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Consciousness soon returned to Robin. At first, he didn't even remember where he was or if his eyes were open or not, because the darkness was equal inside the box. The velvet black was like a cloth over his face. It kept him from seeing anything and Robin hated that. He felt the chills but swallowed them down with the dry lump in his throat. At first he was sure that he'd break down completely when reminded of his current situation, but soon it dawned to him that he was just way too tired to react.

The box was as small as ever, as dark as ever, and absolutely nonetheless stressing than it was twenty minutes ago. The only difference was that Robin couldn't find the strength to care. His mental strength seemed to have given up when he had lost conscious. He was still alive if that was of any use, even if he had been in the box for a while. It shouldn't bring any difference if he was awake or not. Robin tried to fight his fright inside his head. He knew that all the fear was only between his ears, and with deep, long and controlled breaths, he might just make it.

Robin tried to hug his knees closer, hoping they would no longer scrape against the box's walls. He felt how cramped his back was no thanks to the tight box. His neck was aching really bad and he felt an annoying sting in his neck every time he tried to turn his head. Robin didn't falter though. It was extremely uncomfortable, yes, but he absolutely refused to freak over it. He breathed deeply and felt the sweat forming on his face slowly fall, sometimes from the tip of his nose. Robin faintly shuddered every once in a while. Forcing his eyes closed, he tried to imagine himself outside of his box. Better yet, imagined there was no box. He was sitting hunched in a corner, leaning against the wall. He had his knees hugged against him, he was cramped, but there was no sense crying about it.

Robin had lost track of time as he just laid there, not thinking of anything. His ears merely perked up slightly when he finally heard the faint sound of a lock being opened and the screech of the hinges as the lid was lifted. He did raise his head as he saw light filling in the darkness though. The light was bright enough to hurt his eyes. The room was so white that Robin had to close his eyes again, to prevent them from forming tears.

Slade had been the one to open the lid. He looked down at him, sitting down inside the box, and noticed that he hadn't tried bolting out of his confinement, like he thought he would. This actually worried him slightly. Slade had expected Robin to be thrashing, panicking, and yelling at the top of his lungs, perhaps even cursing his name and very soul to Hell. Instead, he was unresponsive, except for the eyes opening and closing. Slade didn't think Robin would stay in the obviously uncomfortable position in which the box more or less allowed. To be perfectly honest, he had been unsure about the whole box thing. Perhaps it wasn't a smart move to shove him in there, reverting all the progress he had made, but he couldn't let his failure go unnoticed. Slade may have learned to care about him, but punishment such as this was needed to keep him in check. Tardiness wasn't acceptable. Robin knew the consequences for being late and, being a man of his word, Slade had given him his punishment. It had been a huge risk, but it had to be done. He would find a way to turn this in his favor.

Reaching for Robin's shoulder, Slade gave it a small, reassuring squeeze and shake, to silently assure him that it was over. He then pulled him up out of the cramped semi-fetal position and saw how disheveled he was. Robin silently enjoyed the touch, but his legs were like jelly, threatening to give way at any moment. Once he was lifted to stand, he felt a tingle in his legs―like millions of needles poking at him as the blood rushed through uncomfortably―but it was strangely reassuring since it meant he was alive and would be okay. Walking was difficult as his legs were rather stiff, but he managed to step outside of the box. Once completely out, he tried flexing his joints to get rid of the kinks and to get the blood going. When he felt ready to leave the room, Slade laid his hand on his shoulder for support and helped steer him through the seemingly endless hallways.



Robin walked beside Slade as he rubbed his face and pulled his hand through his hair. Robin removed the headband he wore to get his hair like it used to be, even if it didn't stay that way for long as it reverted back to the way it was. Robin sighed and hoped that Slade had some hair gel hidden somewhere for him to use. He didn't like straight hair, it was blank and boring and it didn't support his personality at all.

