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"Why won't you make the call Kate?" Mars asked, both hands planted firmly on the table across from her in the cold, empty interrogation room.

Kate sat calmly, forcing her face to remain blank as Mars stared intently at her. She swallowed hard and blinked back tears. It use to be so easy to turn off her feelings. Now…she stiffened as Mars walked around to stand behind her…

"I don't get what you're playing at Austen," he continued angrily, "You fought me like hell, made me chase you all over the globe," he gave a small huff of laughter, "I expected you to keep fighting me till the day you died. Instead, you just…rolled over," he waved his arm in exasperation before leaning down, putting his arms on either side of her chair. She stiffened as his breath hit her shoulder. "So why are you giving up now? Now, when you miraculously have some Richie-rich doctor eating out the palm of your hand ready to pay for your attorney?"

"Why does it matter to you Edward? You won. You caught me." She said tightly, swallowing down emotion as Jack's face assaulted her vision.

His knuckles turned white as he gripped the table, "I believe in our legal system Kate, even if you didn't. You killed your father," he said emphasizing the word father.

"He's not my father," Kate replied icily, refusing to move her head to meet his gaze, instead continuing to stare straight ahead.

He smiled, "Whatever you need to believe Kate, but none of it matters. You're guilty. We both know it. And any jury will see it too," he added, leaving the room and slamming the door behind him, leaving her chained and alone in the cold interrogation room.


"Goodbye dad," Jack swallowed, the Déjà vu of the moment giving him pause as he looked at his mothers distraught face. For her this had just happened days ago. For him his father's passing was years ago, "I love you. I miss you." He finished, unclenching his fingers from around the podium. They were the only thing holding him up as he tried to navigate through this surreal experience. Kate's face flashed before him as he forced him self robotically back to his seat. It was so much harder to do this without her there, even if it had been years since Christian's death.

His mother sobbed into the arms of a friend. She wasn't speaking to him he had discovered; furious at him for arriving too late to save his father in Australia, and even more furious by what she viewed as a lack of grief on his part. He sighed as she let out an uncharacteristically anguished sob. He probably did look like he was taking it too well, but how was he suppose to explain to her that all of this had already happened? How could he tell her he had already been grieving for three years? As for her anger over his failure to save his father…apparently spending three months stranded on an island had softened her anger before. Now, he just had to wait for her to decide she had punished him enough.

He listened to the speeches he'd already heard delivered emotionally as the procession continued. He felt like he was going through the motions as he thanked everyone for coming as they filed out afterwards. To his relief, Claire's mother was nowhere to be found. His mother sobbed onto the shoulder of a friend from the country club as she left without so much as a glance in his direction. Jack smiled in relief as he was left alone with the coffin. It had been closed, and he ran his hand over the smooth wood. At the very least he'd managed to bring his father home this time. He jumped when he heard the front door to the church close and wheeled around blinking in surprise at the two guilty looking intruders.

"Sorry Doctor," Richard said tentatively, Ethan Rom standing like a flunky two feet behind him.

Jack felt his breath stop as he walked towards them, starring at Richards outstretched hand a moment too long before shaking it, a questioning glint in Richards's eye.

"My name is Richard Alpert. This is my associate Dr. Rom," Richard explained as Ethan gave a mute nod of greeting. "I know this is a terrible time, and we sent our most sincere regrets on your loss, but we represent Mittelos Bioscience, and we have a time sensitive matter to discuss with you," Richard explained apologetically.

He swallowed, "Mittelos Bioscience?" Jack repeated in surprise, trying to gather his thoughts. Juliet had explained to him how Richard had approached her using that company as a front, years ago. It was how she had ended up on the island.

"Yes, we are a scientific community based just outside of Portland," Richard clarified.

Jack nodded mutely and frowned, "What does a fertility group like you want with me?"

Richard frowned, "We do fertility work yes, but that is only a small part of what our community is involved with."

Jack nodded silently again.

Richard cocked his head, "How had you heard of our fertility studies?" he asked, his suspicion would have been perfectly masked by curiosity if Jack wasn't aware of how dangerous the waters he was treading were.

Caught in a blunder and too tired to come up with any more lies, he went with the truth, "I, uh, I know a colleague of yours, Juliet Burke," he admitted.

Richards frown deepened, but he let it go, instead pulling a large manila folder from his jacket. "Dr. Burke is conducting very valuable research for us, but we need you for another matter entirely." He handed the folder to Jack. "A…colleague of ours is very sick. He wants only the best doctors on his case and…we agree that he deserves the best treatment."

Jack clenched his hand to his side as he looked at the X-ray's he had already seen. There was a large tumor growing on the L-4 vertebra, and suddenly it all made sense.

"Two days after I found out I had a fatal tumor on my spine, a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky."

Jack let out a large breath as Ben's words echoed in his head. He had been right there for Ben to recruit, but this time around, a spinal surgeon hadn't dropped out of the sky. But Ben still had a tumor. So instead, Ben was going to find one. Jack ran a hand over his face.

"As you can see, our colleague is really in no shape to make the journey himself, your transport would be fully paid for, money is no issue," Richard explained as Jack stared blankly at the prints.

