Her Battle

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Studying her reflection in the store's window, the teen girl sighed. She couldn't for the life of her figure out what to do. She knew that it was wrong, but she was jealous of her friend. For four years they had known each other, four years of friendship, trials, and difficulties. Fighting battle after battle and letting nothing stop them.

At least, not until now.

Four years of friendship that not even the Digimon Sovereign Zhuqiaomon could hope to break was now being threatened by a red eyed brown haired sixteen year old boy.

One Takato Matsuki

Part of her felt guilty for even thinking about the boy. Sure, her life wasn't perfect, it was filled with problems and family issues like everyone else's. But compared to what her friend had gone through in life, she had it easy.

But at the same time, there was a part of her didn't care. She was human; she had the right to feel this way just as much as her friend did, didn't she? Why should her friend be the only one to get what she wants?

"You were thinking about him again, weren't you?"

It wasn't a question as much as it was a statement.

With a frustrated sigh, the teenage girl turned to her partner with a slight frown.

"Was I that obvious?"

Her partner, while generally respectful to all, had changed a bit over the four years they had worked together. She had become much more comfortable around people, and now even expressed a varying range of emotions in plain sight, something she never would have been seen doing a few years back.

"Well, you were staring at a dress of all things, and that's not exactly like you now is it?"

The girl scoffed.

"Please, like I would ever be seen wearing something like that? No way, never," the girl denied as she walked away from the store window and continued down the sidewalk. Her partner keeping perfect stride beside her.

While the general populous still knew very little about Digimon, and Hypnos was still top secret, the Tamer's themselves were rather well known, as were their partners.

Officially they were just a bunch of kids with very unique pets. Unofficially however, they were government sanctioned and fully deputized agents of the law. Their authority was limited, but they still had it. In the event of a bio-emergence, their authority superseded all. They had no equals in those situations and their word was law.

Also, as one particularly pesky stalker had quickly discovered, threatening them was like threatening a government agent.

A very, very bad idea.

That was the only reason people didn't fear her or her partner, they were well known and for the most part respected.

One, while having a gentle appearance at first glance and not seeming to be much of a threat, was actually very powerful. Having fought and defeated Deva, and other Deva level Digimon in the past. The other was the five foot two tomboy Digimon Queen. A title that she had worked hard to earn and tried even harder to uphold.

With a nearly perfect record in the card game, as well as in Taming, she was doing a spectacular job.

Now, of all the Tamers, she was the one to have undergone the most changes since meeting her partner. She was a great deal calmer now than she had been years earlier, but at the same time she had learned how to express herself how and when she wanted to, rather than falling back on old failsafe tactics.

The girl smirked at that thought.

Every now and then she would put on a show and act like her old self. And every time she did, it would scare the living daylights out of the others, especially Kazu and Kenta.

"I still don't know how those two became Tamer's. They just goof off all the time! Kenta's actually pretty smart when Kazu's not around, but Kazu couldn't sit still through a funeral to save his life!"

Still, she tolerated the two if for no other reason than they were Takato's friends. That alone was all that shielded them from her wrath.

"I still need to get Kazu back for that little comment of his last week. No way could that tin can of a partner of his lay a finger on MY Digimon."

Her partner seemed to be reading her thoughts and shot her a warning look, almost like it would make her instantly forgive him for the remark. Though it was futile, she appreciated that her partner was trying her best to keep her from going too far.

Thinking about getting back at Kazu however only led her thoughts back to the red eyed wonder.

Going through her memories, she tried to find just when it was that the goggle headed youth had wormed his way into her heart. She remembered the first time that she saw him with Henry, then how frequently she saw him with her after that. Then there was the whole fiasco with going to the Digital World.

That made her shiver.

Tightening the denim jacket she wore around her thin frame, she tried to block out that line of thinking. The battles, Impmon becoming Beelzemon, her partner nearly being killed before her very eyes.

Guilmon becoming Megidramon.

Another shudder passed through her body.

She hadn't shown it at the time because of everything else that was happening, but at that very moment, Takato did something he had never done to her before.

He scared her.

She had only known him for a few weeks, but in that time she had come to see him as a good natured person, someone that always turned the other cheek and seemed to have a bottomless well of both patients and compassion.

But at that moment, in just the blink of the eye, her mental perception of the boy was completely destroyed.

No longer did she see him as that goofy bumbling Gogglehead. He was a sleeping volcano, dormant and calm unless provoked.

To date, she could still count the number of times his temper got the better of him on one hand, but that only served to reinforce the degree of his inner strength, what it took to hold back that raging inferno that burned within him.

