I took a shallow breath as not to wake him up. He really needed the sleep. I, however, lay awake trying to remember the exact moment I fell in love with him, or even more curiously when he fell in love with me. From the day I met him everything had blended together like the colors of a rainbow. You knew they were there, but you couldn't tell the exact moment the hues joined. Love at first sight was too cheesy a metaphor for what we had. As I lay there in quiet contemplation I slowly drifted off into a dream that for once I didn't have to try to suppress.

"Come on Lily we're going to be late!" Carol screamed with agitation. I knew she hated that it still took me this long to get ready, but it had become too much of a habit to break. I ran out of the room where I had been loading my camera. We were seeing a new band tonight and I was hopeful I could take some good shots.

As we sped along the highway I couldn't help feeling like something amazing was going to happen tonight, something that was going to change the course of my life forever. That night I fell in love, with a band. When their lead singer started walking up to me after the show it felt as if it were a rock star. I was so in awe of him that I made a complete fool of myself. " Hi, I'm Rufus," he said calmly. I stared for a few minutes realizing he was waiting for a response. " Lily," I said quickly thrusting my hand at him. He had a great handshake. " So did you like the concert," he asked more shyly. " I loved it," I said in a warm voice. That was when we started dating

It's hard to say when our relationship grew into love, but I'm sure it was much sooner than when the actual words were used. " I love you Lil," he whispered quietly pushing back my soft hair as he said it. I kissed him again in response. I think that we had known for a while that we loved each other, so we never had found the occasion to say it until that perfect night.

I woke up from my dream to his lips on mine. I purred in response, still half asleep. " Good morning," Rufus said in a groggy voice. I murmured a tired response planning to go back to sleep when I caught a glimpse of my hand and the events of last night all came rushing back. I starred at the Lincoln Hawk symbol for a few minutes before I sat up and kissed him again. " I'm glad you proposed last night instead of when you had originally planned to," I said happily. " Why?" he asked with a laugh. " Because that was the most perfect proposal I've ever had," I uttered in response before he could pull me down in the bed again. I sighed contentedly as he kissed my neck at the future that lay ahead of us.