So, I was sitting around doing nothing when lightning struck me: What would have happened if Mamoru had stayed dark? This is my answer to that question, and it's no joke. It's serious, it's dark and it's sad. So, read by your choice!

Summary: In a world where Endymion is turned to the darkness, the Senshi struggle to keep their innocence and light in the ultimate face of darkness. However, the Shitennou and Endymion will not give up without a fight: A completely new retake of what might have happened if brainwashed Endymion might have remembered what had happened in the Silver Millennium. Basically a dark Senshi-Shitennou story. Slight changes within the first season to fashion the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon or any of the songs I use to introduce the chapters.

Quick point: Parts in italics and starred-off are memories.

In Darkness

No, you'll never be alone
When darkness comes you know I'm never far
Hear my whispers in the dark

You feel so lonely and ragged
You lay here broken and naked
My love is just waiting
To clothe you in crimson roses

I will be the one that's gonna find you
I will be the one that's gonna guide you
My love is
A burning, consuming fire

- "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet

Chapter 1

Usagi's hair fluttered in the breeze lightly, her breathing as it would be in deep sleep. In the darkness, a hand reached towards her, seeming sure that it was unheard and unseen. Despite the threatening proximity, Usagi stayed still, focusing on her calm breathing. She couldn't hint that she knew he was there- lest she push him into something else entirely. But still, despite the darkness smothering the air around her, her body ached for his touch.

The cold hand stroked her cheek lightly, sending slivers of pleasure through the entirety of her body. The hand moved, brushing her hair off her face slowly. It moved down slowly, skimming the skin of her neck and she shivered reflexively. His hand paused at her neck, the largeness of the hand covering almost the entire slim neck and it took every sliver of resistance in her body not to slap it away.

He sighed as he continued down, skimming over her breasts extremely slowly. "I know you're awake, Serenity," his voice came from right beside her ear, the smile easily seen through the tone.

She opened her eyes, her cerulean eyes meeting his azure ones, "Endymion," she acknowledged, "What a pleasant surprise"

The man was crouched beside her, his hand resting lightly on the side of her breast. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room, she noted his mussed ebony hair and five-o-clock shadow. The shadows under his eyes were just barely visible, and his pale white skin contrasted sharply with the darkness. But his eyes drew back her attention almost immediately.

He was definitely here to tempt her; the lust in his eyes only reaffirmed the idea. They sparkled ominously- as was usual- in the darkness. But the blue was as awe-inspiring as it had always been, and she stared deep within them, unable to look away.

His smile widened slightly, his sparkling white teeth looking so much the predator's.

"You knew I was here the whole time," it was a statement that both of them knew. He knew she could always sense him. And she could, as her body awakened whenever he was in her vicinity, and every little cell in her body reached for him.

Her eyes forced their way away from the hold his had taken over hers, but didn't bother to deny it. "Your armor is like an alarm system," she stated

He stared at her, his dark eyes sliding over her body slowly. She could feel them like little pinpricks against her fully-covered body.

Usually she would have yelled at him, telling him to go away, or trying to get him back, but she couldn't find the energy today. It just hurt her even more when he was able to walk away without even a blink, no emotion on his face as she collapsed into anger or sorrow.

"You're oddly quiet tonight," he whispered, his hand sliding back up to her face, stroking it softly, "Is anything wrong?"

The irony of the question would have made her want to laugh- if it had been a laughing situation.

Instead, she just closed her eyes wearily. "Of course, everything's wrong. It's all wrong…"

"It doesn't have to be, you know that," he said softly, the tone in his voice of utter seriousness, "Join me, and it will all be better. I promise"

The false promise tore her heart, force-feeding her hope. How many times had he said that to her? And yet, it still made her heart jump in hope.

His hand pulled her chin so she was facing him and him alone, and his warm breath skimmed over her skin, "Come with me, Serenity"

I want to…

She opened her eyes finally- her heart urging her not to, but she did it still. "You know I can't, Endymion. Not when you're like this"

His eyes sharpened on hers, sucking the breath right out of her at the beauty of them. They were cold, but still they were breathtaking. They told her they knew exactly how much she wanted to go with him.

"Rule the world by my side, Serenity. Think of all the good we could do," he said softly, leaning in slowly till his mouth was only inches away from hers, "I know you want to"

It was the one thing she wanted more than anything else. She wanted him. But he was the one thing she was denied.

"I won't deny that I do. But I still won't join you," she whispered back, she could feel the telltale lump in her throat as it got harder and harder to blink without crying.

His thumb skimmed over her lips slowly, "You will. Maybe not today or tomorrow. But soon, you'll come to me"

And he leaned in, kissing her lips slowly, flooding her with desire. Tears prickled behind her eyes as the horror of the situation slammed into her once again. Pain slivered through her, causing her body to shake. A tear slipped from her eye, sliding down her cheek.

He immediately withdrew, looking at the tear and she saw the faintest hint of true emotion in his eyes.

He kissed it away, "Shh, it's okay" and she could hear the pain in his voice. It still hurt him to hurt her. Yet, he did it anyway.

The tears burst forth, silent sobs wracking her body as she fell into the darkness around her. It called to her at all times, and only when he called to her could she feel its true power.

"Sere...shh," he tried to comfort her, crouching over her shaking and sobbing body. He sounded so lost…

"Go," she managed to gasp out as the sobbing increased in speed, "Please…"

She wrapped her arms around her body, trying to keep herself together as pain flooded her veins. Silent sobs shook her body immensely; tears streaking down her face. She attempted to turn over, but couldn't make it. She collapsed against the bed in her place, clutching herself tightly.

He stood, his hand wiping a few tears from her cheek lovingly, "I love you, Serenity."

Her silent sobs broke into real gut wrenching sobs, the volume unable to be held in. He had broken her.

"You know it has to be done. So we can be together," his pained voice came to her from above and she squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to see the truth in his eyes.

"I'll see you soon," he whispered and with a last light kiss on her lips, he retreated back into the darkness, which swallowed him whole, taking him far away from where she was.

He never liked being in her vicinity when she cried, and he would leave her every time she did allow the tears to come. He couldn't bear it, she knew, because he knew he was the cause of them.

