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Chapter 9: Girl Talk


I ran past my Volvo at an excruciating human pace – once I was under the cover of the forest I could run as fast I wanted to. As fast as I needed to. Plus, it would give me time to clear and sort my head. I knew that driving required hardly any effort on my part, if I took my Volvo home I would still be able to think easily, but running was practically second nature to me; and the rhythmic pattern of my feet landing on the leaf-covered floor over and over again I knew was something that would keep me focused, hell, it might even soothe me. I barked out an angry, sarcastic laugh.

As soon as I was safely under the cover of the trees I let my instincts take over, and I was soon running as fast as my legs would allow. Although my breathing did not speed up, my mind was working almost as fast as my legs.

Whatever the hec Victoria was up to, she was doing it well. I hadn't caught the scent of anything, or anyone, out of place. Neither had Carlisle. And he'd had centuries of experience in this other existence. I ground my teeth together in frustration as I ran threw everything that had happened since Carlisle and I got Bella out of that horrid ballet studio – leaving Alice, Jasper and Emmett to take care of James – to see if I could pick out something, anything, that might be a clue as to what was happening...


Bella had slipped into unconsciousness while lying in my arms soon after I had sucked the venom out of her blood stream. I had told her to sleep, and so she did. I had begun to think she would do anything I told her to; she would jump off a cliff if I asked her to – a thought that made me shudder even imagining her that close to something that dangerous.

I was very close to breaking down when Carlisle and I smashed out of the back door. I could still here the thoughts of my siblings inside.

Emmett and Jasper were loving it; practically dancing around the fire, throwing more and more floorboards onto it, whilst all the time growling like animals. They had no idea how much I wanted to be in there with them; to be a part of killing James. But Bella needed me, even if she was unconscious.

Or, maybe, I had needed her.

Once Carlisle, Bella and I were out in the open air, I was able to take some deep breaths of clean air so as to get the smell and taste of Bella's blood out of my system. However, her clothes were still stained with the offending liquid and the scent burned worse than it had ever done before because the taste was fresh in my throat.

Carlisle sensed my weakness and quickly took Bella into his own arms, just in time for me to turn and smash my fist through the brick wall in an attempt to distract myself. It didn't work. So I did it again. And again. And again.

"Edward, stop. Focus on Bella." Carlisle said as he shifted Bella to one arm so he could put his jacket on the ground for her to lie on while he assessed her injuries, causing her to groan slightly in pain.

"Give her to me. You call an ambulance."

"No need to, I've already called Esme and she's going to be here in less than five minutes. It's quicker than an ambulance and I can do as much good as three EMTs. Trust me. We'll take her back to our house, I'll put some quick bandages on her, then you and I can take her to Forks Hospital. That way I can keep an eye on her and you will get to see her more often. Son, don't worry. Everything will work out."

I nodded solemnly and laid my love onto Carlisle's coat.

As he moved around her and tended her wounds as best he could using strips of material from his own shirt, I held Bella's hand in both of my own, scanning the thoughts of my family.

Emmett and Jasper were nearly finished with James and were planning to head straight home to set things up for Carlisle. My family had gone through several different plans according to what the circumstances were like when they arrived, so everybody knew what to do.

Alice's thoughts were clouded with worry for Bella she mindlessly stood in the middle of Emmett and Jasper, occasionally throwing another plank of wood onto the inferno. She was trying to see Bella's future, but there was a thick haze shrouding it. It was annoying her, but not quite as much as me.

Then, abruptly, I heard Esme's thoughts as she sped across the roads,

"Edward! Edward! Edward! Honey, I'm almost there, don't worry! Bella will be fine, I know it. Carlisle will do everything he can; and I mean everything."I flinched, knowing what she meant, "Oh sweety, I love you so much. I'm less than two minutes away now. We'll get Bella back to our home and we'll fix her. Trust me, she'll be as good as new in less than two weeks, I can feel it! You can take her to prom! Even though she says she doesn't want to go, take her. I love you and Bella so much, Edward, always remember that! And if you do anything like this to me again, so help me, I'll... I'll... I'll take away your piano! I will!"

