed its way from his parted lips just as the claws on his toes found purchase on the rex's face, enabling him to forcefully twist and sink the talons on his fingers into the sensitive gums of the giant predator's jaws. Hot blood cascaded across his face yet again, followed by a pained roar as the tyrannosaur's jaws slackened, allowing him to slip free.

Plummeting to the ground from nearly twenty feet, Xander bucked as he fell, rotating his torso enough to bring his foe into sight. Red eyes alight with fury, he allowed his lips to peel back in a menacing snarl and barely even acknowledged the bone-jarring impact of hitting the ground as he let rip a challenging roar of his own.

Not even thinking through his actions, he charged as soon as the thunderous sound died down, pushing off of the ground with his left foot as hard as he could and launching himself thirty feet into the air directly at the creature's head.

Jenny stared, slightly wide-eyed as she watched Xander charge at the massive animal just as it did. She almost expected him to make it as well, until the huge head dipped and snapped him up like he was nothing.

"No!" she exclaimed, taking an involuntary step forward until the head came up and she saw the two wriggling legs that stuck out. She couldn't see any blood, which was a plus, but then realised that with the youngster's colouring she would be hard pressed to unless it was a very different colour than before. The tyrannosaur shook its head, obviously attempting to kill the small morsel in its mouth by snapping whatever bones the boy had and when both legs became limp, jenny felt a stab of something indefinable for a second before they began thrashing furiously, obviously attempting to free their owner from his confinement. A grin cracked her face when both feet found purchase on the creature's lip and pushed, tearing large gashes in the soft flesh accompanied by a spurt of dark blood and a roar of pain. Jaws opening, she saw another gout of blood pump over the flailing tongue of the beast and found a chuckle puff past her lips as her companion dropped like a stone to the ground.

Before she could make a move however, Xander opened his mouth and issued forth a roar just as loud as the great predator before him. What easily outclassed it however, was the obvious blood-curdling malice that resonated throughout the sound. Blonde eyebrows reaching for her hairline, jenny found herself momentarily stunned at the sheer volume produced by the young meta-human. And then he charged again.

"Oh for the love of," jenny groaned, relatively heedless to the peril she was in being so close to the titanic clash. "Men!" she watched as the snowy-haired teen sprang into a truly impressive pounce that took him some thirty feet into the air, and then palmed her face when the cavernous maw opened and snapped him up again, this time whole. "Idiot," she muttered. Despite the seriousness of the situation, she didn't feel particularly worried. If he could survive the animal's crushing teeth then he could certainly handle its soft and vulnerable insides.

Her thoughts were proven correct when not ten seconds later the tyrannosaur gave a mighty jerk and a terrified bellow that swiftly degenerated into mindless panicked thrashing as Xander tore its innards to fleshy ribbons and burst his way right out of its chest with a triumphant bellow, hands wrapped around the twisted remnants of a rib split messily in twain.

If she expected him to stop there however, she was sadly mistaken as she watched him brutally slaughter the dying beast, rending anything within reach to bloody gore and smash its enormous skull to a pink pulpy mass. Her stomach roiled uncomfortably at the sight and she grimaced, turning away.

A few moments later, he lurched into the corner of her vision and vomited the contents of his stomach out into the reeds at the waterside.

"All done?" she asked tartly as she watched him recover slightly. At her words his face twisted and he began dry heaving again, attempting to purge something that just wasn't there. "Guess not," she muttered, subsiding into silence and waiting for him to finish. After a moment of resting his clawed hands on his knees, Xander wobbled into the water and washed himself off for the second time that day. "That's becoming a habit, you know," jenny found herself remarking. He paused, back to her, and stood in silence for several long seconds of silence.

"I know," he replied eventually, his tone troubled. Jenny tried blinking away the exhaustion in her eyes before speaking.

"Want to talk about it?" she offered. Xander glanced at her over his shoulder, the vivid red of his irises somehow seeming desolate and horrified, and then dropped his gaze to the mass of torn flesh behind her.

"No," he said flatly, his face stony. Jenny pursed her lips but said nothing, deciding that now was not the time to press matters.

"So, now what?" she asked.

"Now you tell me what has brought you to the Savage Lands," a new, cultured voice demanded from above. Jenny jerked her head up in surprise to stare at the helmed and caped figure floating above.

"Bugger it," she muttered.

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