She continued on, the sounds of her sobs reverberating around the room. She knew no one would be coming to check up on her. Her parents and Shingo were used to her crying now. She did it often- and more so after whenever he was there.

It had almost been a year since he had killed Beryl and taken her place as the leader of the Dark Kingdom, and still he hadn't let up on her.

It was a hopeless situation. Darkness had taken over the world in the form of Endymion and the Shitennou, and the only thing stopping them from doing whatever they wanted to do with it were the Senshi. But at the rate they were going, they wouldn't last much longer.

It was only a matter of time before the Shitennou either killed them or managed to turn them. Her own alter ego included. Such a large part of her wanted to place her life in Endymion's hands and just let it all go. She wouldn't have to be denied her love, her friends would be with their loves as well, and the fight would finally be over. She was exhausted of it all.

Tired of fighting, tired of crying and most of all, tired of forcing Endymion away.

He knew just how to break her down, and he kept at it.

When he had first been brainwashed by Beryl, he had seemed helplessly clueless as to who she was and how they knew each other. But as time went on, his memories- both of his present and past life- had been revealed, and that was when he had killed Beryl. After which Metallia had completely turned him back to her cause- controlling of the world.

But along with that, he was very determined to turn her as well. For the past twelve months or so, he had broken her down every chance he got. He'd be fighting her when he'd overpower her, or he'd sneak into her room to "talk" or countless other small little things he did.

And one day, they would all add up and she'd plunge over the edge.

She had known Mamoru for a year before anything Senshi related had appeared- now almost three years ago, back when she had been 14. She had met him just as innocent, annoying, little Usagi Tsukino. And she had seen him as the snide, annoying, handsome adult whose pride in life was to ruin her day by taunting her about her grades, hair and habits.

And when she had been told she was Sailor Moon and destined to protect the world, he had been one of the constants in her life that didn't change. And she had loved him for that. But as time had gone on, she'd grown to love their fights and began to see him as a caring man who wanted to see her succeed - just as she'd slowly started to fall for him.

And she had met Tuxedo Kamen. And had immediately fallen in love with the rose-wielding, caring and sweet superhero. Finding out that Mamoru was Tuxedo Kamen was crazy enough- and then they had been revealed as the Moon Princess and Earth Prince.

A small part of her had always known how important he was to her. That was why she had enjoyed spending time with him- even if it consisted of constant taunts.

She had fallen in love with the man.

And then he had been taken away from her. Forced away by the dark power Beryl put over him.

She wanted to believe that Mamoru was gone. More than anything. Because if she did, she'd have no reason- other than her longing for Endymion- to deal with all of this. But every time Endymion looked at her- she could feel Mamoru looking as well. He was trapped in there. And she wanted to save him.

But she couldn't. The Silver Crystal was useless against all the darkness that Endymion had within his body. It was useless against Metallia.


She stared into the darkness, her body shaking in fear. She didn't know where she was, what time it was, or any idea how to get out. She had already searched through her pockets for her communicator and broach, but they had probably been left on her bedside.

She had been sleeping peacefully when suddenly everything had shifted- and she woke up here, wherever here was. She knew she should be searching for a way out, but something told her moving would only make it worst. There was something- or someone there with her. And instead of wanting to fight it, she shrunk against it, knowing it wasn't anything good.

The ominous feeling settled deep in her bones; making her shaking increase. She didn't like where she was, more than anything, she hated it there. The place stunk of death and darkness.

"Serenity…" a hoarse voice whispered and she jumped in place, looking around wildly. That voice…it was so familiar.

"Endymion?" she whispered into the cold dampness. "Is that you?" She inexplicably relaxed slightly, as if it was her reaction to his presence, and even though it was obvious he had brought her there, she knew he wouldn't hurt her.

"Sere…" he whispered, "Tsukino Usagi." She gave a soft gasp, how did he know? Endymion had no idea who she was- or hadn't known for the last three months. What had suddenly changed that he remembered her? Had he found out finally who she really was- it wasn't as if she had gone around hiding her identity from him all that much.


"Mamoru?" she gasped in what could only be described as joy, "Is it really you? Mamoru?" Mamoru had been the only one to ever call her Odango-atama, he had been the only one brave enough to do so. And no matter how much she had disliked the nickname, hearing it on his lips once again made her heart jump in joy.

"I don't know…" he whispered shakily, "I don't know who I am anymore…"

"You're Chiba Mamoru, twenty years old, savior of Sailor Moon as Tuxedo Kamen. You're the one who loves Tsukino Usagi, and Tsukino Usagi loves Chiba Mamoru," she whispered with difficulty, her heart pounding in her chest. Could it be possible? Could Mamoru have returned to her?

She stood shakily. "Where are you?"

"Here…" he whispered and she followed his voice as best as she could in the pitch-black darkness. "I'm here…"

She knelt in front of the mass of warmth she could feel. "Mamoru, what happened? What's wrong?" She took his hands in hers, feeling the warm stickiness in it. Another soft gasp slipped from her as the smell hit her nostrils. It was blood, which was why it smelled like death wherever they were. "Are you okay!?"

"I- I can't think…Odango…what am I? What have I done?" his voice was panicked and she could feel his hysterics as if they were her own. What had happened to him?

"Mamoru, are you hurt?" First she had to make sure he wasn't injured, then she'd handle his confusion, if he was hurt- it could be something serious.

"I- I- everything hurts, Odango…" the whisper came so softly that she had to strain to hear it, and it sent fear skittering through her, more than she had ever felt before.

"Mamoru, are you wounded?" she whispered with difficulty, trying uselessly to strike down her fear at the situation. They were trapped wherever they were- with no light and help. She needed to make sure he was all right before she attempted to help in any other way.

Mamoru didn't answer, his breathing hitching slightly and she was even more afraid for him. She knew she had to inspect him for injuries, but to do so in the dark wouldn't be of much help, she wasn't Ami for god's sake! She looked around wildly, hoping that somehow a light would appear in the area, but all that stared back at her was darkness.

