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Chapter 6


"Helloooo earth to Mikey, why do you keep staring at the Cullen's table? There not even here today"

"Huh what?" I looked to see who was talking to me…Oh Jessica

"The Cullen's" Jessica said with a sigh "I'm sure you may have noticed that fact since you have been staring straight at their table for the last 5 mins. There…not…here…today." She said emphasizing the last four words. "What is up with you lately? Anyways I was in the office this morning and over heard Mrs. Cope on the phone with I think Mrs. Cullen. She was calling to take of them ALL out of school today and the next two days!" The way Jessica spoke it was like this news was the most shocking new she's heard in the last decade.

"So, what's the big deal? They probably all went out to dinner last night and got food poisoning or something like that." Tyler said while he was now carefully inspecting his half eatin sandwich.

"No get this. So I was chatting it up with Mrs Cope. Trying to find out why they were all out and apparently Mrs. Cullen said that since there are so few days out the year that its sunny up here in Forks that her and Mr Cullen have decided to take the kids camping while the sun was out and the weather was good." Jessica said while crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair. Shaking her head with a little smirk on her face "I am so going to try that with my parents"

"Wait but why the next two days too?" I asked "The weather man said this morning there was like a 90% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow night and like 50% of rain on Wednesday morning. Not exactly the best camping weather, if you ask me. Sure the mornings will be great but if they're camping in tents then the ground is going to be soaked."

"I don't know maybe they can see into the future and know the weather man is going to be wrong or something." Jessica retorted.

"who cares?" Eric said standing up with the same look on his face that Daniel used to get when he has just figured out another language or something geeky like that "hey if it's still nice after school anybody up for going to La Push for some surfing?"

"why, are you going to try and stand up on that foam board of yours again?" Angela giggled.

"Ha…ha…ha" Eric said while sitting back down in his chair mumbling "the waves were really high that day"

"Right" Angela said trying her best not to laugh.

"Sorry man I can't, I have to help out at the store tonight." I shrugged. "But I'm off tomorrow if by chance it's decent out."

"Cool!" Both Jessica and Eric said at the same time.

"umm…guys that was the bell and I don't think that we should be late for class again." Angela informed us.


Ok so I don't exactly have to work today. Mom said if I wanted to make a little extra this week I could work. But really, knowing that all the Cullen's would be out of town, this was a great chance to do a little recon of my own. First I had to call had to call Daniel back. He left me a message on my cell during school. Strange thought cuz he knows I cant answer my cell during school.

"Hey Mike. I just wanted to let you know that Teal'c and Sam are on their way to see you. Teal'c is kind of hurt that you haven't even tried to call him. But mostly he feels that if you think something is fishy going on up there then he needs to check it out."

ok…so why is Sam coming too? I wondered

"I think Sam is hoping to get a glimpse of the mysterious Dr Cullen." Daniel said with a laugh as the message continued. "Anyway they should be there pretty soon. I'm about to go off world so I'll talk to ya later." The Message ended with a beep. Hmm…so Teal'c and Carter are on their way up for a visit. Looks like I might have some company on my little recon mission today.

Yep sure enough there was a standard issue black military type car sitting in my drive way and mom on the porch with Carter and Teal'c.

"Hey guys how's it going?" I called from the sidewalk.

"It is good to see you Mike Newton." Teal'c said with a nod of his head.

"Hi" Carter said at that same time waving her hand.

Mom started to get up to go inside "I'll let you guys catch up. Mike try not to forget dinner is at 6 sharp" turning to Carter and Teal'c with a smile. "And of course you both are more then welcome to join us for as long as you are in town."

"So what brings you guys to town? Daniel didn't really get into much on the message he sent me." I asked while flopping down onto the one of porch chairs.

"Well I found a old newspaper clipping in my search on Dr Cullen. There was an article written by a small newspaper in Chicago in 1918. Like almost all the papers at that time everyone was covering the Spanish influenza outbreak. This particular article was praseing the dedicated doctors that risked there own health to help there patients. And" Sam said with a huge smile pulling open a file folder that she had under her arm. "There was a snap shot of a young doctor helping a patient. And guess who it is?"

"No way!" I said practically jumping out of my chair to grab the newspaper clipping. Finally something that might prove that something was fishy with the Cullen family! "Oh for cryin out loud Carter, You can barely see the guy." I said dropping back into the chair.

"Yeah but Sir, I mean Mike. If I can get a current picture of the Doctor I can put it thought a face scanning recognition programs. It could even tell us the likely hood of them being related."

"Ok well I guess the best place to check out would be the hospital. There is bound to be a photo of Forks favorite doc somewhere on the wall." I said while getting up.

"Why do we not just go see Doctor Cullen?" Teal'c asked breaking his silence.

"cuz big fella, they are out of town the for the next few days. According to rumors they went camping cuz the weather is nice."

"Is it normal for humans to take their children out of school this way?" Teal'c asked while fixing his hat.

"No, not in these parts but there's no law against it." I mumbled waking to the car. "Ok so off to the hospital right? Then if there is time we could go scope out there house."


"wow it get dark up here early" Sam commented as we pulled into the parking lot of the Hospital.

"Yeah that's cuz it's going to rain here any minute. … Huh, strange that is Dr Cullen's car parked over there. Jessica said that they were going out of town."

"And this Jessica is normally reliable?" Teal'c asked

"Well she had good training. Her mom is the town gossip. Some how Mrs Stanley gets all the dirt on everyone. You have know idea how hard it has been to keep my cover from her." I said shaking my head. "She even more suspicious then I am. But another thing that's strange is that no one really tries to get close enough to the Cullen's to ever really figure them out. Its like there all afraid of them or something."


***Elsewhere in the hospital *** Edwards POV ***

"Edward what brings you here today? You better be careful people think that the family is out of town for the next few days. If they see you kids around town they're going to wonder why you're not in school."

Flopping in the chair in front of Carlisle's desk. "Hi Carlisle, I know. I just had to get out of the house for a bit. Alice is driving me crazy. She keeps thinking of questions to ask me and as soon as I think of an answer she has a vision knows what I'm about to say and thinks of another question."

Chuckling Carlisle put down the patient file that he was looking at "How is that any different from any other day?"

"The questions don't make any sense. She keeps asking questions like. 'What would I do if a girl I liked didn't like fast cars?' or 'If I had to give a present that cost nothing what would it be?' or 'would I let her plan my wedding' 'what would I do if someone in school smelled to good? hold my breath everyday at school? Change all my classes so that I never had to be in the same room? Or leave?' and even stranger yet 'if one day I wasn't able to hear someone's thoughts would I be happy about it or frustrated.' I'm telling you she saw something in one of her visions and she's not telling me!" Edward said crossing his arms.

Carlisle sighed, "Son you know how Alice can get sometimes. You also know you are always welcome so hid out in my office but you do realize that your sister does know where you are and will no doubt come looking for you."

"Yeah, I think I am going to find Emmett and see if he would like to go looking for some bears." Edward started to get up toward the door but paused. "Crap!"

"What has Alice found you already?" Carlisle said smiling picking up the file again.

"Worse, Mike Newton. Umm…There looking for you actually. He's got two people with him but he's currently messing around a magnify glass that he found on the nurses table. The kid is very easily distracted. And" I said with a pause "I don't know who they are."

"Why can't you figure out who the other two people are?" Carlisle asked rising one blond eyebrow.

"Its strange but nothing that I have dealt with before. Its like I can make out the tenor and tone of there thoughts but I guess they're just slow of thought. Chef Swan is the same way. They're coming this way, I think that I'm going to go out the window. See ya when Emmett an I get back"