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Robin sat where he had been sitting when Slade left. He seemed to be deep in thought when he returned with two cups of steaming hot cocoa in each hand. The drinks had only been an excuse to leave Robin alone in order for him to think. Slade wanted him to come to him willingly, because then he knew he'd be covered, in case he suddenly started screaming rape at him later. And seeing as Robin was now so deeply in thought, Slade had been able to get the exact end result he had been hoping to get. He had been winning Robin over for the last week. He had to admit that he had all the aces and Robin was losing the game, slowly but surely. Soon he would consider the boy his.

"I brought hot chocolate," Slade announced as he sat next to Robin, who had only noticed him enter when he spoke up.


Robin took the cocoa and stared into the mug. The brown liquid in it was hot and steaming slightly. He took a careful sip from it while hoping that he wouldn't burn his lips or the inside of his mouth. Robin truly had been deep in thought. He still couldn't decide if he wanted it or not. But by every passing minute, he was getting more and more curious to see what it entailed. Robin wanted to try, but he wasn't sure if he should give up yet. He wanted it, but yet he wasn't sure. A completely common feeling nowadays.

Robin took a gulp of his drink to drown his thoughts. He noticed that even Slade was drinking from his cup, but his face was turned away so he could drink in peace. The villain intrigued Robin. He wanted to explore him and he wanted to know him. And with these thoughts, it was harder and harder to fight against him. Maybe he should try? Try to worm his way out of having to make the decision? Maybe there was a way.

Slade turned around again, placing his half-empty cup on the night table. Robin took a long gulp of his own drink before placing it there too.

"So now that I completed today's mission on time, does it mean that I get a wish again?" Robin asked.

Robin had almost forgotten about the deal and the word 'wish' was alien to his mouth and ears. According to Slade's look, he had forgotten as well.

"You mean the wish to take you out to lunch wasn't what you asked for?"

Slade sounded confused. He might have thought of it as one back then too.

"Not that I didn't like it, I just never said that it was my wish," Robin said, betting that Slade was arching his eyebrow at this.

"So what is it you want? Don't ask for anything too much though. You did get to go out after all, and it's late in the evening."

Slade crossed his arms over his chest. Trust Robin to use his freedoms to his advantage…

"It's nothing huge. I hope." Robin mumbled the last part to himself. This was not the time to back out now. If he ever wanted to know where he stood in this, it would be now or never. He had fought a hybrid that was ready to tear him to shreds, surely this was not worse? "I just wanted to ask for…another kiss? Maybe. Just so I know where we stand, you know?"

Slade was positively surprised. He had expected some reaction out of him, but not this soon. He was also quite surprised that Robin had managed to turn the tables around. This wouldn't count as any kind of motion to give up, not just yet at least. Not that it mattered. Slade was still winning no matter how this turned out.

"Consider it granted. Forehead?" Slade teased, not wanting to sound too eager.

Robin may not have been too shy about the situation, but he still seemed slightly unsure. Now that Slade looked at him again, he seemed to brace himself. Maybe he was warming up to him faster than he thought. It all seemed to work in his favor.

"No, a real kiss this time," Robin claimed boldly.

If Robin's eyes weren't covered by Slade's hand once again, he would have noticed him grinning. Slade lifted his mask so that it was resting on the top of his head, to avoid it getting in the way. With his right hand, he grabbed his chin and lifted it slightly. Robin was breathing heavily and he seemed tense. It might not have been his first kiss, but the anticipation made it just as bad.

Leaning over him, Slade drew him into a kiss. Robin felt the shivers travel down and back up his spine the moment those chapped lips were on his own. He could smell Slade's shave lotion ten times stronger than he ever had before. The smell of him was strong and was filling Robin's nose. The only thing that kept him in the moment were the lips pressing against his own. Slade was dominating him, making Robin too taken aback to question it. Slade had him in complete control. Once he had kissed him, while trying to devour the smaller lips, Robin couldn't hold himself back any longer. He tried to challenge Slade's kiss, but it was clear to them both that he was outclassed here. Slade could trap Robin's mouth and suck on them, leaving him to come along.