"Mamoru, do you know how to get out of here?" she asked calmly, managing to take control of her terror. He needed her calm, and if he needed her, she'd go through anything to help him. She knew that now as she knelt in front of him and felt his presence with her very heart. How had she ever fought with this man? Even back when he had irritated her beyond belief? It had all been a pretense to their care for each other.

If you couldn't outright love someone, you did everything you could to make sure they knew you existed. It was classic, and the both of them were masters at it. And even while he had been brainwashed by Beryl- he had never physically hurt her. He couldn't.

"Odango…" he whispered softly, "I- did I hurt you?" There was fear in his voice that she had never heard before but she merely tightened her hands around his.

"No, Mamoru. You didn't hurt me. Not at all." She said the words strongly despite the emotional scars she had received when he had turned against her. Those didn't matter anymore, not when he was in danger. "Please, Mamoru, I need to make sure you're okay. Tell me you know where we are, and how to get out of here. I need some light to make sure you're fine," the words kept repeating in her head, as if even her mind, along with the rest of her body, was praying he was fine.

"Light?" he asked confusedly, his hands tensing in hers. "Right, you need light…" he mumbled, almost to himself and immediately the room was lit with a dim light, casting the room they were in into a dim glow.

She gasped as her eyes adjusted to the light change, the vision in front of her burned in a way that she knew it would be forever emblazoned in her mind. She would never forget it, no matter how long she lived. Mamoru lay against the cave wall, his body bruised and broken, covered with blood- most of which looked like his own. His face was covered in dark blue bruises, his eyes nearly swollen shut, his lower lip was busted and warm blood trickled from a cut on his forehead.

"Oh my god, Mamoru…" she whispered with wide eyes, her hands shaking as they gripped his tightly, "What happened? Who did this to you?"

His eyes merely opened slightly, looking past her and she turned her head to inspect what it was that he was indicating at. She gave a horrified gasp as she noticed the body lying on the floor, a long silver sword impaled deeply in the woman. Beryl gazed at them, her eyes wide open in surprise and betrayal. But they didn't close as Usagi stared at her, and she knew then that Beryl would never again pose a threat to her and Mamoru.

She turned to look back at Mamoru, who was staring silently at her, as if judging her response. She smiled weakly at him, "Mamoru, what happened?"

"I…I fought her," he whispered, looking deep in her eyes, searching for something.

"Oh, Mamoru," Usagi whispered, closing her eyes slowly. "I missed you so much…"

"I missed you too, Odango," he whispered softly and she opened her eyes to look at him once again. "I…I kept reaching for you, trying to break through the wall Beryl had put up…but it was too strong…" this time it was his eyes that closed, and his breathing hitched once more, as if it hurt him even to think of what had occurred.

"You did it," she whispered, "You came back to me." He had come back to her. A tear of joy slipped from her eye, sliding down her cheek slowly. His eyes opened and he watched it slide down, a pained look in his eyes.

She looked away and wiped it from her cheek, and then began to inspect the rest of his body. They had all the time in the world to cry in each others' arms, right now she had to focus on getting him to a hospital. "Can you stand, Mamoru?" He nodded slightly and with her help, he got to his feet shakily. "Lean on me," she said softly as she brought her arm around his waist and pulled his arm so it was on her shoulders, supporting him as best as she could. Slivers of electricity sparked wherever his skin touched hers and her neck felt warm and clammy as his hand fell loosely around it.

She began walking to the entrance of the cave, knowing she had to get him out in the open and in the air before he could regain his senses enough to help her figure out what to do now.

Suddenly the floor gave a violent shake and she gripped Mamoru tightly, holding him so he didn't fall onto the floor. "What was that?" she whispered

Mamoru had paled when she looked at him, and his eyes were wide in terror. "Odango, you have to get out of here." The blue in his eyes was brighter than she thought she would ever see it again, and it gave her even more determination. She wasn't leaving him, not ever.

She began walking faster- or as fast as she could with Mamoru leaning almost all of his weight on her. And they had almost reached the door when there was another violent shake- and then the horrible laugh started. It sent fear coursing through her, making her hold on Mamoru tighten instinctively. It was a horrible cackling- that she remembered from her dreams.

"Dear, dear Endymion, you've killed my host," the voice said chillingly and as they turned, towards the voice, before their very eyes, darkness began pooling from the fallen Beryl. It floated in the air, shaping in the distinction of a woman.

The power coming from it caused Usagi's vision to shake. It was darkness, pure and simple. And it scared her to no ends that her and Mamoru were essentially defenseless in the face of it.

"I had to," Mamoru said to the darkness, which was none other than Metallia. "She was mad with power, your power." He glared at Metallia, his hold around her shoulders tensing and pulling her closer to him.

"That's the essential idea, Endymion," Metallia said darkly, the darkness flaring outward in a display of pure power. "And with her gone, I have the need for a new host. And guess who's on the menu?"

"You leave us alone," Usagi said, her body shaking in what could only be a mixture of anger and fear. "You've already messed things up, we won't let you anymore." There was a conviction in her voice that she couldn't feel in her body. No matter how strongly she felt about fighting Metallia, she knew it was a lost cause. She was powerless without her broach and Silver Crystal, Mamoru was beaten to a pulp, and they were in Metallia's lair. They were screwed.

"Ah, you must be Serenity," Metallia said, a cackle once again coming from her lips, "I've heard so much about you," black eyes glittered at Usagi, and the mouth of the creature curved into a smile. "Such as, you are the holder of the Silver Crystal."

Mamoru tensed around her, his body gripping hers to his so tightly that even if she had wanted to move, she would have been unable to. "Leave her out of this, Metallia. Leave us both. It's time for you to give it up, Earth is not for your control, or anyone's."

"You say this to me, in my home, with my monsters, and with all my power matched against yours, Endymion?" the laugh once again reverberated through the cave, making Usagi's hair stand on edge. The darkness shifted in the corners of the room, and monsters began appearing all around them. Mamoru swore under his breath, and a glance at her told her exactly what he was thinking.

