Watch Closely (Don't Leave Me)

Shino watches the bugs running along just under his skin. He's glad they're there. He's glad the crystal meth made them come. Everyone else hates them, hates it when they get inside their skin, but not Shino. He likes them. They have a place to stay now. They're safe and warm, and they're keeping him company. It can get lonely, but he hasn't been lonely since the bugs arrived. He talks to them softly, and imagines he can hear them whisper back. His body has become dependant on the drug, but he doesn't notice, doesn't mind because he continues taking it so the bugs don't leave, so they don't go, don't leave him alone again. He sells drugs to fund his habit. He doesn't view it as dealing, but as raising money to buy the necessary sustenance fro the bugs. He is not destroying his body, he is feeding bugs. He is killing himself, but he doesn't care, as he would rather be dead than have his beloved bugs desert him, than be alone.

Shino watches the bugs running along just under his skin.

Patient File

Name: Shino Aburame

Number: 876-341

Wing: Medium Security

Ward: B-12

Crime: Murder

Psychologist: Dr. K. Yuuhi

Notes: Patient is addicted to crystal methamphetamine. Do not try to wean him off- this causes the 'bugs' to disappear and sets off his psychosis. He will try to kill you if you refuse him access to the drug. There is a certain certified drug dealer who supplies him with the drug- this man is allowed access into the facility. For more details, see file Visitors: 5-67.


A/N: Okay, so I came up with Shino, and had to write it down. His 'Asylum Kids' self fascinates me.

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