Summary: Sam gets bitten by a snake.
Author's Note: This is the final chapter. I'm so glad that all of you read and reviewed this!

Sam and Dean are tramping through the woods when Sam spots the snake. Like with clowns, he's terrified of snakes.

Sam's first instinct is to scream, but he doesn't. He tries to avoid the snake. What Sam doesn't count on is an entire nest of them.

"Dean, there's snakes," he hisses at his older brother. Sam doesn't like this turn of events. What if they bite him?

"You'll be fine," Dean assures his younger brother. He's a little nervous about the snakes, but doesn't want to let Sam know that. His little brother needs him to be strong for him right now. They both can't be freaking out about the snakes.

That's when Sam trips on a shoelace and lands on the ground. One of the snakes near him gets scared and bites him on the leg.

It's not that bad of a bite, but Dean still decides Sam needs a hospital. He helps his little brother up. "We'll hunt later," he promises.

"I'm fine," Sam insists. He doesn't want to go to the hospital. He just wants Dean to take care of the bite when they go back to the motel.

"You're not fine, Sammy. We're going to the hospital. I don't care what you say," Dean replies. He helps Sam into the car and decides to hightail it to the hospital.

By the time they get there, Sam is nauseated. He doesn't complain when Dean helps him out of the car.

Sam is taken care of soon enough, and the boys head back to their motel a few hours later.

Snakes won't get the best of Sam Winchester. Dean will always take care of his younger brother. He loves him too much not to.

Everything is completely back to normal for the Winchester brothers.