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Holly: Awwww, why is L yelling at me?

Mello: Because you're lazy.

Holly: I'm writing!

Near: A completely random thing, though.

Holly: True. I got bored. The only TWEWY OGaMM I saw up was for Koki Kariya, so, I thought I'd make some more! :3

Matt: You're totally stalling.

Holly: Maybe.]]



You are now the owner of your own fully-automated NEKU SAKURABA unit. To learn the uses and modes of your semi-dead emo teen, please read the following manual carefully. We are not responsible for any injuries resulting from not reading these instructions.


Name: Neku Sakuraba. Nicknames include Phones, Blue, Black & Blue, Bruise, Orangeylocks, and Nekky, but you're probably best off calling him Neku. Especially do not call him Nekky unless you happen to be a NAO unit. Your NEKU unit can sense fangirls.

Date of Manufacture: Exact date unknown: year of manufacture is 1992 (calculated by the original Japanese release date)

Place of Manufacture: Shibuya, Japan.

Height: Average.

Weight: Slightly underweight.

Set: PLAYER SET™ (NEKU, SHIKI, BEAT, RHYME, special edition: NAO, SOTA)



These include:

Three (3) black shirts with purple stripes down the center (size S)

Three (3) baggy white shirts

One (1) pair of black and purple shoes

One (1) white MP3 player on a lanyard (do not try to take this from your NEKU unit; he may react violently.)

One (1) pair of black and purple headphones (see below for information on your NEKU unit and his headphones)

One (1) Player Pin™(this cannot be removed until you have deprogrammed or completed the Player function.)

Twenty (20) other assorted pins. This set will always include the Pyrokinesis Pin™, the Shockwave Pin™, the Cure Drink Pin™, the Force Rounds Pin™, the Psychokinesis Pin™, and the Thunderbolt Pin™; the other fourteen pins are chosen at random. Note that all included pins will be at low level and not very powerful; your NEKU unit can make them more powerful by using them. You can buy any other pins you or your NEKU unit might wish to have from our catalog.

You should not have too much trouble unpacking your NEKU unit. If it refuses to exit the box it came in, simply inform your NEKU unit that you hold the key to his missing memories. When he runs out of the box, clonk him on the head and throw the box away. Congratulations- he's now yours.



It can be somewhat difficult to figure out what to do with your NEKU unit, as he is of limited functionality. However, there are some suggested functions that he can perform.

Player: No, not that kind of player, you pervert. This is your NEKU unit's default function, as he believes himself to be stuck in a game in which he is fighting for his life. You are likely to find him running around asking where the Noise are. Your NEKU unit cannot properly perform this function without a partner, preferably a SHIKI or BEAT unit, though a JOSHUA 1.0 unit will work equally well. This function has little practical use, but it is fun watching your NEKU unit run around and attack invisible things. However, if you are worried about him breaking your things, you are best off reprogramming his function. As a warning, if you do not buy your NEKU unit a partner and his function remains set at Player, he may die for no apparent reason at any time. If this happens, he has been Erased. No refunds may be made in this circumstance. After your NEKU unit's Happy mode is unlocked, the Player function has been completed and cannot be activated again. Your NEKU unit's Player Pin™ will disappear, and you may have your NEKU unit perform whatever other function you choose.

Bodyguard: NEKU units are notoriously selfish, and unless you find a way to reward him, this function is unlikely to work properly. However, if a SHIKI unit asks him, or if you somehow get your NEKU unit to like you, he will defend you to the death. Admittedly, his pins are only usable against Noise, but he's a good companion nonetheless.

Graffiti Artist: NEKU units are extremely fond of graffiti, particularly that of the artist CAT (otherwise known as the SANAE unit). Though it is unknown whether the NEKU unit himself creates graffiti, it is known that he must have a creative mind, and this is a possible function to explore. Take him with you next time you happen to be tagging up the side of a building, and see if he responds.

Boy Toy: Consider this a highly OOC function. We don't know how to unlock it- we have never done it successfully- but you'd probably be better off not trying, particularly if there is a SHIKI unit (or possibly a JOSHUA unit) around.