I could see her when she thought the last part, so I could make out the uncertain frown she had on her face. Esme could never keep me from my piano, not because I would disobey her, but because she loved my music too much.

As she pulled up to the curb Carlisle lifted Bella into his arms as gently as he could. Her hand was still in mine as he slid her through the back door. Esme had lowered the back seats so we could lay Bella down while Carlisle continued to watch over her. There wasn't enough room for me as well, so I sat in the passenger seat as Esme drive silently back to the house. She was holding my hand as I spun in my seat and constantly reassuring me with her thoughts as my eyes never left her closed ones.

When we finally parked outside the front door Carlisle lifted Bella and ran with her up to his office.

Rosalie had unwillingly cleared the room and had dragged a table into the centre. When Carlisle and I got up there, she was nowhere to be seen, something that I was glad of. I really didn't need to face her disapproval.

I held Bella's hand again as Carlisle removed the makeshift bandages and replaced them with proper ones he kept lying around – he tended to bring his work home with him sometimes, that is, when Esme was hunting for the night.

It took nearly twenty minutes for Carlisle to sort Bella out completely. During that time Alice, Jasper and Emmett had returned home. I only knew that because I could hear their supportive thoughts. Jasper had tried to calm me, but it had only had a very small effect. The main reason I was not having a complete breakdown was because Alice had walked silently into Carlisle's office and wrapped her tiny arms around me while thinking:

"She's going to be ok Edward. I know I can't see her, but I something is telling me that Bella is going to make it through this. And you say it yourself: "Why anyone would bet against Alice, I can't imagine."" Even in her thoughts, her voice sounded so much like my own it could have fooled me. "So trust yourself as much as you trust me this time, Edward. Love you."

The silent, one-way exchange only lasted for mere seconds, but it had meant the world to me.

Well, not the world.

My world was laying, unconscious, on a table in front of me.

My world had almost ended because of what I was.

I was pulled out of myself-loathing by Carlisle saying that Bella needed to be taken to the hospital now. Without saying anything I took her into my arms and walked slowly out of the room. I was very careful to adjust my body with every move I made so she would not be jostled at all.

Carlisle was waiting in the driver's seat of my Volvo for us. But I walked past it, ignoring his inquiring look.

I needed to be with Bella. Alone. Even if she was unable to respond.

I heard my car going along the road as well as my father's thoughts,

"I will wait for you just outside of the hospital car park. If you walk in there with her it will look odd, and make the cover story that much harder to fabricate. You can sit with her in the back. It will only be for a minute. Take all the time you need with her, talk to her, but keep in mind that she will soon need more medical treatment than I have been able to give her. Please don't try to be more than an hour. I've given her some fluids, but that's as long as they will last. Goodbye, my son. I am proud of you."

I continued to walk through the least dense part of the forest so I wouldn't have to look up from Bella to make sure we weren't going to smash into a tree. That would not be helpful.

The scent of Bella's blood was less potent now that Carlisle had wrapped her wounds in clean bandages. So I was able to lean down and bury my face in her hair.

The walk to the hospital took about twenty-five minutes, and all that time I didn't stop whispering "I love you and I am so sorry."

~End Flashback~


As soon as Edward was gone I could feel my eyes fill up with tears. He was annoying the life out of me. And making my heart ache.

I fully realised now that I loved him. And I also completely realised that that was totally the wrong thing for me to do.

I shouldn't love him. I shouldn't be able to love him. But here I was, lying in hospital, loving him.

What was I going to do? I had never had feelings like this. I picked up my phone and texted Jacob,

He's gone! U can come back up now. I kinda need to talk to u, so be prepared for some serious girl talk! Good thing u have long hair lol. See u soon xx

I regretted telling Jacob I needed to talk to him; my weird feelings weren't his problem. But I needed a friend right now, and, as I had this stupid memory loss, he was the only one I had.