Robin didn't know what he should do with his hands exactly, but seeing as Slade was leaning over him, he placed them on his shoulders and took a firm grip on him. Slade turned his head to the left to deepen the kiss. His hand released Robin's jaw, knowing that he had no intention to pull pack. Slade slid his right hand over Robin's throat to his right shoulder, before laying it on his chest where he absentmindedly rubbed his nipple with the palm of his hand. This only caused Robin to sigh into the kiss and lift his knees to cover himself out of instinct. Slade smiled into it. He would make sure that this kiss would be imprinted on the boy's memory. Eventually he wouldn't be able to think about anything else and would come back, begging for more.

Now that Slade finally got a kiss out of him, he didn't plan on going easy on him. Slade licked Robin's lower lip, making him try to do the same. But when he opened his mouth, Slade invaded it with his tongue. Robin was surprised by the sudden intrusion. Kissing Starfire had been innocent and nothing like this, but now that he had a taste of this, he was too surprised to even remember her name. Slade explored the cavern. Robin tasted like the hot chocolate he had drank and what seemed to be a mix of something fruity and Robin himself. But the taste of ginger was what won Slade over. Robin couldn't help put moan into the kiss as his tongue worked itself around his own and when his hand wrapped around his waist. He felt Slade explore his mouth, tracing his teeth and molars while making his gums tingle. He couldn't have enough of him and he wanted to taste him too. Slade tasted like something spicy, yet there was a distinct taste of something fleshy. Robin closed his lips around his tongue and swallowed. He didn't want to start drooling over him.

Once Slade pulled his tongue back to his mouth, he traced Robin's lips again. He couldn't help but gasp in a mouthful of air. He was getting out of breath and was now panting with his mouth wide open. He tilted his head back to look at the ceiling, even though he couldn't see a thing thanks to Slade's hand blocking the view. Robin got a couple of good lungfuls of air before Slade devoured his lips again. He traced his hands along Slade's chest to slide them around him, clawing at his back in his distracted state. Slade didn't mind at all since his own hand was already wandering to his pelvis and itching to go lower. This wasn't left unnoticed as Robin's senses went haywire. The touches were making him want to arch up from the bed to get some more friction. Robin was almost panting for the kiss when Slade lifted himself onto the bed to reach him better. Robin clawed his back slightly now that he was easier to reach. Slade could feel the touches, but thanks to the suit he wore, it was more like a massage for his back. Robin managed to hiss from within the kiss.


Slade kissed his lips for a long time before biting into his lower lip softly. Robin couldn't help but sigh and pant as his mouth wasn't so reserved anymore. Slade licked the lip whence he had bitten and, as Robin brushed his fingers against his neck, started to trace his lips against his throat. He laid small kisses on the side and corner of Robin's lips and on his cheek and throat before dragging his tongue against his neck. Robin whined as Slade started to suck on it. When he pushed his knee to his thigh, Robin moaned loudly. He was groaning slightly as Slade slowly trailed his fingers lower to his crotch before he stopped it with his hand. He was panting loudly with his mouth open as he held Slade's hand only inches from his more private area. Slade stopped what he was doing to look at him. He was slightly out of breath himself, but not nearly as bad as Robin, who was panting under him.

"O-Only kissing," Robin managed to wheeze before he had to lean back on the bed. Resting against the wall had been a good idea a while ago, but now he wanted to lie down. Slade had removed his hand from his crotch and even pulled his knee away from the area to let him breath with ease. Robin was glad that Slade respected his decision to not continue any further. He was in full euphoria and bliss, which had only been caused by a kiss. He wasn't ready for more. No, not yet. Slade placed his mask back on before removing his hand from Robin's eyes. He could have sworn that he blinked his eyes in disbelief while he got his sight back once again. "I…I need to take a shower."