"For what?" Slade had turned to face the teen and Robin felt Slade's grip tighten on his shoulder for a moment. It wasn't one of those intimidating touches, but a reassuring one instead. The touch was like Slade's silent words telling him that he was at his side. Somehow it was something that Slade would do: Show how he felt with his acts and deeds rather than saying them out loud. Somehow it really fit the situation.

"For helping me out." Robin had to stop himself from saying "For not leaving me there." To be honest, Robin could have yelled, raged accused and swore to all gods, he could, and maybe even should have jumped at the man and clawed the single eye he had left out of his miserable face. But Robin didn't feel like doing any of those. He was tired, but only in the emotional level. His mind told him to get back at the man for using his weakness against him even if he had promised to not to do that. Robin would have loved to yell at the man and get some of his frustration out by doing so. But he didn't want to. Robin just wanted be silent for a while. It was more than worth it when Slade returned, and instead of mocking him, he had lifted him up and escorted him out of the damned room. At that moment, when Robin was finally out of the box, standing, or more like leaning on Slade, Robin couldn't feel hatred for the man. While waiting in the box filled with nothing, not being able to even think, Robin had silently supported an idea about letting all his fear pend up to hate that he would love to take out on Slade. But once he was out the box, both his fear and hate diminished to thin air.

Suddenly the only thing he felt was gratitude and he wanted to just relax. He had been so nervous inside the box, that once he finally felt himself safe all he wanted to do was let Slade take care of him so he wouldn't have to think himself.

There weren't really words for it, but only thing Robin got out was a silent thank you for the man, and Slade pulled on Robin's hair. Robin always remembered hair pulling as something that someone's parent or caretaker did to punish the child who wasn't listening or was extremely unyielding or mean, but even if the movement was the same, it didn't hurt. Slade had taken a fistful of Robin's locks and he shook on them slightly, enough for it to feel, but it didn't hurt any. It merely made Robin smile.

Only Slade could make hair pulling seem gentle. Robin felt too carefree to swab Slade's hand away from his hair, but the man took his hand back by himself. Slade petted Robin's hair and scalp and Robin enjoyed the gentle feeling of Slade's palm massaging the area he had just shaken. Slade then let his hand fall on Robin's shoulder and the boy felt Slade's fingers massaging the naked skin they found there now that the scarf wasn't on the way. Robin couldn't help but enjoy the feel of Slade's glove against his skin, and he blatantly leaned on Slade. Slade stopped his petting for only for a couple of seconds when he was taken aback by Robin's gesture, but he recovered quickly, and after he gave a fast and tight squeeze on Robin's arm, silently pulling the kid closer to him, he resumed to let his fingers travel and massage Robin's skin, seeing if he could get the other to shutter.

Robin did shutter, after all, but only so slightly. He couldn't resist it with the man's touches. And for some reason, he was welcoming them for once, and he was enjoying them.

"Slade?" Robin moaned out, ashamed that he had moaned, and ashamed that he was blushing.

"Hmm?" Slade let his hand wander lower, letting his hand rest on Robin's hip. The man was inching his fingers lower, reaching to the middle tight to where Robin's dress had a slit at the hem. Slade felt daring and lifted the hem with his fingers an inch or two before Robin took a hold of his wrist to stop him.

"Mind if I change back?" Robin was referring to the dress, and Slade knew it. The man had an idea that Robin would have wanted to change back to his normal clothes since he returned to the base two hours ago.

Slade had nothing against Robin changing back to his usual clothes, to be honest, he preferred Robin in his usual attire, but Slade didn't want to let the boy go too easily. He had Robin right under his nose for almost a week now, but he had no idea how hard it had been for Slade during that time. Especially after that one kiss. Slade couldn't address it in words, but when he had previously had a taste of the boy, he couldn't help but feel greedy and want another bite. Not to mention the gala today. Slade would have wanted to get there himself, maul that darn dealer to oblivion and get that darn pass card and Robin back under his room. And Beast Boy! If he were to meet the Titans on a fight again, he'd make sure that the kid had a broken wing.

