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Relatively Insane: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 5/5

Within the next couple hours, things at the Skywalker household quieted down and things went back to normal, as their extended family returned to their own homes. The children went off to the playroom, though now that they were getting older, many of the toys had been replaced with older kinds of toys; like hologames, their own comm channel, and for Leia, the latest teen publications. It was hard sometimes for Anakin and Padme to grasp that Luke and Leia were fourteen now. In their free evenings, Luke would spend time playing his virtual flight simulator game. Jayden usually played with him, always trying as hard as he could keep up with his big brother. Leia spent her free evenings either talking on the holocom to Mara or any other friends, watching the latest teen holodrama, or reading about up and coming teen stars and socialites. Leia considered herself one of these up and coming socialites, being the daughter of Anakin and Padme Skywalker, so she naturally had to keep up with what everyone was doing. Luke was fond of telling her that she had an ego the size of Corellia. Kimberly stuck close to Leia, wanting to be like her, while Jenna split her time between her brothers and sisters. She wasn't quite old enough to understand all the things her big sisters were interested in, but she was no slouch when it came to her big brother's hologames. As Anakin and Padme walked into the playroom, they knew evenings like this would decrease over time. They knew Luke and Leia would soon start going out with friends in the evening, or worse, dating. Anakin already worried too much about his daughters dating. Leia thought about boys too much already and he knew Kimberly would be right behind her. It wasn't that he didn't trust his girls; it was just that he didn't trust any boys they might encounter. But there was no stopping it. They were all growing up and fast. Story time didn't happen as often anymore either. Luke and Leia still secretly liked it, but told their parents that it was much too embarrassing to be read to anymore. Still, story time happened once a week now. But they would always cherish the memories of cuddling by the fire with their five little ones and reading a fantastic tale to them. But times change and children grow. Nothing could or would stop that. And Anakin and Padme would never deny their kids the opportunity to grow into amazing young adults and experience the joys life could bring, even if it would also bring them some heartache at times. For now, they would live in the moment and enjoy everything about their five children.

"It's time to get ready for bed, kids," Padme called.

"Mom," Leia huffed.

"Luke and I are older. Shouldn't we get to stay up later?" Leia asked.

"Not with the big day we have tomorrow. You do want to come to the hearing, don't you?" Padme asked.

"Of course. Sitting in on such an important piece of judicial history will make my peers envious next year when I enter the legislative program at the University," Leia replied.

"Well, then you better do as your mother says then. All young legislators need a proper amount of sleep," Anakin told her.

"Oh all right," Leia replied, as she put away her datapad. The minimum age on Coruscant to enter the legislative classes was sixteen, unless you could pass the entrance exam, which would grant early acceptance if approved. Leia was taking the exam in two months, but neither Anakin nor Padme had any doubts about her passing. Leia walked past them.

"Hey…don't I get a hug?" Anakin asked. Leia smiled and hugged her father and then her mother, before heading upstairs.

"Go upstairs with Leia and get ready for bed," Padme told her youngest girls, as she hugged them. Anakin was next and the girls squealed, as he lifted them up in his strong arms, tickling them as he hugged them. He put them down and they followed Leia upstairs.

"Come on boys, you too," Padme called, as they piloted star fighters on the game. They put the control sticks down and did as they were told. Padme hugged them.

"Hey Dad, I get to come to the hearing tomorrow, right?" Luke asked.

"If you want," Anakin replied.

"Of course. I love seeing that green goober squirm," Luke said, making Anakin chuckle.

"All right boys, upstairs with your sisters. And don't forget to brush you teeth!" Padme called, as they raced each other up the stairs. Normally, she would have chided Luke for taking pleasure in someone else's misfortune. But to her, Xizor was lower than pond scum and deserved everything that was coming to him. Anakin and Padme followed them upstairs and after they were all tucked in, they retired to their own bedroom for the evening.

After Padme undressed, she slipped into a silky blue nightgown and sat down at her vanity, putting her jewelry away in her jewelry case, before beginning to brush her long curls. Anakin undressed too and slipped into a pair of black sleep pants. He smiled, as he watched his beautiful wife.

"You know, tonight when you sprayed wine all over that toad, I was really turned on," he told her. Padme giggled, as she put her brush down.

"I knew you'd enjoy that. I should have done it the first time she insulted you, though," Padme replied.

"Nah, you did it at the most appropriate time, when she practically knocked Kim silly," he replied, as she stood up and slid her arms around his waist.

