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AN: This is just a quick piece that I happened upon today while I was cleaning out my hard drive (a good example of selective laziness). I originally started it for a theme challenge over on PRU (you can find another of my responses to the same challenge, Cold, in my story list) but I never submitted it. I hope you enjoy the (finally) finished product.


Breathing had never meant much beyond being a necessity for survival. She'd never given it much thought, even on her first voyage into space while Kai gripped her arm, whispering worries over the state of the oxygen tanks. But the moment Leo Corbett bumped into her breathing took on a whole new meaning. Suddenly it was a struggle getting air to move smoothly to and from her lungs. It got easier after that first meeting and soon she no longer had to focus on the rise and fall of her own chest just because he walked into the room. But occasionally he'd catch her off guard and it would be just like that first time all over again. And then one day she didn't have to breathe at all and it was suddenly so, so easy. Everything made perfect sense and she knew -- as surely as she knew that she was pink -- that she loved him. And that only made everything so much harder because she knew she couldn't stay. She left with only a second glance to pass on her saber; anything more and she wouldn't have been able to leave at all.

And then she was back. Back on Mirinoi and somehow the planet had shaken off its stone prison. Trees flourished, fields of flowers rippled in cool summer winds, birds warbled for joy, life had returned to all the planet's inhabitants -- all except the people. They remained statues, lifeless. Time had passed, she knew, between her last memory and this next one but she had experienced none of it and so didn't care. And after yet another time, whether it was a moment or a millennium she never knew, people came. She could feel the pull of her saber like a limb stretched too far and knew it was her people. But it was not until she felt him, saw him, heard him, whichever sense it was that registered him first she could never decide -- it was not until he returned that she breathed once more. The air entering her lungs in one burst so great that she had to let it out before it choked her. And as she stepped forward in a body she had thought lost forever she joked, because she could think of nothing else to say. And as she embraced her friends she relished her breathlessness because she had never thought to have him so near again.

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