"I wouldn't mind at all. In fact, I would be more than pleased to help you get out of that dress." Robin noticed that the man was no longer by his side, and Robin was no longer leaning against him, but the man was more likely leaning over him. Slade had moved himself behind Robin, and he had both his hands on either of Robin's tights and Robin felt how the cold iron of Slade's mask was pressing against Robin's shoulder, and Robin could clearly feel the man's breath against his cheek.

"Slade?" Robin questioned when in lack of anything better to say. He didn't know what the man had meant by the previous words, but somehow this made it pretty clear, but really unnerving on the other who was nervous yet shy at the same time. Robin couldn't see Slade behind him, only thing he saw from the side of his eye was the man's mask right next to his face. Slade had rubbed the mask against Robin's shoulder, sliding the thing off his face enough that the mask no longer covered the man's lower face. Robin didn't see that though, because the mask hindered his vision, but he could feel the man's chin pressing against his shoulder. Slade's beard was scratching against Robin's smooth back and shoulder, and Robin felt Slade's chapped lips against his shoulder before the man kissed the junction point where his neck met his shoulder.

Robin felt Slade's hands wander up his tights, riding the dress' hem up with them, and Robin grasped Slade's wrists. The man did make Robin feel almost unnervingly good, but he didn't want the man to get much farther, not yet. There was still the small voice at the back of his skull that told him to not get lost in this. That small little voice which was persistent told him that this wasn't right. Robin was too nervous and worried to let Slade go any further. "Slade, you shouldn't." Was all the boy could muster up to say though.

The other just countered Robin's hold and took Robin's wrists to bend them backwards so Robin couldn't resist. Slade didn't bend the arms back enough that it would hurt, just enough to be out-of-the-way.

Robin felt how the man rested his chin on his shoulder, and how he leaned his chest on Robin's back. Robin could feel the man's heartbeat on his back, and the man's thigh and waist brushed against Robin's arms, and Robin subconsciously leaned against the man.

"Don't be such a tease. You were completely fine when being danced by other men just a while ago. How about just one final dance?" Slade took both of Robin's wrists in a firm hold of his left hand, and with his now free right hand he massaged Robin's chest. Slade made sure to pay attention to Robin's well-toned pectorals before sliding his hand along his abs.

Robin couldn't dress the feeling to words. At the same time he felt unbelievably unnerved, yet he only wanted to let go, lean to the man and let him take him. But still that little voice nagged at him, making him resist. Robin was in between rock and a hard place at the moment. He wanted to let go and just enjoy the moment, but yet he couldn't because he was afraid of the consequences. He was afraid that whatever he was to do would shun his friends from him, and worse of all, he'd give up for Slade. And now we weren't even talking about the fact that Robin was nervous of sex in general.

"Slade, we are in a hallway." Robin tried to reason, but Slade had none of that.

"I know where we are, but do you mind?" and then Slade did something that got Robin to moan. It felt like the man had his hands everywhere. Slade's fingers were under the hem of Robin's dress, massaging the tender skin of his inner thigh, and as the man once again lifted his mask enough to lay kisses and suck on Robin's tender skin at his neck Robin couldn't help but whimper only so slightly. It only took a bite on Robin's previous love bite to cause the teen to throw the cautiousness to the wind if only for a little moment. To be honest, his mind wasn't so badly against this anymore.

And no, he realized did not mind this at all.

Robin wriggled his hands against Slade's hold. He couldn't get his hands free, but he managed to take a good hold of his fingers and glove. Robin moaned rather loudly as the man sucked on Robin's neck, forming yet another love bite. Robin had leaned his head backwards to rest it on Slade's left shoulder to let the man have all the access he needed. From the current position Robin could see a few stray curls of hair from the back of his vision, but his sight was blurry at the edges so he couldn't really say what color Slade hair was, it might as well be white.

Robin couldn't see any visible skin, but Robin was moaning in the man's ear, and seeing as Slade's breathing got more rugged and his touches more daring Robin noticed that the man was enjoying it.

