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Sharing a house with a bunch of boys sounded not so nice, but sharing a house with three grown good looking men sounded so much better, especially if you had the hots for one of them.

I swear the first time I saw him I was about to faint, lukly I got a grip and chanted in my head that he was just another guy, only that he wasnt, he was my Ideal dream guy.

I blushed when we all coupled, leaving me with Edward.

Dressed in the disguise was not comfortable, but having to dress up as Edwards wife was totally worth it.

We all went outside and saw three limousine parked outside, I looked over at the other couples and saw them grinning as we all separated. I felt Edwards hand guide me toward the one on the right , and swooned as he opened the door for me. I looked up at him through my eyelashes and saw him looking a bit dazed, smirking as I turned to get in the limo and didnt look over at him until I heared the door shut.

"soo, isnt this exciting, our fist mission together", I said looking over at him to only see him staring back at me, smirking

"dont act like you dont know what your doing to me little girl, im just warning you dont play with fire" he whispered all while looking at me with his bright green sparkly eyes. He leaned back and continued smirking. Blinking I snapped out of it, and gave him a look which said dont mess with me, he held out his hands innocently, and looked out of the window trying to hide the smirk.


My gosh this women would be the death of me, as I continues to study her through the reflection of the window.

I felt my phone vibrate, and took it out and saw Emmett calling, answering it I held it next to my ear

"WHOOOO look at me bro", I cringe and looked at Bella, she arched her eyebrows at me and we both looked behind the window at the back, and saw Emmett sticking his head out of the top window, we laughed at his childish behaviour and laughed even harder when he got stuck, and had to stay like that for the rest of the ride towards the airport, which earned lots of honks from people driving by.

Finally after what seemed like hours we made it towards the airport and through security, and onto the plane.

" I dont get it why did we have to wear our disguise before hand", Emmett complained as usual, rolling my eyes as Jasper explained to him how we where going straight toward the club after we got the package which held the information in it.

Bella and I sat in the middle aisle while Alice and Jasper took seats on our left and Rosalie and Emmett on our right. The plane lifted and we all laughed as Emmett got scared at take off.

"hey its not funny guys", which only made us laugh harder, after we all calmed down, we settled on watching a movie on the plasma screen t.v that was installed in front of us. During the movie I rolled my eyes as the girls swooned over the main guy who was suppose to be a vampire who falls in love with a human girl, and he sparkles, SPARKLES I mean come on what vampire sparkles.

Someone's jelouse, I scoffed which earned a look from Bella, which I responded to just smiling, she curiously looked at me raised an eyebrow before shrugling and looking away.

I continued to watch the movie,only to fall into darkness. I jostled awake what felt like an hour later only to feel something warm and soft leaning on my shoulder, looking down I saw a Bella drolling on me, if it had been someone else I would have been horribly disgusted but It was Bella and It wasnt anything but. I yawned and looked at the others only to see them sleeping as well.

"i wana get my belly button pierce ", I looked at Emmett weirdly, and shooked my head and fell back asleep, breathing in Bellas strawberry and vanilla scent.

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