This is not connected to my "Black Crayons" stories, no matter how fun those are. Instead, I noticed a lack of fun stories with Miles. In fact, in the movie, he disappears after Sam's frantic phone call practically. Thus, I give his theory on why everything with Sam changes. Trust me; fact is not always stranger than fiction. Miles theory was crazier than what really happened to Sam.

Satan's Camaro

Miles couldn't believe how much things could change over the course of one weekend. At the beginning, his best friend Sam was at the bottom of the social food chain alongside him. He had no girlfriend, just a major crush on the most gorgeous member of the high school experience. She also belonged to the toughest Neanderthal on the football team. Sam had just earned, by the skin of his teeth, a car of his own. A blinding yellow, piece of junk, old Camaro that's radio was as messed up as the rest of it. Miles knew, even as he was left behind in a trail of dust, Sam had no chance of advancing himself, even with a set of wheels.

The next day, he gets a call from a panicked Sam. His friend was shouting about his car stealing itself and that he "bought Satan's Camaro." Miles heard him say he was coming right over, but he never showed up. Then weird things happened on the news: asteroids, blackouts, Hoover dam, and some sort of disaster in the city. It was like a miniature Armageddon.

After the weekend is when Miles saw the real change. Sam, greatest loser in the school next to him, not only had the girl of his dreams on his arm, but also had the sweetest ride ever. His car was still a yellow Camaro with black racing stripes, but now it looked top of the line and brand new. Reality was just too weird now. There was only one logical explanation for it that Miles could think of.

It really was Satan's Camaro. Sam sold his soul to the piece of junk and in exchange, all his wishes had come true. He got the car of his dreams and the perfect girl. Thus, Sam goes from invisible to unbelievable in one easy step. His best friend had become a tool of evil for a few scraps of notability. Miles knew Sam had tried to warn him with that phone call, but now it was too late. Sam was trapped with the ideal girlfriend, an awesome car, a perfect lifeā€¦

Miles stared as Sam and Mikaela pulled up and got out of the Camaro. As they left the parking lot, he wandered over to the waiting vehicle. Checking to see if the coast was clear, he bent over to the hood.

"If you need another minion," he whispered, "I'll take a Ferrari and a professional supermodel."