Your NEKU unit comes with nine (9) different modes. These include:

Apathetic (default)




Calm (lv. 1 lock) (second default)

Betrayed (lv. 1 lock)

Protective (lv. 2 lock)

Happy (lv. 5 lock)

TIN PIN SLAMMER! (lv. 10 lock)

Until your NEKU unit unlocks Happy mode, he will wear his headphones at all times, signifying his detachment from the world, not to mention his disdain for his owner- that is to say, you. It is unknown whether or not he is actually listening to music when the headphones are on, as he will generally still responds to speech, though sometimes when in Apathetic or Angsty modes he will simply ignore you. This is normal. Do not try to remove the headphones- we are not responsible for any injuries that result from trying to take a NEKU unit's headphones away.

Apathetic and Angsty can seem quite similar at first glance. Apathetic is the default mode, but Angsty mode is activated when your NEKU unit thinks about how much he dislikes other people, or how he has lost his memories. It is not recommended that you speak to your NEKU unit during Angsty mode, as you will generally be either ignored or snapped at.

Irritated and Angry modes are actually quite different. Irritated mode is caused by NEKU's dislike of other people and can be activated by exposure to a JOSHUA 1.0 unit or a BEAT unit. A NEKU unit will react this way at first to a SHIKI unit, but after a few days he will become Calm instead, and spending time with a SHIKI unit is generally positive for a NEKU unit. Angry mode is typically more righteous and is aimed at other units that are threatening to him, such as the HIGASHIZAWA, MINAMIMOTO, KONISHI, UZUKI or KARIYA units. Angry mode can often lead into the Protective mode, particularly when your NEKU unit has bonded closely with a SHIKI unit.

The Calm mode may seem similar to the Apathetic mode, as it does not manifest itself in an outpouring of emotion, but the difference is that in Calm mode your NEKU unit does care about what is going on around him, and possibly about other people. Prolonged exposure to a SHIKI unit will unlock this, but it will also appear whenever your NEKU unit is around a SANAE unit. Becomes the default mode after spending a certain period of time with a SHIKI unit, generally four to six days.

The Betrayed mode is unlocked whenever your NEKU unit feels- you guessed it- betrayed. This mode is usually activated only for a short period of time as he discovers that he was not betrayed after all. However, this may be activated for a longer period if your NEKU unit discovers a JOSHUA 1.5 unit.

The Happy mode is very difficult to unlock, and prolonged exposure to the SHIKI, BEAT and RHYME units will generally unlock it eventually. This process usually takes about three weeks. When this process is complete, your NEKU unit's Player function will be completed and henceforth be locked. The method for unlocking the TIN PIN SLAMMER! mode is so far unknown, but that is probably for the best for everyone involved.



When your NEKU unit is still in Apathetic mode, most other units will simply be ignored. Other reactions are as follows:

SHIKI MISAKI: At first, your NEKU unit will treat a SHIKI unit with disdain (as he does most people), and she will probably activate his Irritated mode fairly often. However, since he believes he needs a partner, he will generally stay with a SHIKI unit regardless. Over time, she will unlock his Calm mode- as he begins to care more about her, and about life- and eventually she will unlock his Protective mode. If a SHIKI unit disappears, your NEKU unit will fight to get her back. If you're planning on setting up your NEKU unit with a JOSHUA unit (or any other unit; we don't judge), you'd be best off not purchasing a SHIKI unit. It is unknown whether the Happy mode can be unlocked without a SHIKI unit. In Happy mode, these two units will be close friends, possibly even dating.

YOSHIYA "JOSHUA" KIRYU: Your NEKU unit will be on permanent Irritated mode at first when a JOSHUA 1.0 unit is around. Eventually he will get used to it, and this will activate Calm mode. He will be Angsty when a JOSHUA 1.0 leaves, but when he encounters JOSHUA 1.5 (that is, a JOSHUA unit that looks normal, but has unlocked its Composer function), it will activate Betrayed mode. It is unknown how a NEKU unit would react to a JOSHUA 2.0 unit.

DAISUKENOJO "BEAT" BITO: Your NEKU unit will generally alternate between Irritated mode and Apathetic mode when he first meets a BEAT unit. However, if he has already interacted with a SHIKI and a JOSHUA unit, your NEKU unit will remain Calm around a BEAT unit, though he may occasionally still become Irritated. A NEKU unit discovering a SPECIAL EDITION BEAT (REAPER) will activate the NEKU unit's Betrayed mode. Interaction with a BEAT unit will help unlock Happy mode. In Happy mode, these two units will get along well.

