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"Ugh…what…what happened? Last thing…last thing I remember…was…"

Flashes of light, screams of terror and cries of pain flashed across her mind as she tried to pull her thoughts together.


Gasping in pain, Renamon pushed herself up, feeling every muscle, every nerve, and every ounce of her being screaming in agony.

"Where…where am I?"

Another flash, this time of a silver and gold blade pointing at her from above jumped to the front of her mind.


As she stumbled and nearly fell, Renamon felt herself slam into something hard. Since she was still standing and not on the ground, she guessed it to be a wall of some sort.

Blinking several times she tried to clear her vision, but everything was blurry and her eyes were stinging painfully. She quickly found that the more she blinked, the worse it got.

A third flash, this time of the sword disappearing from view, followed by blackness.

"It…I…remember…uggh, it huts…to think…what…what happened? Where are…where are the others?"

Steadying herself against the wall, Renamon reached up with the back of her free hand to try and wipe her face.

The moment her arm made contact with her face however, a searing pain flashed through her body unlike anything she had felt before.

She was a fighter, a warrior, a creature born to fight so pain was nothing new to her. But this was on a whole different level. She could feel her stomach, which she knew to be empty trying to heave from the pain she was experiencing.

Retracting her arm, she stared at the red stain that spread over a decent sized area of her arm guard.

"I…am…bleeding? Why? How…how did I get injured?"

More flashes sped across her vision, tiny bits and pieces but none of them clear enough to form a coherent picture. She remembered being thrown into several walls, and being struck from behind at least once, but not the source of the blows nor the reason behind them.

"I…what is that noise? I can't think with all this noise, I need," looking up, Renamon felt her fur turn bleach white.


Everywhere her eyes could see, dark crimson flames danced and leapt about. She could see the remnants of a few buildings still standing, but nothing that one could call a solid structure.

Her eyes once again were filled with a stinging sensation as they started clouding up.

"Bad…this…this is bad. If I'm bleeding this badly…I…don't have much…time left."

Using the wall for support, Renamon limped along until she no longer felt wall at her side, but air.

And fell.

"Sovereigns!" Renamon cried out in pain when she hit the ground. She was about to push herself up again when she heard the unmistakable sound of heavy footsteps and jostling armor.

"Come, our work here is done. We must vacate the area before-"

Focusing her hearing, Renamon tried to make out what was being said, but her body was just in too much pain. It filled her senses and blocked out everything else.

"I'm…not…I'm not finished…yet.."

Drawing strength from her will, Renamon forced the pain down to a level where she could at least function. It was still pure agony for her, but at least she had a few of her senses about her.

She could hear something almost like a static charge building, and then felt a rush of cool air wash over her.

Before she could find relief in it from the blazing inferno surrounding her however, it disappeared.

"No…this…this is wrong…I…"

Once again forcing herself up, she tried her best to ignore the pain, knowing that if she let anything break her concentration that she wouldn't be able to will herself any further.

Again she heard screams of pain and anguish fill her mind, but something told her that they were memories, not current.

Forcing her body to move, one pained step at a time, Renamon looked up once more.

"What…no…who…is that?"

In the distance, she was able to make out a large object of some sort. Despite not recognizing what it was, she knew it was not normal, she knew it didn't belong here.

And she could see it moving.


Fur standing on end, Renamon was powerless to suppress the shudder that passed through her.



She had seen much battle in her short life, and seen equally much death. But whatever that cry was, it was unlike anything she had ever heard before. The raw emotional backlash from it threatened to make her fall to her knees in tears.

So much pain.

So much anguish

So much suffering

"How…how can…anyone…how could anything live with that much pain?" She thought as she felt a lone tear fall from her eye.

In spite of her current condition, she would not, she COULD not look away. It was something terrible, something horrible, but at the same time, it was beautiful.

She was a warrior, a fighter. She lived for the fight, she lusted for the call of battle. It was her passion, her life, her very reason of being.

That cry, despite the suffering it carried, despite the pain it denoted, was a pure expression of passion to her ears.

She could hear it.

The seething anger that boiled at its core.

The unrestrained rage that bled from it.

The pureness of its hate.

She could feel the black and red aura of malice that writhed like a serpent around her neck, threatening to choke her even from this distance.