He was the last one to loose his cool, the last one to give up, and the last one to fall in battle.

The other reason she tried to avoid thinking about that particular incident is it was a very sore subject for her. She had been next to useless in that final battle with Beelzemon, were it not for the timely arrival of Gallantmon, her partner surly would have died. Then, not even a few minutes later, she had only been able to watch as MegaGargomon did the only real damage against Zhuqiaomon, again she and her partner had been useless.

Following that on her less than stellar record at the time was the various battles and skirmishes with the D-Reaper. She hated to admit it, but what had she actually done to help fight it? Takato and Gallantmon fought and destroyed Agent 01, and were responsible to rescuing Jeri. Beelzemon, despite being gravely injured had even managed to cause more damage to the D-Reaper than she had! The final pin in the preverbal cushion had been when Henry and Terriermon singlehandedly eradicating the D-Reaper from existence.

The best she had managed to do was take out some of the innumerable agents of the D-Reaper, no better than Kazu or Kenta.

And that stung her pride worst than anything.

Going over those battles, she did find one tiny little thing to cause her to smile however.

"Of course, that's pretty much all Ryo was able to do too, and he's supposed to be the 'Digimon King'."

While she had managed to get to know him a bit better since then, she still didn't see him as more than a good acquaintance. There was just something about him the rubbed her the wrong way.

"Then again, he was also about as useless as the rest of us when the Parasimon invaded. If it hadn't been for Takato…" She never gave it anymore thought than that though for one simple and irrefutable reason.

Takato never had, and never would fail. It was not just hopeful wishing on her part, it was law, and it would never be anything else. He had come through for them no matter how powerful the enemy was.

That made her smile grow even more. Just thinking about the knight in shinning armor was enough to make her noticeably more pleasant, but for the sake of her reputation she was careful to keep such thoughts to herself.

Beep chirp beep chirp beep chirp

"Huh? A wild one?" Checking her D-Arc, she saw that there was indeed a Bio-emergence, and it was very close.

Grinning at the prospect of venting some of her aggregation, she reached for her cell phone.

Just like clockwork.

Ring ring ring

Ring ring ring

Flipping her new Razor XF open, she didn't even need to check the screen to see who it was from.

"There has been a level seven Bio-emergence detected near you in the Shibuya subway terminal. Should I contact the others or do you think you can handle it on your own?"

It took everything she had to hold back from laughing.

"It must be a new recruit, that or Riley finally managed to browbeat Yamaki into taking a vacation," she thought with a smirk.

"Don't bother the others, I'll handle it myself. If it's a level seven it's barely an Ultimate. How long do I have until it completes Bio-emergence?" She asked as she started running down the stairs to the subway station.

"Three minutes twenty seconds. It's in the middle of the tunnels though, so we'll redirect any currently in route rail lines," the young and noticeably male operator said professionally.

"Alright, I'm on it." Closing her cell phone, she jumped down onto the tracks and started running towards the tunnels, her partner running along beside her.

After just a few minutes of running, her D-Arc arrow started spinning in circles, then showed four inwardly pointing triangles.

"This is it, ready?"

Her partner nodded in response, already shifting into her battle mindset and focusing her senses to find the enemy.


The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

"No…it cant be.."


"Well, well, well. Of all the humans to run into, and Digimon Tamer's at that, what are the chances of the first one I come across being you?"

Swallowing the lump in her throat, she could feel her resolve weaken ever so slightly. Over the years she had battled many wild ones, and had only required occasional assistance.

But this one…

This one still gave her nightmares, even after four years.

"No…that's…that's impossible! Takato and Guilmon, they destroyed you!"

The lights flickered as a train passed by overhead. The sound of its wheels grinding across the metal trusses seemed miles and miles away to her. Her entire being was focused on the creature standing only a few dozen feet away from her.

"Why do I feel so cold? It's not like back then, there's no ice here!" Her mind tried to reason that this was a subway tunnel, not a meat locker. But her body just couldn't seem to focus on that, instead only focusing on the horrible memories of four years ago.

"What's the matter? Cant think of any greetings for your true partner?" It taunted while walking ever so slowly towards her.

Images of her friends trying to help her flashed across her mind, Takato dead set on freeing her, the coldness, the dark, it all seemed to be crushing down on her. She could almost feel the clawed hands resting on her shoulders once more.

"Takato defeated you, you're dead!" She shouted.


The Digimon cackled wildly at hearing her stammer, even spreading open its wings and throw out its hands in a mocking way, almost as if it were putting itself on display to prove the fact that it was very much alive.