"Don't you dare send me away, Mamoru." She whispered harshly, "I'm not going anywhere without you." Her grip around him tightened, telling him she was serious. She couldn't leave him to this fate. At this point, Metallia would easily kill him. And if anything, she would die defending him. She knew that as they held onto each other tightly, knowing that their lives could end any second now.

"Odango…I'm sorry for bringing you into this," Mamoru said softly down to her, his voice held more regret than she had ever heard a voice hold. "I didn't know who to-"

"It's fine, Mamoru," she said to him, cutting off his reasons. She didn't care, not in the least of why he had brought her there to begin with. She was there to help him. She shut her eyes, praying with her whole being for the power to defend him. Half her mind called out to the Senshi, and the other half to the Silver Crystal. She felt Mamoru's grip around her loosen, as if he knew what she was doing. He stood straight, his face showing none of the pain he must have been feeling. Her eyes widened at his strength and she felt love for him burn through her like it was a part of her blood. It seared through her and the desire to protect him pushed everything out from her mind.

"You can't have Earth, Metallia," Mamoru said strongly, his glare on Metallia strengthening. "We won't let you. We are the protectors of Earth, Endymion and-"

"Serenity!" she cried, and light flared from her small being, blinding everything from her eyes but Mamoru beside her. His armor glinted in the light, and she watched with amazed eyes as his bruises vanished and his face grew more colored. She was healing him. Thank god. The light lessened finally and revealed her dressed in her Princess garb, her hands gripping the Moon Wand.

The only thing left in the room beside them was Metallia, who started cackling once again. "You think that little power can destroy me, Serenity. There's so little that it barely tickles!"

"I wouldn't say the same for your monsters, Metallia!" she retorted angrily, her stance tensing to get ready for an attack. She glanced at Mamoru, who was staring at Metallia, an indescribable look on his face. "Mamoru?"

He turned to look at her, his eyes bright. "Odango, you look so beautiful, never thought I'd see you look so grown up." She blushed slightly, rolling her eyes. He was still the same old Mamoru, and she couldn't be happier.

"You think, Endymion, Serenity, that you can defeat me?" Metallia rose, power flaring angrily all around them. It threw the cave into darkness once again- but the dark power was still visible. It was shifting and twisting, surrounding the two of them in a wide circle, it stood out, somehow even darker than the darkness. Mamoru gripped her to him once again, his body tensed against hers. "I am the Queen of Darkness, I control all of the powers of the dark ever in this sickly, little world. And oh, how much power it is," the voice surrounded them, reverberating around the cave darkly. "The Silver Crystal stands no chance against it, not with its weak holder! Thus, making you the perfect one for my host!"

And before she knew it, the power flew at her from all sides. However, it never had the chance to reach her before Mamoru flung her to the floor, his large body holding her tightly underneath him. He covered her so completely that she knew the power would have no chance of reaching her. He was sacrificing himself to save her.

"MAMORU!" she cried as he screamed in agony, the sounds of their screams filled her ears till she could hear nothing else. His hold on her loosened as he collapsed on top of her, his cries of pain lessening till there was only silence around them.

"Mamoru!?" she cried once again, looking up at the face that she could barely see in the darkness that surrounded them. The lights suddenly came on once again, casting light on the man on top of her. He was covered in soot, his body shaking above hers. He groaned as he rolled off of her, his eyes fluttering as they opened and closed quickly.

"Mamoru!" she cried, "Mamoru!" she immediately jumped to her knees beside him, holding his broken body in her hands. "Please, Mamoru, answer me!"

"Odango…" he whispered and his eyes opened slightly to look at her. "I'm sorry…"

"Mamoru, please…" she whispered as tears began streaming down her face, "Don't leave me. Please, don't leave me again…" She was begging but she could find nothing else to do. The dark power had disappeared from around them, leaving once again, only the two of them. Beryl's body had disappeared as well.

"I won't…" he whispered, a slight smile coming to his lips, "I can't. No matter what, I'll always be there with you…" his body suddenly seized and he roared in pain.

"MAMORU!" she cried uselessly, holding his body tightly as he seized in agony against something she couldn't see. It was as if he was fighting something within him-

Oh god. Metallia.

It suddenly became clear what had happened. Mamoru now held Metallia within him- and he was fighting against the darkness. She immediately closed her eyes, leaning her head down as she called to the Silver Crystal. "Please, Silver Crystal, help Mamoru be released from the darkness's hold." She felt slight slivers leaving her as they poured into him and she prayed for more power to save him.

Suddenly she went flying back, crunching against the wall. She screamed in pain as the jolt of pain traveled through her body and she landed on the floor uselessly. She looked up to see what had pushed her away and her eyes widened as Mamoru rose shakily to his feet.

"Mamoru? Are you okay?" she whispered, looking at him as she struggled to sit up. She succeeded, and still hadn't heard a response from Mamoru. "Mamoru?"

"Chiba Mamoru…" he whispered, "That's who I am?" The tone was colder than she'd ever heard it and immediately fear shot through her. "But I am Endymion…no?" He looked at her and a gasp escaped her as darkness once again swirled in his eyes- but this time it was more than she had ever seen. It almost blocked out the blue, and the power of it was so strong that she could feel it from her distance from him.

"Mamoru…?" she whispered shakily, her body shook in fear, but she got to her feet regardless. She took a step towards him and he just watched silently, his eyes showing no emotion.

She reached out to his face, and he flinched as she touched the cold, pale skin. She stroked it softly, her eyes saddened. "Mamoru…you'll always be Mamoru to me…" tears fell from her eyes uselessly as his cold eyes gazed down at her confusingly. "Please, stay with me…" her whispers were so quiet that she could barely hear them herself, but she knew he could hear her crystal clear as his eyes widened ever so slightly, emotion and knowledge flitting through them.

"Serenity?" he whispered, "Is it really you?" She nodded slowly, biting her lip to slow the tears streaming down her face. He smiled softly but it wasn't the smile she knew. This one twitched crookedly, eyes filled with cold desire and lust.