Robin wormed himself out from beneath Slade and quickly sneaked himself to the bathroom. Slade only laughed at this as he rolled onto his back on his side of the bed. He stared after Robin, who was trying to hide the more than obvious dent in his pants as he retreated to take the more than likely cold shower. It wasn't long after the bathroom door banged shut when the sound of the shower was already heard. Robin made sure that the water was freezing cold before he forced himself to step under the spray.

He shouldn't have let himself be taken that far. Yet he had. He didn't actually regret it, but he didn't want to go too far. Not yet. He might want to do it later, but not now. The water that hit him in the back was cold and made him shiver. It was almost burning him and it made his skin tingle and feel like it was gnashing. Robin washed his face with frantic strokes as he tried to get himself back to the current moment. The cold water was doing its task, even if Robin was tempted to finish it himself. He stood under the spray for a while longer before stepping out and turning it off.

The first thing he saw was the mirror on the wall. Normally, Robin wouldn't have paid it much of a second glance, but now he found himself petrified in front of it. Walking closer, he saw the rather big, dark purple hickey on his neck where his shoulder connected to his throat on his left side. Robin couldn't resist but touch it. It was slightly tender. It didn't hurt, but he could still feel it. This wasn't one of those small love bites, but a rather admirable and huge one. Robin felt it on him as he tilted his head to the right in order for him to see it better. Slade managed to leave a mark on him that would rival any other. Hiding a love bite this size would either require him to wear a long collared shirt or maybe a scarf. Thank god his uniform had a proper collar.

Thinking back, Robin couldn't help but to flush red when remembering how he had gotten it. Slade had been on him, kissing him, kneeing him, biting him. Robin felt shivers run up his body and to his misfortune the shivers seemed to have a common destination: his not so flaccid dick.

"Dick, what have you done…" Robin wasn't even sure whom it was directed at anymore. He decided that no cold shower would be able to get him back to normal and make him stay that way until the morning rose anew. He reopened the faucets so that water was once again coming from the shower head. Instead of stepping under the spray, he leaned sideways against the tile wall and grabbed his attention seeking cock to start masturbating. "Damn Slade and his twisted touches…"

The sound of the shower drowned out his voice and hopefully any sound he was about to make. The words did everything else except banish Slade from his thoughts. It seemed that no matter what he did, the villain plagued his mind. As he made yet another entry to his mind, Robin finally gave up and imagined that his hand actually belonged to Slade's, right behind the wall he was leaning on. He hoped that Slade hadn't heard anything over the sound of the shower. He was trying to hold in his pants and sighs as he fondled the tip of his penis, imagining that it was Slade who was doing this. It was almost twisted enough to cause his stomach to flip, but no such thing happened. It felt more like he had thousands of butterflies in his stomach, all flying blindly in the dark and hitting the walls.

Robin shivered as he let his knees go weak. He slid along the wall to rest on the floor. He took a better hold of his cock as he pulled back the foreskin and started to stroke fervently. He couldn't help himself as he imagined Slade's touches on his body and lips on his neck. Robin shivered at the sensation that he wanted to be over already. He had just taken his third cold shower for the day and, after this, he wished to be able to rest in peace for the upcoming night. He swallowed his moans and pants as he tried to get this over with. Slade would become suspicious if he didn't come out soon enough. Worse yet, he would probably offer some help while he was at it.

Robin felt like he was getting close as he thought about Slade coming into the room with him. He had to bite his lip at the exact spot Slade had bitten just mere minutes ago to silence his voice as he finally came. He felt relaxed as his cum smeared his hand. Leaning his back on the wall, he held his hands in the air to avoid smearing the walls or floor. He panted loudly as he tried to sort out his breathing. Robin felt his mouth go dry thanks to all that panting and he had to swallow several times to get the lump down his throat, which had formed just a while ago. Once he deemed himself ready to stand, he walked under the shower to wash himself before turning the shower off for the second time. After getting out, Robin toweled himself clear and dry. He tied his towel around his waist as he stepped outside the bathroom to search for his pajama bottoms.

