A/N: Thought I'd try writing a story for this universe. This is my first story in Transformers/Beast Wars, and any mistakes I made in regards to how any character talks, acts or is too much OOC have to do with my just recently coming back into the fandom, along with this being my first try. I have done research on the character in question, and ask that you be gentle with any criticism. As always, anything helpful will be accepted. The idea for this story comes from a prompt off the TF Pairings generator.

Prompt: Rattrap/The Vok/Grudge

Units of time as found for Beast Wars (source : TF Wiki):
Solar Cycle – 1 day


Rattrap stood outside the Axalon surveying the scorched, altered landscape, only one thought going through his head.

The Vok meant business, that's for sure. All this because we interfered with what was theirs, as far as they were concerned.

It hadn't even mattered that the Predacons and the Maximals had unknowingly tampered with their experiment. All that mattered to the Vok was destroying those responsible for it, and if they destroyed their own creations in the process, so be it. The interlopers would pay for their transgressions.

And we did. Boss Monkey got killed tryin' to stop 'em from trashing this place. Amazing we got him back. Stripes and Wings went off the scanners half a solar cycle ago. Don't even know what else is still out there either. With all the new Pred activity goin' on, we can't spare anybody to find out what's goin' on out there, or even find out if they're okay.

Rattrap turned his gaze to the sky. Can't shake the feelin' it's not over, either. The Vok don't seem like the 'forgive and forget' sort. If they come back…

He grimaced. Yeah, he had a pretty good idea what would happen, and it wasn't pretty. In fact, it would probably be worse than last time. Especially considering they had destroyed the Vok's death ray.

They'll come back, and make sure to finish the job. Maybe we'll all die, but we'll go down fightin', I know that for sure! With that final thought, Rattrap turned and headed back into the Axalon.

Unknown location in deep space:

"Should we strike?"

"No, not yet."

"But they are still on the planet! Our experiment…!"

"Will continue. We merely miscalculated how far they would go to save themselves."

The second being glanced towards two figures floating nearby in suspended animation.

"We will be patient, and withdraw for now. When the time is right we shall strike again, using their own against them."

A cold laugh echoed through the void.

"Then they shall truly know what it means to cross the Vok."