Knowing this made Robin want to respond in some way. He wanted to get his hands free so he could claw at the man, strip him of those damned gloves that prevented him from feeling the man's actual touch, and feel the man behind him. At least he wanted to expose some flesh so he could kiss the man back, sink his teeth on the man's neck and mark him just like he had done to him. Slade's touches were slowly driving him crazy and Robin was fighting against his hold on his arms.

Slade then slid his hand up on Robin's inner thigh until the man touched the material of the thick cloth Robin had under the dress. The same cloth Robin remembered to put on so he could get some more mass to his hips, and never before had Robin felt so angry for a piece of cloth before. It wasn't until now that Slade was rubbing against the tight material, making Robin thrust his hips forward in hopes that the man would touch his more tender area. Robin had to groan as the man's fingers finally ghosted over his erection. The cloth was the death of him, he swore. It was too tight for him at the moment, and it felt like it was crushing him, not a pleasant experience. The cloth was tight as it was, but now it felt unbearably tight. Also, it was too thick that Robin couldn't fully feel Slade's touches at their full capacity. The thing was a god damned chastity belt!

Robin whimpered as Slade gripped his groin, and pressed his middle and fore finger right below Robin's balls before sliding the fingers downwards before pressing them against Robin's cloth covered hole which made the boy shutter. Robin almost doubled over in pleasure, pressing his backside against Slade's front. This caused him to let him loosely grasp at his hips while gripping Robin's groin again.

Robin was withering in Slade's clutches as the older man rubbed his cock through the fabric, and fondled his balls through the thick material, made Robin wish that Slade would just rip the whole thing off already. Robin moaned at the touch and he pressed his back against Slade's chest and he buried his own chin between his shoulder blades as Slade kissed the kid's neck.

At then Slade's other hand started to travel from Robin's waist to massage his stomach, and Robin had to arch backwards to shy away from the touch as Slade pressed his fingers against Robin's navel. Slade didn't let Robin have much time to adjust though before he pressed his palm against Robin's chest, Rubbing Robin's left nipple with the palm of his hand before he slid his hand downwards to let his talented fingers continue.

Robin moaned once again and he took a hold of Slade's wrist then, making the man momentarily stop rubbing on Robin's chest, but as Slade noticed that Robin was just tearing off his glove the man decided to praise the boy by going back to ravishing the teen's neck with his kisses and bites.

Robin couldn't get Slade's gloves off as fast as he hoped, and as his hold slipped for the second time Robin tore his own gloves off first before he finally got Slade stripped of his glove. Once the glove was off Slade had his both hands under Robin's dress hem, teasing the boy. Robin then proceeded in taking off Slade's other glove too. Once his hand was finally revealed, he started kissing his fingers, seeing as it was the only visible and available skin.

Robin didn't get to go much farther before Slade had Robin's hands captured from the wrists once again and Robin was pushed against the wall. Robin leaned his back against the wall and Slade held the boys hands above his head, holding the kid still.

"Those pants of yours must be extremely uncomfortable, let me help you with those." Slade dipped his fingers under Robin's waistband which immediately caused Robin to shiver as he felt the man's bare skin against his.

Slade was standing so close to Robin that their chests were pushed against each other, and Robin didn't mind the least. In fact, since Robin's hands were once again held in place, only thing Robin could do to plea for contact was to try and press his chest against the man and grunt his hips forwards in hopes that the man would hurry up pay some attention to his cock which was leaking at this point.

"Slade." Robin moaned in a plea while looking at the man through half lidded eyes. Half lidded because he had to fight to keep them open. Robin wanted to squeeze his eyes shut, moan, pant and let himself sink in the pleasure Slade made him feel.

"Robin?" Slade didn't know what exactly he was asking of the teen, but he loved teasing the kid. Conditions be damned, Slade would enjoy this moment fully.

"Please." Robin was too far gone to be ashamed. He was pleading, and at the moment he didn't know anything else expect the man who was making him beg shamelessly for release.

"What do you want?" Slade asked, acting as if it wasn't obvious. The man dipped his fingers further under the pants and slid his fingers along Robin's hips along the kid's waistband, making the other pant.

