Look! I wrote 2x5! Shocker! Maybe some of you will have to stand on your head to find it, but I think it's pretty plain.

(I don't take I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. into account. For my purposes, they've all been decomissioned. The only thing canon here is that Nigel isn't mentioned and therefore, we'll say that they don't remember him because he's with the GKND. Oh, and the 2x5 pairing. That's canon!)

(Abby may seem a little OOC, but hey, decomissioning may change a person. And besides she's writing a letter. People don't always sound like themselves in writing. I know that I don't.)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own KND. But I do own the pen that Abby's writing with, because technically, I wrote it. With a pen.

Hey Hoagie,

Can you believe that I got sent to this crummy summer camp? My daddy must be crazy. I'll tell you exactly what he said. "Abigail, you'll have fun with the swimmin' and the fishin' and the-aww, you know what I mean."

You and I both know that I ain't kidding.

Man, I miss you. I'm writing this from my bunk at about midnight. I couldn't sleep because the girl on the bottom bunk snores. Loudly. She's sweet, but sort of obnoxious.

If you decide to write me back, could you send me something funny? I could use a laugh. Or a groan. Your jokes have been known to induce both. But mostly the latter.

You know, I didn't think that I'd miss you as much as I do. Funny, I thought that I'd be incredibly glad to be rid of your stupid corny puns. But I miss them.

And there's this girl in my cabin. No, not the snoring one. She seems sooo familiar, but I'm not sure where I'd have met her before. Her name's Kuki Sanban. Name ring any bells for you? Turns out she grew up in our neighborhood. Maybe I've seen her walking around?

Hey, you know what else you should send me? Some candy! I'm dying for a blurpleberry sucker.

Oh, Kuki's awake. Says she's been up for a while, watching me write. Is that creepy or what? She wants to say hi, this is her;

Hi, Hoagie! I betcha don't know me, but Abby says we grew up in the same neighborhood. Actually, I think I've seen you guys before. (And now you're wondering how I know what you look like. Well, Abby's got a picture of you and she showed me when I asked who she was writing to.) Oh, hey. She looks embarrassed. I don't know why she would be, I've got a picture of my best friend Wally. I wonder if he knows you guys. Abby wants to write again.

Please disregard that whole paragraph. I DO NOT have a picture of you.


Sorry. Kuki stole my pen. I don't know what else to add other than I miss you lots, man.

Oh, and do you remember me ever talking in third person? Cree says that I went through some stage that everything I said started with "Abby…" I don't remember. But then again, Cree says that lots of stuff happened that I don't remember, like you having a crush on her. Do you remember something like that? Maybe we were really little or something. Or maybe Cree's crazy. It is a possibility.

Well, Abby's gonna catch some z's. (Hmm, this third person stuff ain't bad. Maybe I'll take it for a test drive.) See you soon.

Love, Abby.