Hello everyone,

Firstly, I must apologise that this is a note, and not an actual chapter. I do this very rarely, but I wanted away to get my message, and my apologies, out to the readers of this story.

I've been carefully considering my options regarding my FMA fanfiction, and it's with genuine regret that I am writing to let you know that No Smoke Without Fire is being abandoned.

Normally, I'm loathe to take such action, but as my enthusiasm has moved elsewhere (Sherlock BBC fandom) I know I will not be able to do justice either to the story, or to all of you who have read my work with such passion and hope. I am deeply sorry to leave you like this, but I wanted to man up and let you know my plans, rather than slinking off without warning.

This note also begins the curtain call for my time in the FMA fandom. I'm not saying there won't be an encore, because the muse is a fickle thing, as is enthusiasm, but other than finishing Counterpoint (which I do plan to conclude in the coming weeks) I don't have plans to continue writing FMA fanfiction in the foreseeable future.

The thought saddens me, as I'm sure many of you must understand. I've devoted years of my life to this fandom, but rather than mourn the closing of a chapter in my life, I'd rather celebrate the time itself.

Five years, thirty-three complete stories and over one million words? Well that's a pretty good contribution, but the best part of it all has been meeting all of you. Hearing your thoughts and sharing your unrivalled enthusiasm has been wonderful to me, and words cannot express my gratitude.

If you want to keep in touch with me on the 'web and such, I'll still be writing Sherlock fanfiction on this profile, there's still Counterpoint to complete, and I'm on both twitter and tumblr (see below)

Thank you again for all your unwavering support, and I am sorry for any disappointment this decision may cause.

All my love,

B xxx

twitter: (at) beautifulfic

tumblr: www. Tumblr blog / beautifulfic(remove spaces)