And it beckoned her, reached out to her like a moth to the flame.

Such a pure expression of ones feelings, desires, sufferings and being, it filled her senses. Its pureness and weight seeped through her pores forcing her to forget her own pain, replacing her tears of anguish with tears of sorrow for its owner.

Using what little strength she had left, Renamon moved in the direction of the call that summoned her as a slave, that beckoned her as would a master.

Though her senses were still clouded, now by both her own pain and the mournful cry of agony, she could see that she wasn't alone.

Others had joined her, summoned by the call, drawn to it and its strength. Though at first she thought they were few, she soon found herself moving in a herd well over a hundred.

She recognized one shape as the humanoid dragon WarGreymon. Its armor beaten and shattered, and its bare arms visible for all the world to see. The others were either too far away or too badly injured for her to distinguish. Most were limping at best, a good portion of them were dragging themselves across the ground one claw reach at a time.

It was odd though as none of those present tried to offer help to the injured, and at the same time, none of the injured ones asked for help. They all moved with a single unified purpose, a single goal and destination.


Again her fur stood on end. The cry was now much louder, as was the burden it carried. It was wild, untamable, pure in the most sacred and archaic sense.

No longer able to sense time, Renamon dredged her way to the source of the cry. She didn't know how long it had taken to reach, she didn't care, all that mattered was that she did.

What stood before the group that had assembled was an enormous figure that towered above even the largest of digimon. Surrounding its monstrous form were massive towers, each of which held a length of chain that ran from their top to the large creature and then back to the bottom, effectively holding it in place down on its stomach.

"Who…who is…this…I…I don't…remember…you…but…"

The creature's aura flashed and pulsated chaotically, saturating the air with the stale taint of death and decay. But something about it, something at its core felt familiar to her. She didn't know why, but she felt that she knew who this being was, that she had even been close to them at one time.

"Who…who is there?!"

Flinching, Renamon looked over her shoulder and saw the others had taken several steps away from the creature, but made no obvious motions to indicate fleeing.

"Show yourself you coward!"

The creatures head tried in vain to lift itself from the ground, but no matter how hard it pulled, no matter how much might the creature heaved the massive chains held it in place.

Trying to study the face, Renamon found that one of her eyes was now swollen shut, and that the other was stinging far worse than before making it difficult to see.

Moving several steps to the right, she came around to the side of the creatures head, putting herself in clear view of its large dimly glowing eye.

"You? You…survived? Pity, death in battle would have been more merciful little one."

"Who…are you?" Renamon asked, stepping towards the head, trying to get a better look at who she was talking to.

"Have I really been changed that much?"

The pain in its voice was obvious, as was the undercurrent of malice. But Renamon sensed that none of it was directed at her. She could feel a warmth from its aura reach out to her, as one would to family, or even a brother in arms.

Vaguely, and only in the barest sense, she knew that she had fought alongside him, she could feel the connection between them. They had fought and protected each other many times.

But the question now, was what from?

"I…am sorry. But I do not recognize you. Who are you?"

The large eye closed for a moment before reopening.

"It is better…that you do not know. I do not wish for your last thoughts to dwell upon such a matter."

Feeling her anger flash, Renamon almost didn't catch part of what he had said.

"Last thoughts?"

The massive head, though bound with chain managed a weak nod.

"Yes…you…and everyone else here…you have all been infected…call it a cruel sense of irony…and justice in the eyes of those lacking it."

The way he had hissed the word justice had caught her attention, but his warning trumped it in her mind.

Looking down at her arms, Renamon examined them as best she could with her one open eye.

"I…don't see anything…I don't…I don't feel anything…other than pain," Renamon replied looking back up at the creatures eye.

"You have been infected…that much I know for. Your simply being here has made that certain. It is there, inside of you, eating away at your core. It will continue to do so until nothing remains and every one of you is destroyed…I…apologize…for failing you."

Feeling a slight burning sensation under her arm guard, she pealed the cloth from her and let it drop to the ground when she saw what was there. Sure enough, she could see it now plain as day. On the top of her arm, directly behind her wrist was a patch of red glitching data slowly spreading from her arm.

Clenching her fist in defiance, Renamon looked up with a scowl.

