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Last chapter:

I yanked the door to reveal the Blacks, the Uleys, the Clearwater, and the rest of the pack. And the Cullens were right behind them.

Everybody does not look happy even Perky Alice Cullen.

Oh Shit! HELP!

Uh oh. I thought I told the Cullen's a different time… oh well I better make the best of it. Quick Bella think of something. Umm…

"Bonjour bienvenue sur mon humble demeure." I said bouncing up and down.

I waved for them to come in. I waited for everyone to come in before I closed the door. I led them all to the backyard where the food and tables were set up. The Rez went to the left and the Cullens sat perfectly at their table to the right. I walked over to Daddy who was standing in the center between the vamps and wolves. He smoothed his mustache and addressed our crowd.

"I'm pretty sure y'all are wondering why Bella," I smiled at everyone, "invited you here this evening. Well to get straight to the point, we have something that concerns all of you in this room." The wolves and the Cullens were looking at each other in question. I tapped Daddy's shoulder.

"Can I tell them Daddy?"

"Sure, baby girl." I nodded and stepped in front.

"What am I Emmett?" I asked.

"A blushing human like us." He chuckled.

"Jacob what am I?" I questioned.

"Human Bells." Jacob answered.

"Wrong. Neither my father nor I are human and neither are most of you."

"Then what are we then?" Rosalie said smug. Everyone nodded. Oh well I guess I have to be blunt with this.

"The Cullens are vampires, and the Rez boys are shape shifters. And my father and I are pixies. And y'all seriously have to hide that better. Just sayin'. You're probably thinking that we're just plain flat out crazy, but we're not. I promise. The reason we are telling you this that. In the matter of a couple months, our whole worlds will be changed. Harry Clearwater would have died of a heart attack, and I would have gotten bitten by a nomad vampire whose name is James." Sue was clinging to Henry's arm. "But the reason we told y'all was to stop all of this." I finished.

"You have got to be kidding me, Love."

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