"Well, the wicked toad woman is gone and tomorrow, her lizard looking friend gets what he deserves too," she replied.

"Lizard looking…I like that. You're so right. He does look like a giant lizard," he said.

"Do you think they'll be an outcry or retaliation from Falleen?" she asked.

"It's too hard to say. Some will be very unhappy about it, but you know that I won't let anyone hurt you," he replied.

"I know. I'm not worried about myself. I am worried that Xizor's influence over Mon Mothma might persuade her to do some very unfair things," Padme stated.

"If she gets out of hand, then you'll have to take action like we discussed," he said.

"I know. The vote of no confidence. I don't even want to think about what kind of uproar that will cause," she replied.

"Then let's not. Let's just focus on the here and now. And now, this is all that matters," he said, as he kissed her tenderly.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you too, angel," he replied, as he swept her into his arms. As he carried her to bed, the lights went dark, but passion burned brightly.


The next morning, breakfast was a quick affair and the Skywalker clan left early for the hearing. Anakin offered to drop their three youngest at the Temple, but they insisted on coming. They too, knew how important this hearing was.

When they arrived at the Senate building, it was no surprise that the entrance was being mobbed by Holonet and angry Falleen protestors.

"Okay guys, light sabers out, but don't ignite them unless it becomes necessary," Anakin said, as he held his in his hand.

Four of their children followed, while Leia wore hers in plain sight on the belt of the gown she wore, which was much in the style of Padme's own Senatorial gown. Anakin stayed close to Padme, as well as each of their children. Riley met them at the bottom of the stairs with Rocky and Rachelle. They surrounded them, all sporting blasters, as they ascended the stairs. Protestors shouted horrible things at Padme and Anakin too, promising their demise. And some even promised that Naboo would also suffer for it. Padme didn't want to believe they would try attack her beloved home planet, but she knew such a thing was indeed possible. They finally made it to the courtroom, fighting the mobs all the way, and Padme took a seat next to Luminara, while her husband and children sat in the front row behind her. Before them was the Supreme Justice's bench. And out of two doors on either side in front of the room, the twelve Supreme Justices elected to the highest judicial office filed out and took their seats. The Togrutan justice called them to order and she spoke as chairwoman.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the extremity of the charges in this case, the Supreme Justices and I have deliberated and will deliver the sentence. We have read and discussed the defense's appeal for leniency, as well as the Chancellor's personal written order for dismissal. We have also reviewed Senator Skywalker's detailed report, as well as the evidence in this case. And we have come to a decision. Prince Xizor, please rise," the Justice Chairwoman ordered. Xizor obeyed.

"Prince Xizor, we hereby rule that in light of the incriminating evidence of this case, the conviction stands and the Chancellor's request for dismissal is denied. Due to the extremity of the charges, which includes multiple counts of murder and treason, it is in the Court's opinion that we must deliver the maximum sentence allowed that is required for these crimes. You are hereby sentenced to death by lethal injection. You are remanded to the Coruscant Maximum Security Prison's Death Row Block, where you will await you sentence, which will be carried out seventy-two hours from now. This hearing is dismissed," the justice ordered.

Padme stood up and hugged Anakin, as he came to her.

"Congratulations Padme. Enjoy your victory while you can," Xizor growled, as he was dragged away. Padme wasn't sure what he meant, but it sounded like he had something planned. Anakin knew what she was thinking.

"Don't worry, we're going to have Jedi and Clones all over the prison guarding it for the next three days until his sentence is carried out," he promised. She smiled and nodded. He led his family out, as Mon Mothma made a spectacle of herself in front of the flashing holocams. The reporters were eating it up, as she launched into a sobbing rant. Padme ignored all the pointing and yelling that was being done at her. It was over. Justice had won out over corruption. But she couldn't, no matter what she told herself, shake the feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach…


The angry mob all over the Senate grounds was almost unbearable, as they made their way to the speeder. But once they arrived at the Temple, it was like a hero's welcome. The mob of Holonet reporters weren't allowed past the Temple courtyard and the Skywalker family was welcomed home. Yan and Qui-Gon greeted them, as they entered the Temple.

"Congratulations. We got that slimy womp rat," Qui-Gon said.

"Yes, you've made history, you know. We'll be teaching this in Galactic history classes for a very long time to come. You're a shining example of what every politician should be. I think they're already celebrating in your honor in the atrium," Yan told Padme, who blushed under the attention.

"Celebration isn't necessary," Padme replied.

"She's too humble. The bigger the celebration the better, I say," Anakin said.