Slade was lying on his back on his side of the bed, seeming pretty much awake. Robin had a feeling that he knew completely well what he had done back there and he couldn't hold back a blush. He couldn't look straight at Slade either because he was afraid that he might notice the red on his cheeks as he went over to the closet to pull out a new pair of pants to sleep in. Robin quickly dressed with his back to Slade. Once the pants were on, he hung the towel to dry. He took a look at Slade before turning off the lights and sneaking onto his own side of the bed. Once in, he pulled the warm comforters over himself as he tried to relax. Slade might be on the same bed, but that didn't mean anything.

Robin rested quietly for a small while before he felt a hand sneak under his comforter. Soon the arm snaked around his waist and he felt Slade pulling him up against him.

"Good night Robin."

Robin heard the whisper in his ear and, as he saw some of his hair move slightly as the breath hit him, he knew Slade was close. This resulted in his hair to stick up further. Robin had to swallow several times before he managed a voice that wasn't too shaky.

"Night, Slade."

Robin could still feel the arm around him and the breath on his neck. It was a fact that, for the first time, Slade had fallen asleep before Robin. What he hadn't seen was Slade smiling since he had achieved what he was aiming for. He was sure that Robin would be plagued by the memory from this day on and, if the blushing teen and his cool skin had anything to go by, he was already plaguing his mind.


When Robin woke up in the morning, the first thing he saw was Slade. He was sitting at his computer, reading the screen and occasionally writing something. Robin was reluctant to rise just yet, so now he had time to inspect him. Slade seemed to be in his own world as he worked, but when he clicked the small floppy disk icon at the top left corner of the screen, he leaned backwards in his chair. It seemed that whatever he had been working on had just gotten finished. Slade then stood before walking over to a closet near his table to pull out a small machine that reminded Robin of a printer. He also dug out some fancy paper, which he placed in the paper slot. It seemed that he was printing something special. It didn't take long for Slade to print out something that looked like an invitation. Robin had no idea what the card had to do with anything.

"It seems that you are awake," Slade greeted as he pocketed the invite he had just printed.

He turned off his computer right after and, once the hum of the computer died, he turned around with his chair to face Robin.

"Good morning," Robin finally answered back, now that he knew he had his attention. He started getting out of bed. "What's on the paper?"

"You'll find out soon enough," Slade said as he walked over to hand Robin his uniform.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" Robin questioned, while pulling his pants on.

"Nothing much; a mission that will take place at noon and a simulator."

Robin hurried to pull his shirt on. The look Slade gave him made him feel naked and it was making him uneasy. He had dressed in front of Slade before this, but now he felt shy. Robin zipped up his uniform and sealed his belt before he coughed.

"Yeah, so, breakfast…"

They both walked to the kitchen with Slade in the lead. Robin had his eyes and thoughts on him walking beside him. Slade hadn't changed at all. He even seemed to act like nothing had happened several hours before. Maybe nothing had happened. Or maybe he was just overreacting.

Robin followed Slade to the kitchen, where the bots had already served them breakfast. The bots had a full English breakfast served for them, complete with eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice. Robin didn't feel too hungry, but as Slade recommended that he ate, he took some bacon and eggs. He sat opposite him on the other end of the table while they did. Slade had his back turned to him. Robin was slightly annoyed at his stubbornness to not just show his face, but he was damned if he had to remove his mask in return. He knew that the only deal Slade would accept in return of showing his face would be for Robin to reveal his. If even that would suffice.

Robin had eaten what little he had placed on his plate and the delicious food seemed to lift his mood. He was sure that he drank at least one liter of orange juice by now. He liked the juice and hadn't even noticed how thirsty he had been. The eggs had been made just perfect and the bacon was crispy. Just the way he liked it.

"So what's today's mission?" Robin asked once he emptied his plate.

