I woke up to a deep voice calling my name. I opened my eyes to see Emmet right in my face.

"ARGG". I screamed and fell onto the floor, which only made him laugh harder. I also saw Jasper laughing while coming to his side.

" WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TWO WANT". I shouted, I swear sometimes i hate my pyco brothers, and i also regret sharing the same house as them.

"awww, Eddiepoo dont be such a crankypants". Emmet said while ruffiling my bronze hair. I shot him a death glare which made him stop.

" We only wanted to tell you that we have a mission, so meet us in the meeting room". Jasper said, and with that they both left me in my room.

A mission.....this should be interesting... i think.

I signed, and striped out of my boxers and into the shower,letting the warm water relax my muscles.

Let me explain, me along with my two annoying brothers Emmet and Jasper, have been agents for 2 years now. I'm the youngest out of both of them me being 19, Jasper's 20 and Emmet 21,but doesn't act like his own age. We live in our parents house in Forks,just the three of us since Esme and Carlisle both had to go to a party in Paris for a month ,so we have the house to our self. Esme and Carlisle have been agents for more than 10years. They both met while doing a mission together.

I quickly finish my shower, not wanting to keep Emmet waiting along with knows what their doing, idiots. Dressing into a simple top and pants, I headed to the kitchen which dumb ass Emmet calls the 'meeting' room.

As i entered the kitchen, both Jasper and Emmet looked up from the paper they were reading, I looked at them both and raised an eyebrow at both were grinning widely.

"Should i be scared". I asked while taking a bite of Emmet's toast. He scowled at me and snatched the toast out of my hand and stuff it down his throat. I smirked at him, and grabbed and apple and bit into it. I looked back and forth between to figure out whats up with them.

" Okay i give up, whats wrong with you freaks". They were still grinning like idiots. Emmet passed a paper to me, and i was surprised what it said:





Accompanied BY:




"I hope their hot". Emmet gushed, while daydreaming. I looked at Jasper and saw him in the same daze as him. I rolled my eyes at my two brothers.

" Guys snap out of it, ". I snapped my fingers at them. They both looked at me and mumbled 'sorry'.

" Sooo, who are these girls". I asked once I got their attention.

" We dont know but we have some information about them". Jasper said, while handing me another piece of paper.

Information about the girls:

Isabella Marie Swan

Eye color: Brown

Hair color:Brunette


Body type: Slim

Sports:Baseball/Football/Horseback riding/Basket ball.

Mary Alice Swan

Eye color:Blue

Hair color: Black

Height: 4'11"

Body type: Pattie

Sports: horseback riding/Baseball/Basket ball.

Rosalie Hale

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: blond


Body Type: model like

Sports: Football/Baseball/Basket ball.

" So you guys excited to go to New york". Emmet asked as he sat down opposite from me, with his hands full of food. God, how the hell does he eat all of that.

I just sat their staring and him while he stuff himself. He looked up at us and smiled. I couldn't but help notice pieces of bacon stuck to his teeth. I quickly looked away, before i gage.

" Em, with been to the big apple millions of times, why you so exited". Jasper ask while looking up at him.

" DUDE, where gonna go on a mission with 3 hot girls, GIRLS". He shouted, while taking a big gulp of orange juice.

" How do you even know their hot Em". I said, finishing of my apple, and disposing it.

" Well, we might just have to see then Eddie-poo". He smirked at me, he knows I hate it when people call me Eddie-poo.

"Well we just might have to see fat ass". I shot back. That wiped the smirk off his face.

Jasper just sat their laughing at our brotherly talk, as he puts it.

Our flight leaves tomorrow at 5:00am. So for the rest of the afternoon, we all sat in the kitchen discussing about our trips to New york, well only me and Jasper did, Emmet on the other hand wouldn't stop bragging about the hot triplets. Apparently we all have to share a house, together. At 10:00pm I ran to my room, and packed my suitcase. Once done I fell onto my pillow i drifted off to sleep.