"Take them off." Robin thrusts his hips forward, rubbing his front on Slade's hand. Slade smirked at this, even if Robin couldn't see that thanks to the black and orange mask that Slade wore.

"Isn't that what we are doing? Undressing you? You wouldn't want to wear a dress for the whole day now would you?" Slade's voice was filled with fervor as the man slid his hand around Robin's waistband to where the Robin's backbone ended, from where he slid his hand down, sliding his finger's against Robin's butt crack as the man pulled Robin's pants down.

Robin was almost twisting himself to knots in Slade's hands as the man managed to keep his cool and stay so controlled as he was, not rushing to strip Robin. Once the pants were under Robin's butt, he returned his hand back to Robin's front to pull them fully off with Robin's underwear, finally revealing Robin's dick from the taunting prison.

Robin enjoyed the cool air against his brick, and the kid had to make a silent praise to no-one particular for letting him free from the tightness of his pants which were really getting uncomfortable, borderline painful on him.

Slade let the pants drop on the floor and pool on Robin's knees from where the boy kicked them off. Slade watched as the kid tried to inch closer to the man, but Slade laid his hand on Robin's chest to prevent the kid from moving: "A-a-ah, we still have to undress you." Slade murmured on Robin's ear, making the kid bury his head on Slade's shoulder.

"Who's a tease now?" Robin forced the words out as he dug his chin on Slade's shoulder, trying to rub his cheek on the man's mask. He was bound up, there wasn't much he could do. Slade only laughed at Robin's remark which the boy panted out between breaths, but Slade knew that he was, indeed, teasing, and resumed on stripping the boy. You could only tease a person for so long. Slade lifted the hem of the dress, pulling the dress up to Robin's wrists before Slade changed the hand he used to hold Robin up against the wall to pull the thing off Robin completely.

"My, my, my, haven't you been exact with your costume." Slade stared at Robin's bras with a smirk, causing the boy to blush.

"I had to keep those water balloons in place somehow. As you may have noticed, I don't have breasts." If Robin wasn't so embarrassed, he would have been astounded by the fact that he managed to make such a level headed and coherent sentence in his current state.

"I have noticed that, all right." Slade purred as he slithered his hand behind Robin to open the seal of the bra behind Robin's back, causing the bra without shoulder straps to fall off effortlessly.

Slade didn't wait for invitation before he attacked Robin's chest, pushing his mask halfway off against Robin's shoulder so that Robin still couldn't see Slade's face thanks to the mask as the man assaulted Robin's nipples.

Robin gasped as Slade no less than devoured the hard nubs into his mouth while he fought against his restraints. Robin couldn't get his hands free from Slade's hold, but Robin opted with strapping his legs around Slade's waist instead. Robin tried to bring the man as close as possible, groaning as he felt his semi-hard, clothed erection against his fully hard and weeping one. Robin automatically started to work his body against Slade, rubbing their erections together, causing Slade to grunt against his chest.

Slade gently bit on Robin's nipple to cause the other to moan out loud and push hardly against Slade's groin. Slade really enjoyed hearing those voices being emitted from his small companion. Not letting Robin go easily he licked on the nub, then rolling his tongue around it, before he slightly bit on it again as he slightly pulled on the nub with his teeth before he once again licked on it apolitically. Robin was panting hard for the whole time, fighting against his restraints as Slade proceeded to repeat the act on Robin's other nipple.

"Slade please." Robin groaned at the ministration of Slade pleasuring his nipples which were almost rash by now, and even the smallest brush made Robin flinch. "Please, I can't take it anymore..." Robin begged, pleading the man to just let him cum already. Robin was practically shaking with tension already, and Robin wished that he had his hands free so he could finish himself off right now.

Robin was sure that Slade was filled with mirth when he heard those words. Slade finally lifted his head from those pink and hard nipples to look Robin in the eye as he slid his free hand down his chest and over his stomach to get to his groin. But he stopped just before Robin's penis, causing him to groan in anticipation.