Slade had also finished by now and was placing his plate in the sink. Robin followed his example before following him away from the kitchen.

"I'll explain once we are back in the training room."

Robin noticed that his mood had picked up some since he woke up and he even tried to work up some kind of conversation with Slade. Mostly it was just meaningless chitchat about how well he slept, if at all, but once they got into a real conversation, Robin noticed that he felt natural and in his element. The same way he did when he was with his friends. Robin stopped in his tracks to stand astounded in the middle of the hallway. Slade also noticed that he had stopped and stood still to look back.

"What is it, Robin? Come now."

Slade made a gesture with his hand to show Robin that he was to follow, but he was dazed. Had he just thought that Slade was equal to his friends? That was absurd! Robin gritted his teeth and continued walking with Slade. He didn't want him to raise suspicion. He couldn't allow that. His friends were important to him, not Slade. They were his priority and that was that. He couldn't allow this. He couldn't even believe that he had thought that.

Slade led them to the training room while Robin was having an inner quarrel with himself. He was so badly in denial of everything that it was starting to confuse him greatly. It almost made his head hurt at how much he was thinking. Slade was setting up the screen, but Robin was too busy with his thoughts to notice. Slade also set up the screen to show a picture in it with people walking in a building. At times the picture would change to show people walking inside a house. They were all dressed nicely and it seemed like the picture was of security footage of some gala or other formal party. Slade had finally gotten the preparations ready as he turned to Robin, only to notice that he wasn't paying any attention to what he had been doing.

"So, what has got all of your attention, boy?" Slade asked, flicking Robin's forehead with his finger to spite him.

It sure brought him back to the moment. Robin shook his head furiously to get Slade's hands off his face. "What do you want?" he mumbled angrily.

Slade only sneered. Robin was so out of it and he had to wonder why. "I'm wondering what has gotten you so distracted." Slade buried his hand in Robin's hair as he rubbed to his scalp. Robin was sure that he did this only to provoke him. "Might it have anything to do with last night?"

Robin heard the mock in Slade's voice, which only made him deny him even harder. Robin sneered back. "Why would that bother me?"

Slade slid his hand further down Robin's scalp to rub his neck. "But it does, doesn't it? You act like you are in denial."

Not only was Slade ridiculing him, but he even dared to laugh straight at his face. Robin was not happy about this. "I am not! There isn't anything I have to deny to!" Robin argued and fought against his will to make himself push Slade's hand off his neck.

"There isn't? Well answer me this. Which do you like better: girls or boys?"

Robin was too stupefied to answer at first. He took a step back to make sure he wasn't going to grab him again. What was Slade on about? Was this a game? Some kind of mockery? Robin didn't even know what he was suppose to say. No, of course he wasn't gay, if that was what Slade was implying! Robin had never had that first thought to indicate otherwise.

"What?" It took Robin a while to collect enough thoughts to make a coherent sentence. "Well, girls obviously. What's it to you?"

Robin almost stuttered with his words. He was frozen to the spot as Slade straightened his back.

"Fine. That means that your mission of the day is to dress up like a woman, blend into the party, and bring me the prize," Slade explained. Robin was about to complain before he was even finished with his sentence. "Ah, ah, aah. It was your choice."

Robin snapped his mouth shut. He knew when his opinion wasn't to be heard. Slade turned to the screen to show him what was going on. He saw the people walking in and the whole lot drinking punch and exchanging rumors and laughs. They were all dressed up in pretty evening dresses and tuxes.

"It's the gala the mayor has organized. It just started and will be hosted until midnight. You only have two hours however. The target will only be there for so long after all." Slade froze the picture so he could show the mayor greeting his guests. "One of his guests, this man right here." Slade froze the picture again to show a man with a goatee and sideburns. His hair was wild, not nearly shoulder length, and the man himself seemed to be in his thirties. He wore a fashionable black tuxedo. In the man's breast pocket, Robin saw a red handkerchief. He also had a silver pocket watch. Robin also saw, as he placed the clock in his inner chest pocket, a small leather wallet, or something similar, as seen from the camera lens. "That man is Russell. Russel Stevens. Do you know him?"

