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P.O.V. Chase

It is late afternoon and Chase is on a boat and is almost at the island.

I stared towards the slowly approaching island and couldn't help but sigh. It had been about 7 years since I had been there, and there was no telling how different the island was. Yolanda had to me in one of her letters that Maya, her granddaughter, was on the island and was working at the Moonlight café. Great, I remember her perfectly well, all she did was bug me to try her bad cooking and then eat everything I made.

Other than mentioning Maya (Maya probably asked Yolanda to mention her.)Yolanda had said there was a new girl, who was running a farm on the island. I respect anyone who makes the food I use to cook with but, if she has silk worms I'm not going to like her. Silk worms in my opinion are nasty, squirming, awful things. And for some reason the ones on the Island are HUGE! "Approaching the dock!" shouted Pascal from above. I managed a grim smile and picked up my things to prepare to unload off the boat. The boat stopped with a sudden lurch and was anchored at an awkward angle (I see Pascal still had the same Marvelous steering as he did when I lived here.)

I jumped off the boat and swaggered a bit because of the long time at sea. "There's my boy!" a voice shouted and I turned around to see Yolanda and the entire crew from moonlight café. Yolanda charged forward and nearly choked me in a tight embrace. She stood back and gapped "Look how tall you've gotten! I barely recognize you!". "It's nice to see you to, Yolanda." I said with my first genuine smile in quite some time. "It's Auntie Yolanda to you." She said patting my shoulder.

"Hi Chase." said a voice. Maya stepped forward and twirled her foot back and forth on the ground, in a shy way. "Hi Maya." I sighed. "To celebrate your returning I made you a cake!" She smiled brilliantly and held out the sweet to me. I took the cake and made a quick inspection, the cake look perfectly fine but it had a very odd smell (emphasis on the odd.). "Thanks Maya, I'll save it for later." I fibbed with a false smile. "Her eyes sparkled and she looked like she was about to burst into song and dance.

"How about we all head into the café so we can all catch up?" offered Jake. I was just about to walk towards the café when I heard a strange sound. It was like something with claws was running across concrete. I looked ahead and saw nothing so I looked to the right and once again saw nothing. I then looked to my left to see a rather large bird sprinting straight towards me. The bird knocked into me with such force I was knocked back about 5 feet. My head was still spinning when I heard the bird stop and a voice shout "Oh my gosh!" A girl with short brown hair and a green blouse ran up to me. "Are you ok?" she asked much louder than needed. (I was injured not deaf.) She held out her hand and helped me up, "Hi My name is Akari, I'm a farmer here." She said proudly. "Um, I'm Chase, I cook." "You know Chase," She said in a sing-song voice but, with a sad look on her face. "You really shouldn't lay in the rode like that, Marguerite and I could have stepped on you!". "Don't worry I won't be doing that anymore." I said sarcastically. "Well that's a relief!" she said revealing her shiny white teeth in the largest smile I've ever seen. She glanced at her watch and gasped "Oh no I've got to get over to soufflé farm store before it closes!" She leap-frogged on to the back of her ostrich and galloped away into the newly setting sun.

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