Ino is beautiful. Of course she is beautiful, she won't allow herself to be anything less. She needs to be beautiful, needs to be the most beautiful person in the world, in the room, needs to be the one that everyone looks at. She needs to be the one that every guy wants and every girl wants to be. She is the top dog, and is determined to stay that way. She has to stay the prettiest, eating isn't really that important, she has to stay pretty. She has to have the best things as well, she has to, and she has to be in the spotlight, all the time, she has to feel all eyes on her, so if she took some things from some shops it's fine, it's fine, she had to, she had to so that she had the best things, and then everyone was shouting at her for it, everyone was angry and she was frightened and scared but she didn't mind so much because she was the center of attention, everyone was looking at her, noticing her. She was in the papers, the pretty young socialite, and everyone knew her name. Everyone knew her name, and everyone was looking at her, and it made her feel alive. She knows what everyone was thinking too, she knows that everyone could see how beautiful she was, she knows that people wanted her. After all, what's not to want? And now, here, she knows that she is the most beautiful person in here, as she knows she was the most beautiful person out there, but as it was out there there are other people, other people who are beautiful, other people who draw attention away from her, who people look at instead of her, and she hates it, can't stand it, it terrifies her that there are people who might be prettier than her, and so she has to earn the attention back, because she has to be the one whom no one can take their eyes off, and so she has to have the best body, she has to have the best clothes (which is so hard in here so so hard), she has to look the best, be the best, because every time the people are looking at someone who isn't her it kills her inside. Life is a movie, and she is the star. There are no supporting actors, everyone else is just there to look at her, to love her, to want her, to praise her.

Ino is beautiful.

Patient File

Name: Ino Yamanaka

Number: 398-076

Wing: Low Security

Ward: A-4

Crime: Theft

Psychologist: Dr. A. Sarutobi

Notes: Patient craves attention of any form, whether it be positive or negative. This has led to her obsession in being perfect- at least in her looks- and being the best. Her shoplifting was because of her need for the best items, and she needs a close eye kept on her at mealtimes, because she switches between anorexia and bulimia. Her need for attention of any kind can be self destructive, and can be detrimental to her well-being.


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