"Well, why don't you and the children go in. I need to talk to Anakin for a moment, but then we'll be in," Yan said. Padme nodded, as she and the kids went in. Anakin noticed that his father was telling Obi-Wan something and his brother's face had a deep frown on it.

"Uh oh, what's going on?" he asked, as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan joined them.

"Garen Muln's body was found at The Docks last night. He was murdered. We don't know by who or why yet, because we're still investigating," Yan explained. Anakin frowned too, as he sighed.

"And I bet twenty credits that Xizor put the hit on him. But why?" Anakin wondered.

"He was working for Xizor. Perhaps he knew too much," Obi-Wan suggested.

"It doesn't make sense. What did he know that we don't already? All of Xizor's dirty laundry was aired during the trial," Anakin said.

"He still has influence over the Chancellor, so he is still useful to the Sith," Yan mentioned.

"But the prison grounds are crawling with Clones and Jedi. They'd never be able to get in and out with him without giving us time to head them off," Qui-Gon said. What his father said struck Anakin.

"That's it," he said.

"What are you talking about?" Obi-Wan asked, as Anakin started heading back toward his speeder.

"Where are you going?" Obi-Wan called.

"Where is Xizor right now?" Anakin asked his grandfather.

"He was detained for formal processing at the courtroom, but he should be on his way to the prison as we speak," Yan replied.

"That's their plan! They're going to intercept the transport and help him escape!" Anakin cried.

"Who is?" Qui-Gon questioned.

"Whoever Sifo-Dyas and Xizor hired. And I bet whoever it is killed Garen too," Anakin said, as he hopped into his speeder, while Obi-Wan jumped into the passenger side.

"We'll send more help!" Qui-Gon called.


Rex and his men searched the landing bay. He had just received a frantic call from Anakin, who suspected that the Clone pilots for Xizor's transport had been killed and replaced with imposters.

"Sir…we found them," one of his lieutenants called. Rex sighed, as he saw the two dead pilots, who had been stripped of their uniforms, stuffed in a crate.

"Blast…Master Skywalker was right. Can we get a trace on these soldier's uniforms?" Rex questioned. His lieutenant examined one of the bodies and extracted the tracking device from the dead pilot's throat.

"I'm afraid not, Sir. They left the tracking beacons behind," the lieutenant said. Rex was appalled. Stuffing the devices down their throats was sadistic.

"Just who the hell are we dealing with?" Rex wondered.


Obi-Wan's stomach lurched again, as Anakin spiraled through oncoming traffic, violating another set of traffic indicators. His comlink beeped.

"Skywalker," he answered.

"You were right, Sir. We found the dead pilots. Whoever is piloting that transport aren't my guys," Rex said. Anakin sighed.

"Put the towers on full alert and get your boys in the air. No ships leave Coruscant until I have that slimy green lizard in my custody," Anakin ordered.

"Yes Sir," Rex replied. Anakin pounded his fist on the console.

"How did I not see this coming?" he asked.

"It's not your fault; nor is it anyone's. Let's just fine them," Obi-Wan replied.


The two pilots glanced at each other, before subtly making a course change. But Mace felt it immediately and his head snapped toward the cockpit.

"Pilot, we're off course," he called. Xizor chuckled.

"I think that's the point, Master Jedi. You see, you're no longer in control," Xizor said. Mace saw the co-pilot stand up. He raised his blaster and threw his helmet off. Mace ignited his blade and absorbed the blaster fire. He Force pushed the assailant back and he went crashing through the view window to his death. The pilot put the ship on auto pilot and stood up. They removed their helmet and ignited an orange bladed light saber.

"Aurra Sing," Mace growled. She smirked and launched toward him. They struggled for control, as their blades clashed furiously.

Bane and the rest of his gang followed in another shuttle with Aurico on board. Bane fired a missile and took out the transport's engines. It crashed into a skid atop a flat roofed building

"Are you crazy? You could have killed him!" Aurico cried, as the shuttle landed.

"Pipe down your highness. The Prince is fine," Bane said, as they got out. Xizor stumbled out of the wrecked transport, as another ship landed to take them off planet.

"You crazy lunatic! I could have been killed!" Xizor cried.

"Shut up. I'm in charge now. Get on the ship," Bane ordered.

"Who put you in charge?" Xizor demanded.

"Master Sifo-Dyas. Now you've got a choice, Prince. Get on the ship or get dead," Bane ordered, as he pointed his blaster at Xizor.