"You don't expect us to just sit here and die do you? If this is a virus, there must be an antivirus! Only a fool would create a weapon that had no countermeasure."

Slowly, she could feel her memories returning to her. The warning they had been given, the plan to fight back, and their defeat.

"There…is a possibility. But it would be pointless. It won't be long now until everything is destroyed, just as it always has been since the dawn of time. The cycle cannot be broken."

Narrowing her one good eye, Renamon felt her scowl deepen.

"If there is a way, no matter how slight, we should take it. Possible death is an acceptable alternative to certain death," she growled.

As they spoke, beams of white light cut through from the clouds above, deleting everything they touched.

"If you have a way, let us use it! We can still fight as long as we live, but we can't do anything if we're dead!"

The beast's large jaw pulled back into the slightest of grins.

"If I help you…you will be hunted down, and exterminated, one by one until none remain. Is that truly what you wish?"

Hearing the beams moving closer towards their location, Renamon held up her arm before her with her fist clenched tightly.

"I want to fight, but to fight I have to live. If you have the means to grant us protection, even if only shortly, I beg of you to use them. I may no longer recognize you, but my instincts tell me that I can trust you with my life."

Seeing the large glowing eye barely widen, Renamon continued.

"Please? You're our only hope; you said that this was a cycle that could not be broken. Let us, let me prove that it can be."

Looking over her shoulder, Renamon stepped aside and held her arm out towards the others assembled.

"The choice is yours. Save us, or condemn us. We are at your mercy, not his," Renamon spat.

Slowly, almost painfully so, she could see a tiny spark in the back of the giants eye grow into an ember, then a full blown flame.

"Everyone! Gather here now! The circle is safe from the deletion beams, but only if you are touching it!" the giant bellowed, its voice thundering across the expanse.

It was like someone had thrown a light switch. Every digimon, large and small made a mad dash for the large circle that was beneath the massive digimon.

"Get under me now! There isn't much time!"

Renamon watched as the great beast summoned every ounce of strength it could to raise itself up and make room under it for more to gather.

Hearing a thunderous groaning sound, Renamon turned to see the chains give ever so slightly. They were far from breaking, but she could see that they were slowly being stretched bit by bit. Glancing back up she saw several of the unlucky digimon caught in the deletion beams and simply vanish while others faded before reaching the circle.

As the beams grew closer and closer, red glowing writing appeared on the surface of the circle, the towers and the chains before spreading to the large digimon himself.

"Just. One. More. Task" the voice hissed as the writing became more and more intricate, layers upon layers appearing, changing, shifting. With each new line of code that was added those who were gathered under the great beast began to glow with the same pulsing red aura as the circle.

Renamon's head snapped back to the large one and she gasped when she saw an immense pulse of date surge from the creatures body wash over herself and the others present.

"By the Sovereigns! It feels like my every bit is being scorched!" Renamon thought dropping to her knees as she felt something burning deep inside of her. It had started as a warm breeze, but then quickly escalated to unendurable levels. Bit by bit, she could feel each and every block of data that made her changing.

"This is my gift to you; I give you my curse, so that you might continue fighting!"

"Gift? What do-NO! We're not leaving you behind!" Renamon shouted as she felt a large pulse of data building up around the massive digimon. If it was planning what she thought it was planning things were indeed dire.

"You have no choice-"

Renamon ignored the giant's plea; she ignored the screaming pain of her body as it glitched repeatedly. Her mind was focused on one thing and one thing only. Freeing her friend.

Grabbing the large collar around his neck she hit it with every ounce of strength she could summon from her weakened body. She knew that she didn't have the strength to use a Power Paw, much less summon a Diamond Storm, but she had to try.

"You can't break these chains! There isn't enough time!"

"If I run now I'll blame myself until the day I die!"

The massive beast growled, then sighed.

"Please, if you do not run, you will be destroyed. They will return, and if they see you, they will destroy you without hesitation. Live in my memory, do not mourn it. I have no regrets for what I have done, and I ask that you do the same."

Ignoring him, Renamon continued to use her dwindling strength to try and break the chains.

"Very well, you leave me no choice. If you will not run, I will make you!" The massive digimon let loose a deep rumbling bellow before releasing the buildup of data it had been gathering.


Everything went white.

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