"That boy only managed to slow me down. True, his pest of a partner did manage to absorb a great deal of my data, and it has taken me quite some time to recover," pausing, the Digimon smirked.

"But he's not here to save you this time, is he?"

Calming her face as best she could, she reached for her D-Arc with one hand, and her modifier cards with the other.

"Now why go and waste your time fighting? You know that you are no match for me, and that we are destined to become partners. It is inevitable."

The girls face went from somewhat frightened to a scowl.

"A good friend taught me that we make our own destiny's. And I chose to make one without you," she hissed.

The Digimon shook its head as though it were trying to explain something to a very young child.

"We've done this dance before my dear, remember? You couldn't beat me then, you can't beat me now. And, if I'm not mistaken, the idiot who saved you last time we fought is…preoccupied, am I correct?"

"What!? But how?! How could it know that Takato's on a date with her?!"

Seeing her shocked expression, the Digimon's grin only grew even larger.

"Surprised? My dear, I am a Digimon, I have access to everything digital. Every security camera, every computer, everything. Why do you think I chose to Bio-emerge here of all places? It's as isolated as you can get, and as far away from the fool as can be."

Hearing the insult to Takato, a piece of her resolve returned. She was still afraid, that was true. But she, and every other member of the Tamer's knew just how powerful her anger could be.

"Don't. Insult. Takato," she ordered.

The Digimon laughed again.

"Oh, touch a nerve did I? Good, let me see you anger, show me your true power! The power that will be mine when I destroy your pathetic excuse of a partner and take its place!"

"Don't let your anger control you, remember what Takato said, anger is what created Megidramon. I have to stay in control."

Pulling two cards from her deck clip, and holding them between her middle and index fingers with her right hand, she crossed it with her right arm that held her D-Arc in front of her body, like she was hugging herself.

Though her face was shadowed by her hair, and her voice was soft, it gained strength and intensity with each word spoken.

"First you insulted me, then you insulted my partner, and then you insulted Takato. I wouldn't care if you were Machinedramon right now, no one gets away with that!"

Looking up at the Digimon, her eyes flashed with anger as she slid the first card though her D-Arc.


The words 'Matrix Digivolution' appeared across the black screen of her D-Arc as waves of stored Digital energy surged out to her partner.

Her partner smirked at the soon to be doomed Digimon. She was the only one that knew just how bad her Tamer's temper truly was, and the consequences of anyone who dared to insult Takato in her presence.

Feeling the data burst course through her, she closed her eyes as she felt her body changing. The skin tearing away, her very core being charged with power. Muscles grew and tendons stretched, but the pain was familiar, and it was nothing compared to the pain that she would soon be inflecting.

Finally, feeling that her transformation was complete, she tore through the cocoon of data with a burst of power. Charged and reborn, ready to fight.

"Last time, you caught me by surprise, and manipulated me when I was unsure of myself. But this time…this time YOU WILL PAY!" The girls voice echoed through the tunnels like a judges gavel.

Judgment had been cast.

It wasn't until now that the Digimon realized just what it had unleashed on itself. But before it could even move, its eyes focused on the remaining card in the young girl's hand, and widened in fear.


Holding out her right arm, the girl's partner felt another surge of data flow through her as WarGreymon's head encased her raised hand like a Chromedigizoid gauntlet. Then, with a flourish she swung it out to her side as the holy blade emerged.

The girl looked at the Digimon with eyes of pure malice and hate, hate that had be awakened from the insults at both her partner, and the boy who had saved her in more ways then one, hate that had simmered and built up from four years worth of nightmares and sleepless nights.

With a voice colder than death itself, she spoke only three words.

They would be the last three words that LadyDevimon would ever hear.

"Antylamon destroy her."

End chapter 1

AN: FOOLED YOU! It wasn't Rika that this chapter starred, but the unassuming Suzie Wong! That's right readers; I gave her a little case of the crushes on Takato in this series! I wanted to completely redesign Suzie from the ground up, make her into a true Tamer and not some sideline cheerleader as is the case with the cannon series and is in most fannon. Now, I know that some of the parts in here might not have made sense, but they are not random or misprints. Rika has stepped down from her rank of Digimon Queen, and Suzie is the new holder of the title, but only the title. Rika is, and always will be the true Digimon Queen. As for what the heck was going on here with Suzie and LadyDevimon, that's for another story I have in mind. Hope you liked it, and hope that I got you with the ending! If you check back, I never once referred to her, her partner, OR LadyDevimon by name until the very end. That was to trick you readers into a lull and not see what was really going on. I suggest you go back and reread this with Suzi in mind and not Rika. Remember, MY Suzie is not the same as cannon Suzie.

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