Jacob knocked on my door only half a minute after I had text him, he was as eager to see me as I was to see him, then. This reassured me.

"So, I am mentally and physically prepared for as much girl talk you can shoot at me. But I will not go as far as to braid your hair for you. That's where I draw the line, miss swan."

I really couldn't help but giggle. Jacob was funny anyway you looked at it.

"Don't worry about that Jake – my hair looks awful braided. Yours on the other hand..."

"No! No, no, no, no, no! That's way past the line! It is so way past the line that the line is a dot!"

"Ok, ok! Calm down, just a joke Jake!"

"Good! Now, what's on your mind, Bells?" he said gently with an understanding look on his face.

"It's Edward Cullen."


Ah, crap. So it was this type of girl talk.

I would take period pains over this. Seriously, I would.

Not able to think of the right words to say, I just nodded – hoping that if she just carried on this conversation would go in another direction to the one I was expecting it to.

It didn't.

"Well, it's just that... Ok, this is really hard for me to say, but I need to tell someone, Jacob. Edward told me that before everything happened we were together. And he was sort of acting like it was just going to carry on the way it had, but I didn't really want it to. I mean, how do you suddenly plunge into a serious relationship with someone you've known for ten minutes? You don't, you just don't. So I broke up with him. It seemed like the best thing to do at the time. But now I'm not sure it was." She mumbled, blushing because, well, I'm guessing because she was embarrassed about telling me her feelings. Or that she was about to tell me something embarrassing. Or both.

Yeah, it was both.

"Why?" I managed to whisper, barely able to keep eye contact with her for lack of want to hear what she was undoubtedly going to say.

I knew what she going to say before she said it.

She loved him.

Just like she had before she had come to her senses and left him only a week earlier.

"Jacob, I think I love him. No, in fact I do love. I love him more than I ever thought possible. But I don't know how! I've known him for a week! I shouldn't love him!" No. You shouldn't.

Argh! Why did she have to be so... so damn difficult? Why did she have to love that Edward Cullen?

I don't know why girls like him so much. Even the girls back on the rez talk about him, even though he's never been there. Ok, so he was kinda good-looking. The hair, the chiselled features, good figure, muscles...

OK! Getting into dangerous territory there! Back to why I hate him so much.

I know that I shouldn't hate him, I don't talk to him. I just have a feeling about him. a bad one at that.

Despite this, though, I carried on talking to Bella. Well, giving her one word answers. And, if she was really lucky, I asked her a three word question! Oh, the joy.

This carried on for about an hour, and then we noticed it was getting dark. The sun had set.

"Oh, Jacob, I'm sorry! I didn't realise how late it was! You should be getting home! Do you want Charlie to give you a ride back?"

"No, I'm good. I'll get back somehow. Just text or ring me when you want me to come back. Although I'll probably have to go to school tomorrow. But it is Friday. I may be able to persuade Billy... if not I'll come back on Saturday. You can help me with my homework!"

"I look forward to it! See you Jake." I kissed her cheek again and waved goodbye as I left the room. Bella looked like she was going to pass out the second I walked out, so I moved quick.

As soon as I was in the corridor I fell back against the wall – drained.

Bella had given me an insight to how her mind worked. And it was hectic. If every girls mind was like that, I had no hope.


It was almost completely black as I walked up the driveway of my tiny house. Either I was getting taller, or it was getting smaller – I was sure of it.

I walked into the living room where I expected Billy to be watching the game on our ancient television.

But instead, I found Sam sprawled over our, yep you guessed it, tiny couch. He had his head in his hands and his body was shaking wildly.

He looked awful.

I walked forward and placed my hand on his massive shoulder – the guy was like six and a half feet tall!

"Sam, what the hell happened to you?!"

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