He wasn't Mamoru anymore…


His eyes flashed in anger and his hands twirled around her waist, pulling her to him tightly. She lay against his hard chest, closer than she had ever been to him. He looked down at her, lust swirling through his eyes and his lips claimed hers angrily. She merely stayed beneath him, wishing it was Mamoru who was holding her so possessively. "Oh, Odango…" a whisper met her ears and immediately her eyes flew open to meet the man's. They were confused as they opened to look at hers, and his eyebrows pulled into confusion. "Serenity?"

"Mamoru? Is it you?" she whispered softly. He merely looked at her, his hands loosening from around her, letting her go.

"No…it's Endymion," he whispered as he looked down at her. "I'll never let you go, Serenity. You are mine" and his lips crushed hers once again possessively, pulling her even closer than before. Her body molded against his and heat rushed through her and before she knew it, she was kissing him back. She moaned into the kiss, her tongue fighting with his.

He pulled away, a dark smile playing on his lips as he looked at her lustily. "Mine," he whispered again and suddenly he was gone from in front of her, and she was back in her bedroom, longing for his touch again.


The least she could do was fight for the world he had wanted to protect. Fight for their world.

But it was getting harder…

Her body, tired of the constant sobbing, collapsed onto the bed, and she welcomed the darkness that blanketed her mind.

"Soon, Serenity…"

Endymion balanced precariously upon Tokyo Tower, looking over his old hometown. Silence surrounded him, and he could feel Serenity sleeping all those miles away, her tears finally tiring her enough to sleep.

It scared him how long she could bear to cry even after the long battle the Senshi and Shitennou had had the night before. She must have been exhausted…

He closed his eyes tiredly, knowing deep down that he was killing her.

But it had to be done. She had to be with him. Once and for all. He was tired of her being the one thing he couldn't have.

They'd been separated by Beryl in their last life, and in this life as well – but he'd paid Beryl back for that.

Now it was just the darkness separating them. And he'd have her once she was in the darkness as well.

And what if she doesn't come?

She will. She had to.

The cold wind blew past him, ruffling his hair wildly. He could feel the darkness within the air, smell its coldness, and he basked in its power. It was creeping over the world slowly, making all the places of light its own.

There wouldn't be much light left in the world soon.

A pang of pain went through him at the image- but he pushed it away. It was no time to let his humanity trouble him. He was so close to everything he wanted.

It was only a little longer.

Just a bit. And then I'll have everything I've ever wanted.

Suddenly a distinct light lit up the west, the lightning streaking down. The roar of thunder crackled all around, sending shivers down his body.

It seemed like Jupiter was awake. And angry.

The power of the lightning normally would have scared him, but he knew it stood no chance to the darkness.

And just as a second streak of lightning hit the area, black comets blew around, stopping the lightning in its place. A shriek came from the young woman, sounding throughout the town.

That would surely send the others running towards them.

Sighing, he began making his way towards them, sensing the transformations of the other Senshi. He could also sense his Shitennou- excluding Nephrite who was obviously the cause of Jupiter's ire, coming as well. Apparently it hadn't only been him who thought he could break down his love's walls down tonight. And he knew that when Jupiter felt the darkness encroaching her, she got angry.

He arrived at the scene just as bright golden light flared from the east, sending him flying through the air. He caught himself, floating above, watching Venus charge another attack. He smiled coldly, she thought she could take him herself. He found her determination slightly funny, because no matter how many times he beat her, she stayed strong. Or she pretended to. She let it fly at him, and he stood in its way, waiting for it to reach him. Just as it did, he slammed up a dark wall, sending the golden attack flaring everywhere but at him.

"Venus," he acknowledged, "How nice to see you"

"I would say the same," she spat, "If I felt that way." Her eyes immediately flashed back towards Jupiter who was on the floor from a well-placed hit from Nephrite.

"Would you like to continue?" he asked, spreading his arms in a welcoming way. She growled and jumped to the middle of the street, sending her attack flaring at Nephrite, who fell to the floor.

"Neph!" he heard Jadeite call and immediately, black smoke burst from the south, leaving Venus only one escape. She sailed upwards, jumping as high he was. She didn't pause as her attack flared towards him. He dodged it, choosing rather to watch. She landed by Jupiter, and a blue flash caught his eye as Mercury landed in front of the two of them.

"Leave them alone!" Mercury shouted towards the two Shitennou, two more emerging from the darkness. Kunzite and Zoicite approached Nephrite and Jadeite.

"We didn't start it, did we?" Jadeite called back, "That was Jupiter"

Jupiter stood up and he could almost feel the anger rolling off of her in waves. Nephrite must have really pissed her off to get her like this. The whole vicinity crackled with electricity, warning shots of lightning hitting the concrete by Nephrite's feet. Jadeite flared at the show of power, and being the show off he was, he sent his attack towards the Senshi. Except the smoke never made it as fire flared around them, protecting them.

"You can't start the fight without me, can you?" an irritated voice called as Mars landed beside Mercury and Jupiter.

"Wouldn't dream of it, Mars," Nephrite said, a smile on his face, "Wouldn't want you whining about not being able to fight us"

"Whining?" Mars flared angrily, something extremely normal for her fights, "I'll show you whining!" and fire blazed brightly towards the four Shitennou, sending them scrambling away from the area- leaving only Jadeite standing in his place. He snapped his hands forwards and his dark wall snapped up, leaving him the only thing in the area not burned to a crisp.

"You'll have to try a little harder, Mars," he taunted as he stepped forward, charging his attack.

Black comets streaked towards the Senshi, and then it was their turn to scatter. Jupiter slammed the comets away from her and Mars, then continued to launch herself towards Nephrite, fury contorting her face.

Venus jumped up, avoiding the icicles sent towards her by Zoicite and charged her attack back at him. Mercury on the other hand sent ice-cold water sailing towards Kunzite who was standing indifferently in the center of all the battles going on. He even got to Mercury with his apathy, which was a surprise to Endymion. Mercury was the calm, controlled one- or otherwise known as the smart one. Kunzite was very good at his indifference to even get on her nerves. Kunzite uncaredly jumped out of the way, sending his dark boomerangs sailing at the water Senshi, causing her to dodge them wildly. Kunzite took the opportunity to charge boomerangs at each and every one of the Senshi, one of which cut Jupiter's Senshi suit near her abdomen. The cut seared with blood, dripping out angrily. Venus roared in fury and charged her attack, frying Kunzite and Zoicite with it.