Jack finally glanced back up at Richard, shaking his head. "I'm sorry," he gave a small hollow laugh, "with everything going on, I need to be here. There are many equally qualified surgeons who can help B-… your colleague." He said, handing the file back to Richard as he walked past him, running a hand through his cropped hair as he left the church.

Ethan turned to follow him but Richard stopped him putting a hand on his chest.

Ethan shot him a glare, "Ben wants the best. That's him. That's Shephard." He hissed angrily.

"I know," Richard said slowly, intrigued even more now by the doctor. Shephard hadn't aged a day since the incident. If anything he looked younger… And he knew Juliet. Richard sighed in frustration, even he didn't know what all of that meant, but he did know that it meant that they weren't done with Jack Shephard, "Ben will get the best surgeon available Ethan. Don't worry about that. It might just take a little while."

Holding Area:

"I'm glad you made that call Kate," her lawyer said brightly as the Marshall stared at him loathingly, removing the cuffs from her wrists. "Seems that without your mother to testify there's absolutely no case. DA's had no choice but to drop all charges."

"Yeah," Kate replied numbly. How was it even possible? Her mother had been alive three years in the future before, but now her over priced lawyer was telling her Diane had passed away four months ago. Her throat tightened, she'd gone to the island the first time thinking her mother had already been killed by cancer, only to see her again upon her return, worse for wear but alive none the less. She'd grieved and then met her again, but now…she massaged her wrist as her lawyer led her towards the doors towards freedom.

"Kate," the Marshall hollered as he stared at her retreating form. She froze but didn't look back, "I promise you, this isn't over."

Her lawyer turned and looked at the Marshall, "You've harassed my client more then enough Detective Mars, I suggest you back off," Mars nose flared angrily, but her gave a jerky nod of his head and her lawyer gave her a slight push and they were off again. Once again she had beaten the murder charges.

Kate squinted in the sunlight as they emerged from the building. Her lawyer shifted uncomfortably, "Ah…Jack wasn't able to come meet you in person, but he sends you his thanks and his best wishes."

Kate felt her throat tighten. She nodded and swallowed hard, "Yeah, that's fine. It's not like we really know each other or anything," she said quietly, wincing when she heard her voice crack. Jack had been willing to give up on them before. He'd wanted to forget, she hugged her arms around herself, and even though his plan hadn't worked out as he had expected, he was apparently still determined to cut ties.

Her lawyer frowned at her sudden display of emotion, "Some friends of yours are apparently going to meet you though, and help get you set up somewhere. They should be here shortly to pick you up," Kate blinked in surprise. She didn't know anyone else. Without Jack, her throat tightened, without Aaron…She had nothing in this version of the reality.

A car honked as it approached and she blinked in surprise as Charlie waved to her from the driver's seat. When he parked he hurried to the passenger side and helped a very pregnant Claire out of the car. Claire waved to her as they approached, a hand on her belly, and Kate smiled back, feeling tears form in her eyes. Aaron was finally going to be where he belonged, she swallowed hard, finding the reality of that harder to accept then she thought it would be.

She embraced the Australian woman fiercely as they approached. "Claire, we missed you so much, "she turned to Charlie who embraced her as well. Pulling back she frowned, "How did you know where to find me?"

Charlie glanced around, "Jack called, told us you were being released," he smiled but scratched his head in confusion, "I kinda figured he would be here too though," seeing Kate's face fall at this, Claire elbowed Charlie hard in the side.

"Ow," he muttered, rubbing his ribs tenderly.

Kate took a moment to take them both in; she had missed both of them during the last three years. More then any of the survivors they had deserved to get off and be happy. She grinned as her eyes wandered down and saw their hands entwined.

She met Claire's eyes, and the woman blushed slightly, nodding at the unasked question. Yes, they were together. Finally.

Charlie grinned, "Come on now, we have to get you to Hurley's. He has a room for you set up at his mansion-turns out he wasn't lying about being bloody rich!" Charlie chuckled and Kate smiled wistfully, it felt so odd, repeating three years she'd already lived, years that were new to both of them. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get the car…shouldn't have made you walk all the way over here to begin with Claire," he added, excusing himself.

Claire shifted awkwardly next to Kate, one hand resting over her stomach. Kate frowned, feeling Claire's eyes on her.

"Is everything okay?" Kate asked with a frown.

Claire blushed, "Well, its just…Charlie and I are pretty out of the loop on how we got here. I mean, the last thing I remember was being in the woods with Sawyer and that guy Miles from the freighter on the run from those other guys on the freighter…and then I was on 815 again, only we weren't crashing," Claire rambled nervously, "No one really has explained to us yet how any of this happened, but Hurley did let slip that when you got off the island in the future…" she frowned," I'm still really confused by that part…anyway he…he told me you were raising Aaron, and I..I just wanted to know well…when he's older…," she blushed, "What's he like?"

Kate felt her throat tighten and tears threatened to spill. She bit her lip, and wrapped her arms around herself, feeling more alone then ever, "He's the best," she assured her quietly, doing her best to muster a smile as Claire beamed happily.

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