Mini Jack changes his name to Mike Newton and moves to a small town called Forks. When these new kids move into town he senses that something is wrong with them. Thinking their Gould he calls SG1.


Ok so I know that I was going to stay in Colorado Springs after Thor fixed me, but come on. Did they really think that I would be able to live in the same county as my…umm…older self? It was just weird seeing him at the gas station, the store, and at MY fishing spot. Nothing against the guy but come on, he's living the life that I want to live now and me? I have high school, homework, and worst of all zits! Ugh I hated being a teenager the first time.

So I am hence for, now and forever losing the name Jonathan Jack O'Neill. I think I'll be Mike Newton from how on. Ok so it's not the best of name but hey what can I say I know a family (Mr and Mrs Newton actually) who lives in a little town in Forks, Washington. An well they said that if I needed a place to stay I was more then welcome to move in with them. So here I am Mike Newton of Forks, Washington: high schooler, part time job at Newton's Olympic Outfitters, spending the weekends fishing with the Chief of police, and around "normal" life.

That is till they moved into town…