Endymion faced towards the north, feeling her coming. He could tell she was tired, but she was still racing her way to them. He didn't move to help his Shitennou, knowing they didn't need his help to defeat the Senshi.

While the darkness grew in power, so did the Shitennou. And now they were even above par with the Senshi.

Light flared towards the Shitennou, coming at an inhuman speed but he jumped forwards, blocking his Shitennou from being hit from behind. "Hold it right there!" her voice called from around them, and even he couldn't sense where she was- till she stepped forward into the light from the roof above them.

Groans came from the Shitennou. "We're not going to have to listen to another one of your stupid speeches, are we?" Nephrite called exasperatedly

"Yes! You have to listen to it!" Sailor Moon called irritably, "You losers woke me up! So you have to listen to it! I can't forgive you!"

More groans from the Shitennou.

"Agent of love and justice, pretty Sailor Soldier," and doing her usual hand movements, "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" He hid his smile from the others. He still found it incessantly cute that she had to go on with her speeches- hell, he'd used to love doing them himself way back when. And Sailor Moon's had a ring to it that rung close with him, a pang of nostalgia went through him. But even he had to hold in the snickers as Nephrite sounded a loud snore.

"You're already punishing us!" Zoicite called, "That damn speech is so annoying!"

"Shut up!" Sailor Moon called

"Uhm," Jadeite said, "Not that I'm complaining about the chance for us to recharge, but should we get along with our fight?"

"You want to get along?" Mars called, "Then burn!" and tons of fire flared at the Shitennou and Endymion.

Jupiter charged it with lightning and as they attempted to make dodges, Mercury swirled her mist around them, so thick that they couldn't even see their hands.

"Jadeite!" he called and the area swirled with dark power, which would protect them from the brunt of their attack.

Pain seared through him as the electrified fire met him, but ignoring it, he jumped up, clearing away from as much of the center as he could. But the second he did, he was blasted with Venus' attack.

Damn, they were getting beat this time. But he knew, between the four Shitennou, it wouldn't last long.

He was right as dark power burst from the center of the dark smoke, charging straight at the Senshi. Kunzite and Zoicite jumped from within it, pelting their attacks at the Senshi wildly. Meanwhile, Nephrite jumped up beside Endymion, comets streaking towards Sailor Moon who was blocking some of the attacks from hitting the Senshi with her tiara.

She dodged them wildly, jumping from the roof and landing beside Venus.

"We have to split them up," Sailor Moon muttered to Venus who nodded as she blocked the two of them from Kunzite's boomerangs.

"I'll take Endymion," Venus said to Sailor Moon, glancing at her slightly red eyes. The pity in Venus' eyes were obvious. Venus knew just how much Endymion taunted her, and she was always protective of her.

"Fine. I'll get Kunzite," she said as Venus sent an attack pelting towards the Shitennou, who dodged it- giving her the opportune moment to charge towards him, releasing her tiara.

He blocked it with his boomerangs, flashing towards her to punch her in the gut. She grunted but held her place, blocking another hit to her face and kicked him in the abdomen, sending him tottering away from her.

The one thing she liked about Kunzite was that he didn't bother to talk when they fought. He knew she knew his feelings towards her and obviously had no need to reaffirm them. The others, however, had the need to taunt her and her Senshi. And she could distinctly hear Jadeite bickering with Mars and even Mercury couldn't resist responding to Zoicite's taunts. She heard Venus yelling at Endymion as he made fun of her. The only thing missing was the usual Jupiter and Nephrite banter.

Dodging a punch to her face, she punched Kunzite and sent her tiara slamming into his stomach. He went flying backwards. She took the moment to look for Jupiter, who was still exceedingly silent. Then her eyes found the two of them. Jupiter was crackling with electricity and Sailor Moon could feel the fury rolling off of her. Jupiter sent charged lightning at Nephrite who avoided it, sending comets streaking at Jupiter.

Jupiter didn't even bother to move as she blocked it with her lightning and slammed him with loads of it. Something was seriously wrong, she realized as she saw the sparkling tears in Jupiter's eyes.

A boomerang whizzed by her and she snapped her attention back to Kunzite. "You really should be paying attention to me," he commented as another boomerang came at her, and before she could dodge it, gave a harsh cut down her shoulder. She jumped up and sailed through the air to Jupiter, landing beside her and blocking a comet from slamming into Jupiter as she breathed in deeply, charging up another attack.

"Jupiter! Get to Kunzite! I'll handle Nephrite!" Moon said to her, sending Nephrite a glare, knowing he was the obvious reason that Jupiter was so furious.

"NO!" Jupiter roared, "He's MINE!" and lighting crashed all around the area, frying all of the Shitennou and Endymion with electricity. Sailor Moon jumped at the insanely loud thunder crash that sounded over the area, sending slivers of fear down her spine.

Nephrite fell to the floor, his general suit charred and burn, in front of them. He sent Jupiter a loaded look.

"Shitennou!" Endymion called, his voice charged with pain as he jumped into the air shakily, "Retreat!" Endymion gave her a glance, but all she saw in his eyes was confusion.

"I'll be back," Nephrite sneered, his eyes on Jupiter's alone, "And then I'll take what I want"

Jupiter's eyes flashed and tons of lightning came straight down from the clouds, heading straight for Nephrite. "Neph!" Zoicite shouted, and in a millisecond he teleported to the fallen man and teleported away. The lightning shook the whole area as it slammed into the floor, frying the pavement till it was charred.

Sailor Moon felt pain and suddenly, Jupiter collapsed onto the floor, immediately detransforming. Makoto landed on the floor, her eyes closed and her face contorted in pain.

"Makoto!" she called, immediately landing beside her and trying to wake her friend. Makoto didn't move or respond and it became clear that she had lost consciousness after all the power she had released. "Mercury! Get over here!" she called and immediately three pairs of feet came running to her.

