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"I'm sorry Bella…"

"I'm sorry Bella, but I don't love you any more"

"I don't want you Bella…"

"…Goodbye Bella"

I gasped for air. Blood rushed to my head as I sat bolt upright - but it didn't make any difference; my head had been spinning since my nightmare started. I ran a shaking hand through my hair. It was damp with sweat. I had a dream like this every night, but they never failed to terrify me. I clutched my duvet and wrapped it round me like a blanket. It was only two in the morning, so I couldn't get up yet. I hummed Edward's lullaby to myself – but then decided against it. It didn't sound right without Edward's soft, smooth voice singing it. I was a stranger to it. I stopped and sighed. I weighed up my options of what to do now. I didn't want to close my eyes, as it would result in another nightmare. But my other option was just as worse; sit alone for five hours reliving the memories of being with Edward, just to find that when I looked out my frosty window, he wouldn't be standing there, smiling crookedly, next to his silver Volvo. I closed my eyes once again, and prepared myself to slip into my personal hell on earth. Again, as if it was expecting me, it came all too soon.

"Edward… please help me… wait!"


I woke again, unable to breath. My vision was blurred, my heartbeat, erratic. Cold, strong and vaguely familiar arms were tightly coiled around my neck, squeezing harder and harder. I could feel the oxygen trying to force its way into my brain, but it was failing. I became lightheaded. Panic flooded through my body, but as my sight eventually cleared I realised it was only a figure of my imagination, an aftershock, if you wish, of my nightmare. My nightmare… Edward was walking away slowly, but with every gentle step he took, a piece of me died and withered away. I desperately pleaded for him to stop. His ears twitched at the agony in my voice, but when he turned around to face me. His eyes were deep black and he stared at me the way you would stare at a stranger. There was no emotion on his face, no look of worry, or concern. He glanced at me for only a few seconds, but that cold look of heartlessness was engraved into my mind.

I wasn't cold, in fact I was sweating, but a shiver swept through my spine. I took a momentary glimpse at the alarm clock on my bedside table. I didn't need the alarm anymore; my nightmares usually woke me up. 8:00am. It took a while for the random numbers to arrange themselves in my head and make any sense. It seemed like a reasonable time to get up. I swung my legs over the side of my bed and slowly began walking to the bathroom. I didn't need to worry about waking Charlie. He'd missed a baseball match on TV yesterday while fishing, but it was repeated this morning, I could vaguely hear the TV blare downstairs. I wasn't really surprised it didn't wake me. When I had been captured by a nightmare, there was no hero to come and rescue and wake me. The hero was also the bad guy.

Fortunately, I had reached bathroom door, which meant I had something to distract myself away from Edward. The warm water from seemed to sooth my broken heart. It twirled through my hair and down my back. As it ran over my face, it almost washed away all the disturbing events of my past, and threw them down the drain. I remained in the shower as long as I could, but it the feeling of carelessness didn't last long as I had expected, as the water suddenly ran cold.

'Like most good things in life,' I thought to myself as I wrapped a towel round me. 'They always have to end'.

I didn't really care about my clothes. I grabbed a long sleeved dark red shirt and a dark blue pair of jeans out of my wardrobe. I shoved some flat soled boots onto my feet. There was no way I was going to try and walk in heels, especially not without Edward to catch me when I inevitably fell… Edward… My thoughts were like a boomerang, whenever I manage to distract myself away from Edward, somehow they always seemed to spring back.

I pondered this some more as I poured some cereal; in fact I was so deep concentrating on my disturbing past I almost overflowed the bowl. I lifted the box suddenly, spraying Honey Loops everywhere. I heard a suppressed snigger from the sofa. Did Charlie have eyes out on the back of his head or what? After I had managed to pick them all up, I grabbed my warm, winter coat and keys to my old Chevy truck. I checked he clock on the dashboard before I ignited the engine. I still had half an hour before school, so I decided to take the long route, and if I was still early, I'd read a few more chapters of whatever book I'd thrown in my bag. I'd probably read it before anyway. Even though it was under my control, the thunderous roaring of the engine made me jump. When my heartbeat returned to normal, I began to drive. Many things scared me nowadays; the slamming of doors, almost inaudible whispers and the dark. It seemed quite childish, but without Edward to protect me, I realised how sinister the dark really was. The dark was a disguise and cover of assistant for all the ominous people of the world. With feeble, human eyes the darkness was a mask, the unknown, who knows what would come out of the darkness - although some feelings of utter pain are more emotional. I was a first grade witness of that. But even so, those feelings are worsened by the lonely, suffocating night.

I shuddered in fright. Edward had completely changed my perspective on the world. I remember when I used to wince when I even heard something that sounded like the word "Edward", but I then realised that I hurt him more than he hurt me. I wasn't good enough for him. He should be the one flinching at my name. Every time think his name my mind whispers "I am so sorry"

As I turned down a bumpy forest lane, I detected something odd about the truck's engine. I ought to have noticed it before, but my mind was preoccupied with Edward and my fears. The truck was still roaring as usual, but this time it sounded strained, and almost in pain. The tyres sounded off key as well. As my head hit the roof, a consequence from driving over a large stone, I decided it was simply the rough track and continued my journey. But as I ventured into the most isolated part of the forest, I heard a deafening and bizarre noise exploding out my engine. The truck was still moving so I decided to pull over, like any sane person would. But my truck had other ideas. I lost count of how many times I jumped on the break pedal, but for some mysterious reason the truck didn't stop. I looked up from angrily glaring at the breaks a little too late. The front windscreen rammed into a large tree. The glass shattered and flew in every possible direction. My whole body lurched forward and my head forcefully collided with the dashboard.

The metal in the car creaked and shuddered. I felt warm, fresh blood trickle down my head and run through my hair, in a much less pleasant formation than in the shower. The earth began to spin much too fast than it should and I couldn't keep up with it. I started hyperventilating. I reached for my phone, lying on the floor, with a trembling hand. But I discovered something much more gruesome than my phone being demolished in the crash – although that was going to cause a problem since I was alone, injured and stranded in the most isolated part of the forest. My leg was trapped between the remains of the chair and the space beneath where the radio should be. I couldn't tell how bad the injury was, as it was saturated with blood. I attempted to move it. A blast of pain flared up my leg and an agonizing scream erupted from my lips. I thought I was going to pass out. I almost wanted to, if it would be an escape from the pain.

It was obvious I couldn't walk home or call for help, so I was depending on people to discover me. I almost stopped breathing when I realised that people wouldn't come looking for me for a while; they'd only become worried when I didn't show up for school. When they eventually did start searching, they wouldn't have expected me to take this route to school. But who was "them"? Charlie, without a doubt, Billy, my new best friend Jacob, Mike, Angela, the list grew longer, so there were obviously enough people to find me, but would they find me… alive?