"Maybe I shouldn't?" Slade asked, and Robin knew that the man was teasing, mirroring back his own words from before. And never ever had he hated himself more before. Correction, hated Slade.

"Slade, don't tease!" Robin exclaimed in a grunt. He knew that Slade had given him a choice, and right now he was flipping his friends an imaginary bird as he gave in to his own desire and lust.

"Please, I need to-!" Robin grunted, and once again pushed himself against Slade, shamelessly pressing himself against the older man.

Slade finally lowered his hand on Robin's groin as he took a hold of Robin's hard erection and gave it a firm squeeze.

"What do you need to do?" Slade pried, causing Robin to bite his inner cheek to hold back his groan as the man held his cock in a firm grip. Even Robin could feel how he pulsated against the man's calloused hand. The man's rough and cool skin felt incredibly good against his hot dick and Robin would have wanted to will the man's hand to move.

"I need to cum." Robin almost couldn't get the last words out of him as he was already grunting as Slade gave another hard squeeze. "Please, Slade! Just jerk me off!" Robin growled through gritted teeth.

Slade could be heard smirking at this and the man was obviously glad and pleased that he had gotten Robin to ask for it. "As you wish." He then pulled Robin's foreskin back before taking a better grip, causing the boy to moan as he finally started thrusting his fist around the kid, pumping him. Slade made long and fast strides, changing the pressure from bottom to top. Once there, he rolled his thumb over the head, smearing the pre-cum and letting the hand move faster, even if the semen dried up quickly.

Robin was panting and grunting as Slade jacked him off, and Robin squeezed his legs harder around the man. He also reached his head on Slade's shoulder to bury it on the black cloth on Slade's neck, and Robin moaned against the cloth, letting Slade feel it against his skin, making the man press harder and move faster.

"Slade-" Robin whined on Slade's neck as the man pressed his thumb against the slit in Robin's penis, causing the other to shutter and a couple drops of pre-cum flowed down Robin's pole and the kid moaned deeply on Slade's ear. Man, Slade loved hearing Robin say his name.

Robin could feel how he was now harder than he had never been before, and his face was as red as his mask from the gala. "Slade, I'm going to cum." Robin was moving in rhythm with Slade's thrusts, pushing back to Slade every time the man pulled down, making Robin grunt.

"Then cum for me my bird," Slade said and whirled his fingers around the glans, trailing his fingers along the dickhead before he gave a few hard and fast thrusts on Robin and the boy finally got off, shooting a spray of cum on Slade's fingers and Robin knew that he might have stained Slade's uniform too, but he didn't care. As Robin came he hissed Slade's name like a snake straight to the man's ear and Robin dug his nails to Slade's hand that was holding him against the wall.

Robin was still panting hard as he had just cum, and only when he had managed to short his breathing out some he dropped his legs from around Slade's waist and Slade lowered the teen to sit on the ground before the man knelt before him, taking off Robin's platform shoes that had just a moment ago been digging against Slade's back.

Robin was still in a haze provided by his orgasm and he felt perfect; absolutely relaxed and at ease. "That was great," he managed from his abstract state as he leaned against the wall, too tired to get up.

"Good to know. Come now, you should get a shower. I'll get a bot to take care of the clothes," Slade said as he helped Robin stand. Robin only mumbled in protest, letting Slade help him up. Robin leaned against Slade and let the man support him as he walked to their room, wanting to take a shower since the cum was drying on his tights. Robin was semi bothered that he was walking around naked in Slade's base, but after all, there were no-one else to see them, and Slade had certainly seen him now. Besides, he was still not quite there to mind.

"Wait, don't you need to-?" Robin asked, referring to Slade's hard on, which had been left completely unattended.

"Are you offering?" Slade asked, making Robin quickly recoil and mumble something inaudible. "Don't worry yourself over it. We still have time for that and I'm patient. We'll get there all in due time."

Slade supported Robin to their room where the shower was waiting for them. Robin couldn't wait for it. He knew that the shower would perk him up. After all, he felt like he could take on anything and, to be honest, he was somewhat looking forward to the simulator mission this evening.