Title: Before the End
Fandom: Sunshine.
Word Count: 307.
Pairing: Capa/Mace (slash)
Rating: T.
Warnings: None.
Summary: Before completing the mission, Capa remembers what's most important to him.
Disclaimer: I don't own Sunshine.
Beta: None, so all mistakes are mine.
Author's Note: This is my first Sunshine fic. I hope you enjoy it.


Before the End

The sun is an outstanding star. Incredible. Perfect.

I'm blinded by its beauty. I've seen it many times, but it's only now that I can understand the meaning of this mission, of this crusade.

I'm lost in its brightness. I'm the only one left. Only I can do the job, and I better do it right.

It hurts. The suit won't make it to the end of the ride. Me neither.

And as I keep going towards the light, I remember our moments. Outer space drives you crazy. It transforms your perspective. It turns you into a ghost of the person you used to be.

But you and me, we recognize each other. We see who we are and we interact. We crash and that's fascinating. No matter what the consequences are.

Even if you swear you can't stand me…

Even if we fight…

Even if you can't really say you're sorry…

You are the cause of everything.

The beginning… and the end.

I reach out, knowing this is the last chance. I can feel the nearness of destruction, of creation. The nearness of actual hope for mankind. I close my eyes, at peace with the world, with the way things are. It's over now.

I'm giving myself to you again.

The room isn't so cold anymore, as your gaze is heavy on me, your caresses getting rough, intense. You press your lips against mine and I can feel your strength, your need to be needed.

Your body and mine, tangled. Heat in all the right places. Your breath so close, your voice calling my name. Your hand in my hand as this twisted game continues.

It's time to go. I don't care of we cease to exist.

I've got you with me. You hover around me, protecting me, guiding me.

That's more than I'll ever need.

The End.