Jen was in full heat now, breathing heavily, tensing and untensing her thighs, and she needed relief. Bella knew she wasn't giving the level of stimulation that was required to push the woman over the brink to orgasm, and she was curious to see how the crisis would be resolved. Jen was panting, and she struggled to speak.

"Bella – of course you don't have to." Pant, pant. "But, if you wanted to, I would love . . ." Pant. ". . . to feel your mouth – down there. If you don't I'm going to have to . . ." Pant, gasp as Bella touched a tender bit – ". . . have to do myself."

"Well," Bella thought to herself, "since she asked so nicely, 'Heck Yeah!'" She said nothing, though, and instead signalled her assent by unwrapping herself from Jen's one-armed embrace, and sliding her body down the couch to where she could assume a cunt-licking position. Jen sighed with arousal and relief and rearranged herself as well, lying back on the couch, stretching out her huge body, and spreading her nude legs welcomingly.

Bella took her time, in no hurry to satisfy the woman's pounding need, which was in one sense mildly sadistic, and in another sense precisely the way to enhance and magnify Jen's ultimate thrill and pleasure at having her pussy licked by what she thought was a young woman whose lovely mouth had never before touched the lips of a female's sex. In this particular nuance of sexual excitement – the anticipation of the virgin's first taste of pussy - Bella had a relative depth of knowledge, having in her career as a young lesbian herself introduced four females to the pleasures of Sapphic sex. Except that in her case, Bella knew for a fact that none of her previous lovers had ever felt the touch of another woman's mouth on their adolescent cunts, or placed their own mouths on the sex of another woman.

But what Jen didn't know wouldn't reduce her excitement, so in that sense playing the part of a nervous "virgin" was not sadistic at all, but a lovely gift, notwithstanding the fact that it postponed the moment when the older woman's aching need could find relief.

Eventually Bella was poised in the classic position, lying on her stomach between the widespread legs of her panting lesbian lover, her face and lips poised inches above the woman's dripping sex. Bella paused and relished the moment, inhaling the smell of aroused pussy, feasting her eyes on the sight of dripping wet, slippery, engorged pink cunt flesh. Ahhhhhh, love, this is what Bella lived for, although never before in the form of the oozing slit of a bullying Amazon bull dyke! Well, not really the "bull" part, thankfully – Jen didn't try to be a man, but all the rest, for sure. This might be taking "variety is the spice of life" a bit further than Bella would ordinarily go, but for all that she still found the truism no less appropriate. Bella dove in.

She had been concerned again over the dilemma of either withholding evidence of her skill and experience, or "blowing her cover" by delivering a thoroughly accomplished slit-licking. But Jen was so aroused and her need so all consuming that the problem did not arise. Bella took the woman's clit into her mouth, and began applying a straightforward up-and-down lapping with her tongue. Jen emitted a deep, satisfied "ahhhhh" at the contact. Bella then inserted one finger into the woman's cavernous vagina, which swallowed it without noticing, so she added a second, followed by a third, and then a fourth, and still she felt hardly any resistance. Bella had long, elegant fingers, but they were lost in the vast reaches of Jen's pink wetness!

Now Bella had never "fisted" another woman, but she knew all about the "theory" from her ongoing "research" in the realms of lesbian erotica and outright pornography. She had never performed the act because all of her previous lovers had been young teens, as she was herself, who never could have accommodated a full hand in their tender young vaginas. Given this context, she had always found the idea a little bit gross. Now, with Jen, Bella's context of knowledge changed: Fisting no longer seemed gross, but natural, given the woman's capacious cunt. "Well, in for a penny, in for a pound," Bella thought to herself, tucking her thumb in under the four fingers already buried to their hilt in Jen's dripping pussy. She removed her mouth from the older woman's clit so as to focus on this new experience, watching with fascination as her entire hand slowly disappeared into the slippery tunnel, which swallowed it up.

Bella pressed deeper until her hand below the wrist was completely submerged, and then pushed even deeper before coming to the end of the line, bumping her fist against Jen's cervix. It WAS a little bit gross, but exciting, also. She rotated her hand, feeling every contour of the inside of Jen's vagina in a way she had never experienced before. Then she began stroking gingerly.

Jen was in ecstasy. She LOVED the feel of another woman's fist filling her ample cunt, but had only received this treat from older, experienced fellow dykes. Getting it from a beautiful young teen who she thought to be a lesbian first-timer was all the more delicious, and her excitement reached new peaks. The fact that Bella had never done this communicated itself in the way she had hesitated and was being exceedingly cautious while performing the act, as if afraid she would break something. She could tell that Bella's action had come about in a perfectly un-premeditated manner: Not unusual for a curious "neophyte," Bella inserted a finger into the vagina of the woman she was performing oral sex on. Given its size, Jen's cunt had swallowed the finger, then another, another, and another. The next step was, well, logical.

However, neither woman was engaging in this kind of analysis at this point. Bella was concentrating on plumbing the depths of Jen's cunt with her fist and forearm, and Jen was focused on the orgasm that was rapidly coming to a head under Bella's indelicate ministrations.