Mercury leaned over Makoto, her computer already whipped out and typing furiously. Sailor Moon silently detransformed, waiting with baited breath to find out if Makoto was okay. Mars and Venus remained silent, the tenseness of the situation leaving none of them with words. "She's fine," Mercury said, relief present in her voice, "She's just lost a lot of blood and used too much power." Her hand passed over the cut on Makoto's abdomen, healing it with a touch. Mercury winced once, as a similar cut spread across her own abdomen. "Crap," she muttered, "Forgot Kunzite's wounds do that to me," but her eyes weren't clouded at all. Usagi knew she had remembered- Mercury was never one to forget something that important.

"I'll get her to up to the apartment," Venus said, nodding at Mercury, knowing in her eyes as well, "And we'll just have our meeting there,"

Venus kneeled down and picked up Makoto, holding her tenderly in her arms, both of which had harsh cuts from Endymion's sword and jumped up onto the nearby roof, jumping along the two houses and landing on the balcony they knew as Makoto's.

Usagi stood slowly, and before she could blink, Mars had grabbed her arms and hauled her up with her to the roof. "Darn, Usagi," Mars muttered to her, "You weigh a ton," despite the obvious taunt, there was a somber tone in her words, and Usagi knew it was just a front.

"Any idea what happened to her?" she asked Mars uncertainly as they jumped to the balcony.

"Nephrite, of course," Mars stated

"Well, duh!" Usagi complained, "But what did he do?"

Mars' eyes clouded as she looked away from her, "I don't know. But whatever it was, it seriously got to Makoto"

"I've never seen her so angry," Usagi whispered fearfully, her voice slightly shaking as she saw the tears sparkle in Jupiter's eyes once again. She had never seen Jupiter so hurt either. Not physically hurt- but emotionally. Nothing else ever made her cry, she could handle all the physical pain that anyone piled on her, as Usagi had learned after the countless bruises they'd all gotten from the Shitennou and Endymion.

"It's because she holds it all in," Mars whispered as she opened the door for Usagi, "The pain that I feel from her is just-" she froze, her eyes widening and Usagi turned to look at what she was seeing.

Usagi's jaw dropped as she looked around. Makoto's apartment was completely totaled. Her TV was dropped to the floor, a hole through it, the table fallen over backwards, the items that usually balanced on the tables were scattered all over the floor. Makoto lay on the couch where Minako had obviously laid her down. They continued to look on in horror. The window was cracked, and as they followed the mess to Makoto's bedroom, their eyes widened even more.

The mattress was against the wall, her cabinet fell open on the floor, clothes falling through it, the walls had dents on them and she thought she spied drips of blood over the floor. Minako stood in front of them, her body tense.

"What the hell happened in here?" Ami asked, horror in her voice- something they rarely ever heard.

"Whatever did, we shouldn't leave Makoto here," Minako said quietly, sorrow in her voice at the damaged room. Makoto had always prided herself in the neatness of her apartment.

"We'll go to the temple," Rei supplied, "It's the closest and everyone can just rest there." They got moving, carrying Makoto down to her jeep and Ami found her keys fallen in a corner within the destroyed living room.

Endymion and the others lounged in Nephrite's room, barraging him with questions.

"Whoa, man," Jadeite said to Nephrite, "What did you do to piss Jupiter off so much?"

Endymion awaited the answer with the other Shitennou, extremely curious as to what could hurt Jupiter so much that she lost it so completely. She could have seriously hurt Nephrite with that attack- and she had never before even tried something like that. What with not wanting to hurt the man she loved.

Nephrite gazed away from the four of them, sorrow in his eyes, "…nothing" He was sitting upright in the bed, his body tense.

"Oh, come on!" Zoicite said, "That wasn't even close to nothing"

"She's never lost her cool so much," Kunzite commented, "Not even when I almost chopped her head off with my boomerang"

"Or when I almost impaled her with my icicle," Zoicite added

"And please, she's gotten burned by my attack about a gazillion times," Jadeite said, crossing his arms, "But she's still never tried to kill any of us"

Nephrite stood abruptly, "I said," he spat at them, hate in his eyes, "It was nothing!"

"Nephrite," Endymion commanded and immediately the Shitennou deflated. "What happened?"

He saw the flash of pure pain in Nephrite's eyes and within a millisecond; Nephrite had whirled around and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Endymion stood coolly and made to follow him, but Zoicite stopped him, "Leave him be,"

"He disobeyed my direct order to leave back there," Endymion spat, "And refused to answer me!"

"Yelling at him won't do anything," Zoicite commented, "He knows he messed up"

Endymion huffed and slammed onto the bed, "Fine"

"This is getting us nowhere," Jadeite complained, "They're still fighting back harder than ever"

Endymion scowled, "This is the first time they've beaten us in ages. And they wouldn't have even gotten close if Jupiter hadn't fried us with her lightning"

"It's true," Zoicite said, "I was so close to overpowering Mercury"

All of them knew that they would never have killed the Senshi- but beating them held a lot of meaning to all of them. It showed them that they were more powerful, that the Senshi would bend to them soon enough.

"It's still taking too long," Kunzite's deep voice came in, "I'm getting nowhere with Venus"

"Mars is still obstinate," Jadeite added sadly

"Serenity…will come eventually," Endymion said, his eyes not meeting any of his Shitennou's

"Mercury is strong," Zoicite commented, pride in his voice, "But she knows that there's no chance they're winning this"

"So what? They all know that," Jadeite said coolly. And he was right. They all did know. He could see it in their eyes when he fought them.

"What's the one thing about Mercury that we can use to our advantage?" Zoicite asked them.

Jadeite and Kunzite looked towards Endymion, who frowned at them, "Why are you looking at me?"

"You were their savior for a few months," Jadeite commented, "You must know something"

"Uhm…she's smart?"

Jadeite, Kunzite and Zoicite groaned. "How about pointing something out that we couldn't figure out in two seconds while fighting her?" Kunzite said

"She doesn't like losing," Zoicite said, eager to reveal his information, "She tries to hide it, but being smart makes her think she deserves to be on the top tier"

Endymion furrowed his eyebrows, thinking deeply. He did vaguely remember Usagi commenting on Ami's smarts whenever he met the two of them, saying she was the top of the class. And he remembered her flashing eyes every time the Shitennou defeated the Senshi.

