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Author's Note: Written for the post season four hug it out schmoop meme at LiveJournal.
Summary: Dean learns about the fake voicemail.

Sam doesn't want to talk about the message, doesn't want to remember what Dean thinks of him now. It hurts too much. He screwed everything up. How can he ever come back from that? How can Dean ever forgive him? Of course, forgiveness is probably just wishful thinking anyway. Right now, Sam wishes that Dean had killed him after killing Ruby.

"Hey, my phone broke. Can I borrow yours?" Dean asks, coming out of the bathroom. He hadn't realized his phone had broken until they got to the hotel.

Sam nods, although he's a little reluctant to hand the phone over. Dean's going to hear the message and remember what he said. "Here you go," he says to his brother, his heart beat speeding up.

Dean gives his brother a confused look. Sam looks really freaked out about his phone. "What's wrong, Sammy?"

"Nothing," Sam answers a little too quickly. Is Dean going to kill him now? Sam deserves everything he gets. It's his fault Lucifer is here. Wait, he just lied to Dean again. That messes with his, 'I'm never ever going to lie to Dean again'/i plan. He sighs. "I know what you have to do, Dean. I heard the voicemail."

Dean's confused. "What are you talking about? Give me your phone," he demands, suddenly knowing that he has to listen to the voicemail.

Sam reluctantly hands the voicemail over and starts to cry. He doesn't know why he's crying, but Sam knows it's probably going to happen a lot from now on. That is, if Dean doesn't kill him.

Dean listens to the message as Sam continues to sob. By the end of the message, Dean is angry. This is either Zachariah's fault or Ruby's. He doesn't know who, but they definitely hurt Sammy. "That wasn't my message, Kiddo. I told you that I was sorry and I'm not like Dad," Dean tells him, wanting to cry himself. No wonder the kid is falling apart. (Besides the whole breaking the last seal and letting Lucifer out thing.)

"What?" Sam asks, still sobbing. He doesn't know if he can ever stop crying. He doesn't deserve to stop crying. Sam's going to have to live with this guilt for the rest of his life, which hopefully will end soon.

And Dean's crying now himself. "I left you a completely different message, Kiddo." He sits down next to his brother and starts rubbing Sam's back.

"I'm sorry," Sam sobs. He will always be sorry for what's happened since Dean returned. He can't believe how much he screwed everything up.

"I'm sorry too," Dean replies. He pulls Sam in for a hug and refuses to let go.

"Love you, big bro," Sam murmurs. Dean has to know how he feels right now. He should have told Dean after he came back from Hell, but he screwed that up.

Dean smiles. He's letting the chick flick moment slide. "Love you too, Sammy," he answers.

Things are still far from okay, what with the Apocalpyse and all, but Sam and Dean are back to normal.