Slade let the video play again. The cameras were following the man's movements, watching him walk from woman to woman, giving the top of their hands a soft kiss. He only stopped by some higher class men to shake their hands before he was off again. He didn't seem to stand still very long.

"I have heard of him," Robin said. "Doesn't he usually wear glasses?"

Russel scratched the crook of his nose. He was probably lifting his glasses higher on his face, but as he noticed the lack thereof, he resulted in scratching the bridge instead.

"Yes, he usually wears glasses to correct his eyesight," Slade replied.

Robin continued from this. "He's a dealer, right? He makes sure everything gets to the person who wants it? He doesn't deal drugs, but he's more of a middle man or trafficker? I heard that he deals them all: weapons, medicines, tools, you name it. He has a rather admirable façade though, makes honest living with his company, and that's probably the reason he got invited to the gala." Robin followed the man on the screen with his eyes. "What do you want from him?"

Slade hummed approvingly before he explained. "Good observation, Robin. It seems that you know the man well enough. What I want is his pass card. Because he is a dealer, he can pass through anywhere he wants. Mainly I want the access to his warehouse and company. You are to get me that card." Robin nodded. At least this time the mission seemed simple enough. Besides, it was crowded with fancy people, so it all seemed really easy. "You have two hours to bring me the card. You might not need much of anything else than the earpiece."

Robin snorted. "I won't need two hours with such a boring place with nothing to do," he mumbled, already going to get his earpiece.

He wouldn't need any weapons with him. This was not an aggressive mission. He couldn't resist taking a grapple though. He also took two flash bombs with him, just to be safe and secure. If the plan happened to backfire, he could throw the bombs and scram. They weren't too big, so he could easily sneak them in.

"Well, you get two hours anyway," Slade said with a smug voice. "But if you want an extra mission, feel free to listen and memorize all of those juicy gossips they have going on." Slade laughed and Robin had to resist the urge to flip him off. He pocketed the tools he picked out and was already leaving to get dressed but Slade pulled him back by his arm. "Here, have this." Slade handed Robin a small black tool that could easily fit in his palm. The device was flat and seemed like a filter of some sort. "It's a voice altering device piece. Take this as a compliment, but you don't sound too feminine to me. You put the thing in your mouth, preferably on your back molar, and, with your tongue, press it down. It will stick to your tooth and, when you talk, it will alter your voice.

"I recommend that you practice with it because if you talk with your mouth wide open, it won't pick up sound and the voice will be cut into pieces, sounding broken. It's not a really reliable tool, but it's the only thing small and unnoticeable enough to be used in this situation. The device won't literally alter your voice, but because its inside, rather than your vocal cords, it makes a voice that says the same thing you do. Basically it plays over your original voice. So in the other words, what you say can still be heard if you don't keep your voice down. The machine will only create a feminine voice to speak over yours, so I recommend that you keep your voice quiet."

Slade showed the parts of the small tool. He also showed him how to place it properly, also pointing out a small knob on the left corner that changed the tune and high or low of the voice. Robin was pocketing the small black tool too and was walking away as he was once again called back by Slade.

"Dress yourself pretty." Slade handed over the golden ticket he had printed that morning. The ticket was the invitation to the gala. It stated the location and all the other information that Robin still needed. He then nodded in silent thanks. "Make sure you are at the gala by noon. By then you should have come up with a proper name to call yourself or you shall be called Ballerina for the rest of the day. And one more thing." Robin glanced at him, feeling slightly peeved. "Have fun milady."

Slade laughed before he guided Robin to a room that only had female clothes and dresses in it. Robin had a faint feeling that these were meant for Terra to be used as a disguise. Slade left him to stand by the door as he waved him off, before slamming it closed behind him to give him privacy as he changed, laughing all the while.