"And we can use that to our advantage, how?" Kunzite asked

"Endy," Zoicite asked him and he narrowed his eyes at the nickname but Zoicite kept going, "Do you remember how Beryl brainwashed Mam- er, you?"

Endymion's eyes immediately widened.

"Come on!" Jadeite shouted at Zoicite, "You knew about it all this time and you didn't say anything?"

"It was just something I've been researching," Zoicite retorted, "Plus, it needs a lot more to work than it did on Chiba"

"How come?" Kunzite asked curiously

"No offense, Prince," Zoicite said to him, "But those girls are stronger than you"

Endymion raised his eyebrow at Zoicite, "They are? Then how come I kick their butts for a living?" He wouldn't admit it, but that had hurt his ego. He knew deep down that they were stronger than him. They'd managed to stay by Serenity's side through all of this- while he, her one true love, couldn't.

"I mean, they're stronger in a good sense. They're nearly impossible to brainwash- as I'm sure we've seen," Zoicite amended

"Nearly impossible?" Endymion asked, picking up on Zoicite's words

"You told us you were injured when you were taken by Beryl's monsters, right?"

"Yeah, stuck through with a icicle- reminded me of you," Endymion answered snidely

Zoicite ignored his barb and continued, "And you were mentally weak as well, as Serenity had been revealed- and you as her Prince"

"Hey! Watch who you're calling mentally weak," Endymion said sourly, knowing it was the truth. He wondered how it would have been if he hadn't been injured trying to save Sailor Moon. He was sure Beryl would have come after him either way- what with her creepy obsession with him. He had gotten so irritated of it, along with knowing she was the reason the Shitennou and Serenity had died in the Silver Millennium, it had just been too much and he'd killed her when she had been about to order her monsters to kill Sailor Moon.

From there on out it had consisted of taking control of the Dark Kingdom, resurrecting the Shitennou and dealing with the dwindling darkness. And thus, the Dark Kingdom had reached the highest it had ever been.

He had created a kingdom that would forever be revered.

"Oh, calm down," Zoicite retorted, "I mean you were overridden with too many memories"

"I love how we're taking a trip down memory lane," Kunzite said sarcastically, "But what does this have to do with figuring out how to turn the girls?"

"I'm getting to it," Zoicite snapped irritably. Endymion chuckled, knowing Zoicite hated it when people interrupted his long explanations. Unfortunately for him, every single one of them enjoyed annoying him.

"Well, hurry up and get to it," Jadeite said, "I'm getting hungry"

Zoicite scowled, "What I'm trying to say is that the only way to get the Senshi is by figuring out what would make them come to us-"

"Our love," Kunzite said immediately

"-Other than their love," Zoicite said, scowling angrily at Kunzite, "Have you not noticed that that hasn't been enough to turn them for a year now?"

"Fine, fine," Kunzite said, "What are your ideas?"

"I think we should try to get Ami," Zoicite said

"Hey! How come you get to get your girl first?" Jadeite complained, his tone on the edge of whining

"Because Ami will know how to get to the other girls," Zoicite said strongly, meeting Endymion's eyes, "She knows them, and she's smart. She must know what will break them enough to come to us with open arms"

The idea appealed greatly to Endymion. Mostly because he knew once Ami was gone from the Senshi, the Senshi would lose their smarts. It would be that much easier to outsmart them and gather even more energy.

And most importantly, they would start doubting their own power to fight the darkness. They all depended on each other to an extreme amount, and to lose one of their own- it would break them. And make it that much easier to bring Serenity around.

"It's a great idea," Kunzite interrupted his thoughts, "But I don't see it happening"

Zoicite scowled at Kunzite, "And why won't it?"

"Their loyalty to Sailor Moon is unbreakable," he said simply, crossing his arms as if waiting for Zoicite to dig himself of his own pothole.

"Up to a certain point it is, of course," Zoicite gave the point to Kunzite before continuing, "But not unbreakable. They're still human- no matter how much they try not to be. They have their faults"

"And their own strengths, which just might be their downfall," Endymion said, a grin emerging onto his face. How had he not seen this before?

He could already taste the victory he had been waiting for a year now. And Serenity would be by his side for it.

"Get to it," he said, nodding at Zoicite, who grinned back at him.


The man sat in the throne, looking over the darkness that was now his. It felt empty, not giving him the comfort he had gotten used to while he was brainwashed by Beryl. He may have not known who he was then, but he had been content with hunting for the Silver Crystal. Now, he never felt anything except when he fought Serenity. Her agitated and pained eyes comforted him in ways that nothing else could.

He stirred in his seat, sighing in disappointment. Having all of his wealth was nothing when there was no one to share it with. It wasn't anything like the Silver Millennium, back then Serenity had been with him and-

The Shitennou!

He jumped up from his seat and ran towards Beryl's old quarters. He entered into the hateful room and began tearing it apart; looking for the items he knew she had hidden from him.

Finally he found them, hidden in a small rusted jewelry box. Four stones sat in the red plush interior, still glinting sharply in the darkness.

He smiled as he touched them, memories coming to him of his friends.

The light purple one sent him memories of time with his head general, Kunzite, his best friend and confidante.

The light green one of Zoicite, the smart one among the group, the one who took care of the others despite whatever troubles.

The dark green felt warm to the touch and Nephrite's love for him shone through. He had been the one who could tell whenever Endymion was troubled, and protected him the best he could.

The milky green one glinted the sharpest, looking like it was laughing at him, and he could almost hear Jadeite's laughter. He was the one who had kept them together with his laughter and warmth.

He would have companions, and they would help him get his Serenity.
It was only a matter of time till Serenity came to him. How could she resist him?

He had found those who he would share his wealth with. And he wouldn't be in the darkness alone. Together, they would rule over the world and reach out for their loves, and then live and love forever in the world they had created.

Nothing would ever separate them again, he'd make sure of it. He was tired of the death and hurt cycle their life together kept taking. He would end it once and for all, and peace would once again reign over the galaxy.

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