I'm Pregnant!


Oh my god. I can't believe this is happening! I am so happy. This is so unexpected. Emmett is going to be so excited. My husband would be home in about an hour. I would tell him then. I did one of Bella's happy dances around the bathroom. I threw the little white stick I had just peed on into the trash and went to make the dinner.

I heard Emmett's key in the front door and prepared myself.

"Hey, babe! How was your day?" he asked, coming into the kitchen. Holy crap! 'I'M PREGNANT!' I wanted to yell, but I held it in and decided to play a game. I was going to drop hints for a while. Emmett could be smart when he wanted to be. I figured it wouldn't take him long to figure it out.

"Hi, Em," I purred kissing him on the cheek. "Your dinner's on the table." I told him.

Emmett looked me up and down and said, "What are you so happy about?" Crap. Emmett knew me too well. Phase one of the plan begins.

I composed myself and said seriously, "Emmett, I'm late."

A panicked look came on his face. "I'm late? Late for what? I thought I rescheduled that finance meeting until next week!"

"Not you, idiot! I'm late! My period's late!" I moaned. He could be seriously stupid sometimes.

"Ewww, Rose! Too much information!" He yelled and covered his ears like a little kid. Ugh!

Okay. I needed to try a different approach.

"You know, I've been kinda sick the last couple of mornings." I told him.

"What? Are you okay, babe? Maybe I should take the day off work tomorrow and drive you to the doctor's."

"Unnecessary." I growled. Okay. I totally take back what I said before about Emmett being smart. He is the stupidest, most dim-witted ass ever. I glanced at Emmett who shrugged and started wolfing down his dinner again. Okay. Already started the plan. Should probably continue. I took a deep breath.

"And I've been having all these cravings. For ice cream and chocolate and stuff," I began. "And I've been feeling exhausted lately."

"Rose. I really think you're sick. I'm taking you to the doctor tomorrow whether you like it or not." He said between mouthfuls.

This was getting really annoying now and I didn't know how much longer I could hold out. But I figured a trip to the Doctor's office would be needed soon anyway so I just muttered, "Fine." He didn't get it soon, I was giving up.

"I peed 10 times today," I said conversationally, causing him to choke on his food and gag.

"Rose! What is wrong with you?! I'm eating here!"

I glared at the back of his head as he finished his last potato. He got up, put his plate in the sink, kissed my cheek and went into the sitting room to watch the football. While I sat there fuming.

A minute later, Emmett walked slowly back into the kitchen.

"Holy shit! You're pregnant, aren't you?!" He grinned.

Hell, I was having hormones already.