Bella could tell that Jen was very close from the increasing tempo and urgency of her moans. She had no doubt about when Jen began to cum, because her fist and forearm were suddenly squeezed tightly as the spasms of relief powered through the muscular woman's flooding cunt. Bella was shocked at the sensation at first, even a little put off – this was a bit more of an "anatomy lesson" than the relatively inexperienced young woman had bargained for! But these feeling were quickly replaced by an overwhelming excitement and arousal. With Jen's throbbing pussy communicating every pulse of pleasure directly to the fist and arm it enveloped, Bella felt she was "riding along" with the woman's orgasm in the most intimate way possible. Her own cunt quivered with sympathetic vibrations.

The powerful contractions squeezing Bella's fist and forearm diminished to a series of weak pulses, then stopped altogether. Bella could not believe how exciting it had been, and notwithstanding her recent orgasm, her blood was pounding with her own arousal and urgent need for release! Not giving Jen any time to recover, the gorgeous undergrad crawled up the length of the big woman's body, placed a knee on either side of her head, and dropped her flooding cunt demandingly onto the older lesbian's face. Jen responded eagerly to the pounding lust of her young lover, applying her tongue with gusto to the much more delicate snatch of the sexy undergrad.

Bella was on fire, but she tensed the muscles of her thighs and abdomen, holding back her release, for at least 90 seconds, letting the sensations build to a peak before relaxing and letting her orgasm pour forth and rock her perfect young body. Pour forth it did, drenching Jen's upturned face as she delightedly lapped up the juices flooding from the vagina of her horny young student.

Bella fell back on top of the big woman's reclining nakedness, spent and immobile as usual following an orgasm. The only reason she had gone for this second climax was because of the intense arousal brought on by vicariously "feeling" the other woman's orgasm through her fist and forearm. However, the big grad student was not at all unwilling to support the weight of this gorgeous, naked young adult woman lying on top of her own sated body.

Before collapsing on her back Bella had necessarily straightened her legs, which now hung from the knees over the end of the couch. Her nude thighs enclosed Jen's head, the hairs at the base of her sex ticking the older woman's chin. Tilting her head a bit gave Jen a perfect view of the precious pink 19-year-old cunt, still soaked and pulsating softly and the blood coursed through veins engorged with spent lust. Looking beyond this miracle of nature, she could cast her gaze the flat plain of her fit companion's firm stomach and torso, and lift her eyes to the soft, pink-tipped mountains of Bella's ample yet teen-firm breasts. Drinking in the magnificent scenery Jen again blessed her lucky stars, and thought, "Never mind the awesome pressures of

academe – life is good!"

In class the next week, Bella had the guilty feeling of a person who has "used" another to gratify purely physical sexual desires. She was somewhat shocked and embarrassed by the way she had lost control at the end of her and Jen's one-night-stand, demanding the woman suck her pussy after her own lust had been inflamed by the resolution of her first "fisting" experience. That act still gave her a slight case of the willies, although it felt perfectly natural at the time, and she had no doubt that she would happily do it again in the right circumstances – over and over again, most likely.

She soon realized that there was no reason for her to feel uncomfortable, though. Jen had been delighted with the encounter, and had no idea that she was the victim of a minor deception, still thinking that it had been Bella's first lesbian experience. For her part, Bella also had nothing to complain about. The sex had been awesome. She felt a teensy bit ashamed by the deception she had perpetrated, but that faded when she saw Jen go right back to her bullying tactics in class. Although she had more sympathy for the woman now, given her new appreciation of the pressures Jen was under, there was still no excuse for her to take out those frustrations on innocent undergrads. And there was still that suspicion about Jen's relationship with those struggling female

students . . .

When Bella had recovered from her second orgasm the night of their tryst, she had dressed and left Jen's apartment, walking across campus back to her own. Jen had been sweet, appreciating the mixed feelings likely to be at war within the psyche of a young woman who has had her "first" experience of illicit lesbian sex, which she thought was the case with Bella. Now, Bella wondered if the woman would seek another helping from the luscious undergrad. Ten days after their Friday night encounter, the invitation came – but with a twist.

"Hey Bella – I'm having some girls over for a little party at my place on Saturday night. I would love it if you could join us."

Bella noted the "girls" part of Jen's announcement, and also picked up an unusual emphasis on the word "party." Her heart skipped a beat, because she had a pretty good idea of what kind of "party" this was likely to be. More like an orgy, she suspected. A LESBIAN orgy, she corrected herself, and felt the familiar thrill of forbidden fruit. She was frightened, too, though, because her tryst with Jen had been so far outside of her past experience and usual preferences in girl-girl sex that that she wasn't sure. Still – the idea of several naked young women together, all in the throes of lesbian lust . . .

"Thanks, Jen, I would love to join you," she answered.

"Great, we'll see you Saturday. Uh, Bella . . . we might go late, so you might want to plan on spending the night . . ."

"Uh-oh," Bella thought. "Uh-oh, and Oh Boy! that is," she again corrected herself.

"Uh, OK, I guess. Yeah, that sounds like fun. OK, I'll see you there," is what Bella actually said.