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Chapter One: Welcome Back

Seigaku's front gate seemed bigger since the last time Sachi and Kyoko had been there. Or at least, that's how Kyoko saw it.

Her and Sachi had gone to Seigaku the year before, and had a lot of friends, but, after not seeing anyone for a whole semester while the two girls were abroad in America, Kyoko was nervous.

She was about to voice her concerns, when Sachi stepped through the gate, looking determined.

Kyoko sighed in relief at her friend's confidence, and followed her.

"Do you think they'll remember us?" Kyoko asked, trying to match Sachi's pace. Kyoko was on the shorter side, but was used to walking with people taller than her.

"Of course they will," Sachi said. "None of them could forget me. It's impossible."

"Oh, I hope you're right."

"I usually am," Sachi added with a quick smile to Kyoko.

Kyoko smiled back as best as she could, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach when she thought of…

"Oh, look! They're playing tennis…what a surprise," Sachi said sarcastically as the two walk by the tennis courts.

Kyoko spotted the Regulars out of all the people playing almost immediately; they all looked mature compared to how they did during the summer they left.

"Oh my, they've gotten taller! Maybe they're more mature, too!" Kyoko suggested, looking at the tennis ball that had rolled by her feet.

"Hey, Echizen! You were supposed to get hit by that, not hit it out of the courts!" The girls heard someone exclaim.

They immediately recognized it as Takeshi Momoshiro's voice.

"Or maybe not…" Kyoko amended, picking up the tennis ball.

The two girls walked into the courts and were met with a variety of greetings.

"Ape boy!" Sachi exclaimed.

"Spawn of Satan," Momo exclaimed.

The two hugged.

"Well, at least you two are getting along," Kyoko said, smiling.

Momo and Sachi didn't have the best past, and constantly bickered and argued. The rest of the group had become used to this, and, much to Momo's dismay, everyone always chose Sachi's side over Momo's.

The captain, Kunimitsu Tezuka, looked at Sachi with the slightest expression of fear in his normally expressionless face.

Sachi and Kyoko noticed, but didn't point it out; they knew he'd make a comment soon enough.

"Sachi!!" one of the boys exclaimed, rushing over and hugging Sachi.

"Hey Eiji!"

Kikumaru Eiji and Sachi had always been really close, practically like a brother and sister, ever since they first met.

"It's nice to see you two again," the boy next to Tezuka said, smiling at them.

"It's…nice to see you, too Fuji," Sachi said in a little softer tone, quickly glancing at him.

"It's been a while, huh?"

"Six months, fourteen days, eleven hours," the boy with the glasses said, looking at notebook in his hands.

"Oh, hello Sadaharu," Sachi said. "Have you made any juices that I could try?"

The group winced as Sadaharu smiled and adjusted his glasses. "But of course."

The boy with the white hat stood by, listening to everyone else's greetings before he made his own.

"It's nice to see you guys again…." he said awkwardly, and fixed his hat.

Kyoko's smile broadened. "Nice to see you, too," she said, taking a quick look at him before looking at the ground.

Tezuka sighed. "Well, it was nice while it lasted," he muttered.

Sachi turned and looked at Tezuka in confusion. "I haven't done anything yet. What's wrong with me just standing here?"

"Yet. That's the key word. There's still plenty of time for you to do something wrong."

"Don't be rude, Tezuka-kun. At least wait until tomorrow to chew her out for anything she's done. We just got back, after all," Kyoko said.

"Don't provoke her, Tezuka!" Momo agreed. "I'll end up getting hurt because of it!"

"I'll be good, I swear," Sachi said, looking at Tezuka innocently. "I won't even come back until you call me and tell me you're done practicing."

Sachi turned and wandered off, leaving the group in a momentary silence.

"Thank God," Tezuka said, sighing with relief. "Okay, pay attention guys, we need to get back to practice."

"Hey, where do you think she's going?" Eiji asked, looking slyly at Momo. "I hope she's not going to my house. I don't even want to think of what kind of things she would do, huh, Momo?"

Momo looked at Eiji with wide eyes. "What? Why are you looking at me?!" he asked, dropping his racquet and running in the direction Sachi left in.

When he was halfway there, he knocked over all of the baskets of tennis balls, scattering them all over the courts.

"Watch where you're runnin--" Kauro Kaidoh, Momo's rival and fellow Regular nicknamed 'Viper', started, but was cut off when he tripped over a tennis ball.

The rest of the tennis club seemed to follow Kaidoh's example, as everyone was soon tripping on the tennis balls.

"I'm not even out of sight yet!" the group turned to see Sachi just up the hill from the tennis courts, glaring back at them. "This isn't my fault!"

She continued on, while Momo nodded. "Oh, okay, bye!" he said, waving and turning back to the courts.

He was met with the sight of over half of the tennis club on the ground, and Tezuka resting his face in his hands.

Fuji had his hand on Tezuka's shoulder, trying to comfort him.

"It'll get better. We'll still win the tournament tomorrow," Fuji said soothingly.

Tezuka looked at Fuji, then at the state of the tennis courts, as well as his players, and then back at Fuji, his face remaining expressionless all the while.

"…I still have faith in them," Fuji said, smiling.

Momo glared at Eiji, who was just a couple courts over and smiling back.

"Come here for a second, Eiji-sempai…" Momo said, running over toward him.

"Why are you running, Momo?" Eiji asked, jumping over the net in one leap, then continuing over the next one over.

"I'm running because this is tennis practice," Momo answered, cutting around a net to catch up to him.

"Hey, knock it off you two," Oishi said. "Kyoko, can you please call Sachi, so we can keep tabs on her? Otherwise nothing will get done…"

"Oh, sure," Kyoko said, pulling out her cell phone and dialling Sachi's number.

"'Ello?" the voice on the other end said.

"Say hi for me!" Eiji yelled running past Kyoko, Momo close behind.

"Eiji, pay attention! And Momo, stop chasing him." Tezuka ordered.

The two grudgingly followed his orders, and walked over to join in the circle, while the seventh graders picked up all of the scattered tennis balls.

"Hey Sachi, it's Kyoko. Oishi wants you to come back…and Eiji said hi."

"I don't want her back…I just want you to stay on the phone with her so we know if she's destroying someone's house!"Oishi defends, blushing a little.

"Is he blushing, Kyoko?" Sachi asked, having heard what Oishi said, and knowing how shy Oishi was around girls.

"Yes," Kyoko said, giggling.

"Okay, tell him if he wants to get together later, I'm all for that, and send a wink with that," Sachi instructed, trying to control her laughter.

"Alright. Hey, Oishi! Sachi said she's up for getting together later," Kyoko said, winking at Oishi.

"I-I've got to practice," Oishi said, awkwardly running to the farthest court.

As Kyoko was laughing, she noticed Fuji looking a little less happy than he was just a few moments ago.

"I hope she was kidding…" she heard him mutter.

He noticed her looking at him, and he immediately smiled at her, obviously unaware she had heard him.

Tezuka was looking at Fuji in disbelief, though Kyoko wasn't sure why. The two started talking.

"Well, I'm not going to come back until Kunimitsu calls me and says practice is over," Sachi said.

"Oh…well, practice should be over soon, right, Tezuka?"

Tezuka was too busy talking to Fuji to notice Kyoko talking to him.

"He…agrees. So I'll see you soon," Kyoko said.

"I hope so."

The two girls hung up, and Kyoko heard the end of Tezuka and Fuji's conversation.

"I'm trying desperately to win her back, so I told Oishi to try to get her. It'll be easier for me to compete with him than you," Tezuka said in an expressionless tone, before he wandered over to drag Momo and Eiji back towards the courts.