"Not so fast. I don't know who you are, but Prince Xizor will be coming with me to prison," Anakin announced, as he and Obi-Wan arrived.

"Well, well, the Great Anakin Skywalker. It's a pleasure to meet a legend. I'm one myself. They call me Bane," he rasped.

"Guess you're not much of a legend, because I've never heard of you. Now surrender," Anakin said, as he ignited his light saber. Bane chuckled.

"Master Sifo-Dyas said you'd give me trouble, so he sent someone to deal with you," Bane said, as a cloaked figure stepped off the ship that had just landed. The figure held a light saber out and pressed the igniter. Two blood red blades extended from each side, halting them all in their tracks. Darth Maul threw his cloak off, revealing himself. but this Maul was a little different than they remembered. He was part android now. The black and red tattooing remained on the parts of his face that were still organic and the frightening horns atop his head remained as well. But they knew this Maul was far stronger than ever before.

"Darth Maul," Anakin growled.

"I've been waiting a long time for my revenge, brat," Maul hissed.

"I'm far more powerful than the last time we fought," Anakin warned.

"As am I and this time your little bitch isn't here to help you," Maul snarled, as he leapt into the air, twirling his blade. Anakin stood ready, as one end of the crimson saber crashed down on his sapphire blade. Anakin's muscles burned against his oppressive strength, as his eyes darkened to indigo and his aura of power flared to life.

"Ben…get Xizor," Anakin called. Obi-Wan ignited his own blade and sprinted toward the Prince. But suddenly, he stopped and held his throat, as Maul used the Force to lift him into the air.

"Let him go!" Anakin growled.

"With pleasure," Maul hissed, as he threw an unconscious Obi-Wan away like a rag doll. He rolled to the ground and didn't get up. Anakin roared in angrily, as his saber met Maul's blow for blow. And to Anakin's horror, he saw Xizor getting on the ship with his father and Bane. Aurra Sing kicked Mace in the chest, throwing him back, as she sprinted toward the ship. It lifted off the roof and Bane smirked evilly, as he fired lasers. Explosions erupted around them, as duracrete flew everywhere.

"We'll meet again soon, Skywalker," Maul hissed, as he leapt into the ship, as it flew away. The roof began to cave in under their feet. The whole building was about to come down. Anakin and Mace dragged Obi-Wan to the speeder and took off, just as the entire building collapsed to rubble and dust created a thick cloud around the business district. Hundreds of innocent people were dead now, as several tons of duracrete collapsed to the ground. They had no time to save them.

"Rex, please tell me you stopped the ship," Anakin called.

"I'm sorry Sir. They made it to hyper space. He took out sixteen of my guys to do it. Who is this freak?" Rex asked.

"I'm not sure yet. But Xizor is free again. Get two battalions, all relief aide and the medics down to the business district. A building collapsed, but they're might be survivors," Anakin said, as they headed back to the Temple. How was he going to tell Padme?


Xizor had a permanent smug smirk on his face, as he sat in a comfortable chair, sipping at a glass of fine wine.

"It will be good to be home," Aurico mentioned.

"Yes indeed. And plotting my revenge will be even more enjoyable from Falleen," Xizor replied.

"What exactly do you have in mind?" Aurico questioned. Xizor chuckled.

"Sorry father, but it is far too devious to speak of," Xizor said.

"And Master Sifo-Dyas would have me cut out that smooth tongue of yours if you say too much," Bane added.

"Well, let's just say for starters, when I'm done with the lovely Padme, her family, and her people, she'll be begging me for mercy on her knees," Xizor said evilly.


Obi-Wan groaned in pain, as he woke. Their speeder came to a halt, as they arrived at the Temple.

"Did anyone get the number on the air bus that hit me?" Obi-Wan joked, as they helped him out.

"I take it by the looks on your faces that he got away," Obi-Wan said, as he saw Sola running toward him. She took Anakin's place by his side, as Padme ran to Anakin.

"Are you okay?" she asked, as she hugged him and then looked him over.

"I'm fine, but I failed you," he replied.

"Don't say that. You could never fail me," Padme replied.

"He got away, Padme. You're not safe as long as he's free!" Anakin cried.

"You'll get him. I've never doubted you and I never will. He may think he has won, but he's wrong," Padme replied.

"I swear to you. I will get him and I will get him out of our lives. And next time, there will be no need for a trial. No need, because he won't live through his next encounter with me," Anakin said fiercely. Normally, Padme didn't like to hear him speak like that, but Xizor had declared war on their family. They would fight him and their love would win, no matter what possibly lay ahead…

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