Luna is perhaps not someone you would expect to frequent Wizarding clubs, but she likes nothing better than to put on one of her dresses and enter a world of lights and music. She dances without stopping for nearly the whole night, whilst Ginny tries to keep up.

Ginny considered herself a party animal when she was at Hogwarts, but Luna's love of dancing surpasses hers. Ginny loves to socialise, but Luna goes to sway and twirl under the enchanted orbs that float above the dance floor. She follows the beat with her movements, closing her eyes and absorbing the melodies with each of her steps. Ginny dances beside her, never fully surrendering to the feelings as Luna does, but she watches her with an endless fascination until Luna reaches for her wrist and pulls her into her arms, placing kisses on the sensitive spot behind her ear. When Luna pulls her in to dance with her, Ginny understands how Luna must feel surrounded by music. She feels warm, safe and whole in her arms. She knows Luna can forget everything in the music, and she hopes she can give her this feeling too. When Luna opens her eyes again, and flashes a sleepy, loving smile at Ginny, she knows that only she can do this to her.

Luna is not so hard to understand when she looks at Ginny with her big eyes and soft smile.

* * *

Before Luna goes off on her first expedition, Ginny plans a surprise for her, hoping to see a wide smile on her face before they say goodbye.

The sofa and armchair in the living room of their cottage have been pushed against the wall, leaving a big space in the centre of the room. Charmed glass orbs hover and fill with light, like those they danced under in the club. Music emits from the magic radio resting on the coffee table and Ginny smiles, closing her eyes and trying to let the music fill and complete her as it does with Luna. She moves into the middle of the room and starts to move. Hips swaying and hands arms raised, she doesn't notice Luna come in until a hand touches the small of her back and she starts. Turning around she looks at Luna, seeing a spark of amusement there.

'How long have you been standing there?'

'Long enough,' Luna replies with a little smile beginning on her face. She pulls Ginny towards her, like always, and kisses her.

They spend hours dancing, and Ginny finds herself enjoying it just as much as the enthusiastic figure pressed against her. They are equals in the dance, mirroring and completing each other's movements as they hold each other close and give in to the moment. Breaking apart, she twirls and bows to Luna in a flourish before switching off the radio and extinguishing the lights. Luna curtseys before grinning mischievously and taking Ginny's hand.

The silently make their way upstairs, Luna still bobbing to a beat in her head. In their room they continue their dance under the covers, until they fall asleep in each other's arms.

When Luna leaves in the morning she takes one of the orbs with her, and Ginny notes that even the way she moves to the fireplace and sprinkles the Floo powder looks like an effortless dance.

Ginny imagines Luna tapping the orb with her wand and dancing in the jungle at night. This thought makes her break out into a smile, and knows she won't dance again until Luna gets home.

Let me know what you thought of it. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Also, I had Luna use the Floo Network rather than Apparate as I imagine she's either travelling with someone, or reporting to the Ministry first.