YODAI HIGASHIZAWA, SHO MINAMIMOTO, MITSUKI KONISHI: All of these units will attack your NEKU unit, and it is best for the safety of all units involved to avoid interaction. They will generally provoke your NEKU unit's Angry mode. If your NEKU unit is beset upon by one of these three units, your NEKU unit will be destroyed unless he pairs up with a SHIKI, JOSHUA 1.0, or BEAT unit, respectively. In this case the opposing unit will be destroyed. No refunds will be given. As an additional warning, MINAMIMOTO units are prone to giving NEKU units painful headaches. Again, the best solution is to keep them apart.

RAIMU "RHYME" BITO: Your NEKU unit will be Apathetic towards a RHYME unit until the RHYME unit is destroyed. A RHYME unit cannot be revived until the NEKU unit unlocks Happy mode, at which point he and RHYME will get along well.

UZUKI YASHIRO, KOKI KARIYA: These two units will sometimes activate your NEKU unit's Angry mode, but will just as often only activate the Irritated mode. When your NEKU unit is in his Calm mode, sometimes he and the UZUKI and KARIYA units will almost get along. Your NEKU unit will get along better with a KARIYA unit than an UZUKI unit. Shippers beware.

SANAE HANEKOMA: Your NEKU unit worships SANAE units, as the SANAE unit is the actual identity of CAT, the graffiti artist your NEKU unit is obsessed with. NEKU units do not know this at first, but still will get along with SANAE units. NEKU units will always be Calm around SANAE units, though the NEKU unit will temporarily activate Betrayed mode when he believes that SANAE is the Composer.



Do not attempt to clean your NEKU unit- he is perfectly capable of cleaning himself. We are not responsible for any injuries caused by trying to hand clean a NEKU unit.



Your NEKU unit, being a teenage boy, requires three meals a day. His favorite foods include chicken nuggets, shoyu ramen, and mushrooms, but he will eat anything you put in front of him.



Q: A friend of mine bought a JOSHUA unit, and he won't stop chasing my NEKU unit around. Is this normal?
A: Yes, entirely. JOSHUA units, at least until they're upgraded, will appear somewhat obsessive over NEKU units. If this is bothering you, try hitting the JOSHUA unit with a large stick and returning it to its owner.

Q: My NEKU unit will not talk to me. All he does is listen to whatever's on those stupid headphones of his. He's totally ignoring me. How do I get him to talk to me?
A: All NEKU units are like this to some degree. If your NEKU unit doesn't like you- and he doesn't like most people- try buying a SHIKI unit or borrowing a friends to bring him out of his shell. After a week in her company, your NEKU unit should be nicer to you.

Q: My NEKU unit along with my SHIKI unit have been destroying everything in my house. He says he's "fighting the Noise". How do I get him to stop?
A: You'll have to reprogram him. Your NEKU unit is performing his Player function, and if he stops attacking things he will die unless you switch his function.

Q: My NEKU unit dropped dead out of nowhere. What happened?
A: Most likely you left your NEKU unit with his Player function activated without a partner. Nothing for you to do: just send him back for disposal.

Q: I think something is wrong with my NEKU unit. I asked for an orange-haired dude from The World Ends With You, but instead of a little emo boy hiding under his headphones, I got some guy with a lollipop and wings instead! The worst part is, he's been eating all my lollipops! What gives?!
A: Ah, apologies for the mistake- you should have been a bit more specific. It appears you have accidentally received a KOKI KARIYA unit. If you want to keep him, do so, but otherwise you can send him back to us and you'll receive a NEKU unit, free of charge.

Q: An UZUKI unit asked my NEKU unit to "erase" my SHIKI unit and he just did. Any help? -- submitted by PMiller1
A: By the time you receive this answer, you will already know the answer to this, but: did your SHIKI unit reappear the next day? It is quite normal for your NEKU unit to 'erase' your SHIKI unit not long after you receive them. This is perfectly normal, and your SHIKI unit will be unharmed. If the SHIKI unit does not reappear, the NEKU unit is malfunctioning. Please send it back to us, we will reprogram him and refund you the cost of shipping. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Your NEKU unit has a money-back guarantee lasting for three years, unless you clearly go against the guidelines detailed here, in which case we are not obliged to accept a return. Your NEKU unit should live for quite a bit longer than that, unless he is swarmed by yaoi fangirls and their JOSHUA units. There is nothing we can do to prevent that from happening.


Holly: Done. :3 Have any questions for the FAQ? Just review with them!